Event 403 – 23rd March 2019

Event 403 was nice. Nice people... nice weather... and nice things happened.


We were delighted to welcome a total of 301 participants, of which 29 were new to Colwick and 9 were brand new to parkrun.

We had a first today... as having gone for a warm up with Harriet, his guide for the day, Terry nearly missed his own tourist and first timer brief!


We were delighted to congratulate Julie, Brian, Philip, and Oliver (joined by three generations of his family & friends) who all joined the 50 Club...


and we gave a shout out to Andrew and George who'd joined the 250 Club and 100 Club respectively on tour at Wimpole parkrun last week.

We welcomed tourists from Mansfield, Bournemouth, Newark and France...


A whopping 68 of you got a PB! Always feel free to ring our bell...


Other nice things happened... two keys were found and returned to their rightful owners, one bag was left behind but repatriated before we left the park, several items of lost property were collected, and people said rather nice things about our parkrun and the community we have built here.

Despite Event 403 being so nice... we did receive a couple of complaints via two of our marshals that a walker was nearly knocked over, and that a biker was sworn at. We apologised profusely... and would ask everyone to be considerate as they pass through the park please. It's very rare we get any negative feedback, and we'd like to keep it that way. Please also remember that the speed limit is 10mph around the park roads, thank you.


To finish on a wholly positive note... our volunteers were really nice! Take a bow: Abigail CAST  •  Andrew PHILLIPS  •  Angie ALBERY  •  Chris JEKIEL  •  Emily DIGMAN  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Frazer HOOD  •  Gideon NUKPORTI  •  Grace PHILLIPS  •  Harriet JONES  •  Helen HOOD  •  Helen JEKIEL  •  Helen MARSHALL  •  Iris PEEL  •  Jacques SARAZIN  •  Lauren WHITMORE  •  Miri LEWIS  •  Niki WARD  •  Philip MOORE  •  Ruth BRANDON  •  Sandy WATERLOW  •  Steve JEPSON  •  Terry RODGERS  •  Thomas MOORE  •  Tim SORRELL  •  Tracey MOORE  •  Trevor PEEL. 


If you'd like to be nice in hi-vis please get in touch. You can read more about volunteering here and see the current state of the volunteer roster here.

We look forward to seeing you all at the bell for Event 404 #loveparkrun