Event 406 – 13 April 2019 — April, come she will


As Mark Twain once observed, “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours." And so it seemed for most of the weekend, but luckily for us, event #406 seemed blessed with a window of the most beautiful, sunny weather; April’s rare, capricious loveliness was definitely on full display. It was one of those days when the glitter of winter shines through a pale haze of spring, and we are reluctantly obliged to scrape the ice off the car windscreen before heading to the park, where we crunched over what we hope will be the last frosts of the winter.


Colwick may have acquired something of a reputation for a somewhat relaxed approach towards the 9am start time. Not this week: the 21 eager volunteers were all in place at the start line before any of the runners and Tony was able to get the First Timers’ Brief underway in good time for a prompt start. We were very pleased to welcome 28 first timers, including tourists from Daventry and Milton Keynes.

As well as welcoming Mark and the rest of his stag party, we had some milestones to celebrate: Anne and Sarah ran their 50th parkruns and Friedel and Alun ran their 100th parkruns.




We look forward to seeing you all in your splendid new milestone t-shirts very soon, and an especial thank you to Friedel for bringing such a lovely spread of cakes and goodies to share with everyone at the finish line. To slightly misquote the Bard, when it comes to home-baked peanut butter biscuits, it is certainly true that “well-apparel'd April on the heel of limping Winter treads." We were well apparel'd indeed.


As always, parkrun wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the volunteers. This week’s high-viz heroes made the magic happen with no fuss at all.


Super Kev carried out the Event Day Course Check to make sure everything was in order. Claire and Steve were your timers.


Tony, Emma and Ollie ran an immaculate finishing funnel.


Josh and Chris scanned all the barcodes as Sandra maintained order on the clipboard (even without her reading glasses!).



All 278 of you were safely marshalled around the course by Joshua and Debbie, Eileen, Pauline and Caitlin. It’s much more than just pointing and clapping, you know.



We had 59 PB's, so the course must be firming up for the summer. Well done to you all. Tailwalkers were Judith and Julie.



Abigail guided Terry safely around the course and described how Colwick Country Park is bursting into life with the coming of Spring.


This spring as it comes bursts up in bonfires green,
Wild puffing of emerald trees, and flame-filled bushes,
Thorn-blossom lifting in wreaths of smoke between
Where the wood fumes up and the watery, flickering rushes’.

Well, perhaps not exactly in those terms…. I'm not sure Terry is a big poetry fan (he's from Yorkshire)... But something similar, I’m sure.


Tim was your Run Director.

The course is actually pretty dry at the moment, but I can’t finish a spring-themed run report without this from ee cummings’ as it just seems so apt for Colwick:

Spring slattern of seasons
you have soggy legs
and a muddy petticoat

Soggy legs and a muddy petticoat?  Yeah... that's running at Colwick alright.


Every spring is the only spring - a perpetual astonishment. Remember April and smile.