Event 407 – 20th April 2019

Every week before we set up for our event the volunteers gather in the finish area to play 'parkrun bingo' which involves placing a guess as to the number of people crossing the line. How we laughed when Dan suggested 348...


A magnificent 353 participants joined us (that's our 8th highest attendance ever and meant that Dan won parkrun bingo) and 52 of those were either new to our course or brand new to parkrun this morning. An awesome 26 volunteers, 8 of whom are aged 18 or under, slipped into the hi-vis jackets to help make the magic happen.


At the pre-run brief we wished James Billington a very happy 40th birthday (as he steps up an age category) and we congratulated Georgina Hawkins on her 50th parkrun today!


And then they were off...


Our bell rang frequently this morning as our field took advantage of firmer ground and knocked out 59 personal bests. Congratulations to you all!
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Despite a reminder in the pre-run brief two position tokens escaped today...but we were delighted to be able to reunite Vil with his lost barcode and bike key.


Huge thanks to the following people who volunteered in various roles this morning... Abigail CAST • Andrew PHILLIPS • Auangfa HURST • Bernard JARVIS • Catherine CAST • Cathy WISER • Chris JEKIEL • Daniel CORDLE • Emily DIGMAN • Finlay HOOD • Frazer HOOD • Grace & George SMYTHE • Grace PHILLIPS • Harry NICHOLLS • Helen HOOD • Helen JEKIEL • Karin HURST • Mark ROSE • Miri LEWIS • Niki WARD • Philip MOORE • Rachel MOLLOY • Sandy WATERLOW • Steve JEPSON • Tim SORRELL and Tracey MOORE.

A special mention for Tracey who completed her 25th volunteer stint and joined the V25 Club last weekend. One purple parkrun t-shirt coming her way!


The sun shone at Event 407 and spirits were high... and it left a wonderful imprint on the day when three of our regular volunteers jogged off to the wonderful Daleside Cafe together #parkrunfamily


See you at the bell #loveparkrun