Event 431 – 26th October 2019


Well, event number 431 was certainly a touch damp underfoot, wasn't it?


A thoroughly wet and miserable start to a Saturday morning (especially if you are a New Zealand Rugby fan) that brought out the best in runners and volunteers alike. Saturdays always start early for some volunteers - special thanks to Caitlin for running around the course to check for hazards before the event started. As a Colwick veteran, she probably enjoyed the chance to splash through all those puddles twice... which she then followed up after breakfast at the Daleside by splashing her way around knee-deep water in the masters cross-country event in Long Eaton at lunchtime.

Colwick parkrunners are a hardy breed.


The ground conditions report was especially crucial on this particular Saturday morning due to the muddy autumn conditions -- even more so than normal. Thanks to Morag for stepping in to deliver her 1st ever 1st timers and tourist briefing to the 22 first timers to give them some idea of what they were letting themselves in for. It was always going to be wet and a bit challenging for everyone taking part, and I’m pleased to say that the run went without any incidents. Lots of wet and muddy runners coming through the finish line mostly with smiles on their faces and a great sense of achievement for getting through it.


I was told by two people that the conditions were the worst they had experienced at Colwick, so it is a testament to the 132 runners and 24 volunteers that turned out to brave the weather and make it all happen! I hope everyone felt the joy of being dry and warm later that day…I know I certainly did!


Congratulations to Martha Coyle who was 1st over the finish line and also takes the honour of being the second ever lady to cross the Colwick parkrun line in 1st place! Awesome and inspiring….well done, Martha!

Many thanks to all the volunteers. parkrun doesn't work without these guys and they deserve an extra-big thank you this week for standing around in the rain for two hours to make sure that that everyone could enjoy splashing around a safe, well-marshalled event.


Kevin BOWEN • Libby HARRISON • Andrew PHILLIPS • Anthony MADGE • Terry RODGERS • Aimee Louise MARTIN • Olivia SMITH • Abigail CAST • Steve JEPSON • Tim SORRELL • Caitlin SORRELL • Nic RUTHERFORD • Hilary MCHUGH • Niki WARD • Tina HOLLAND • Gillian BROOKS • Lydia Rose DEANE • Simon NICHOLLS • Morag WHITWORTH • Amelie NICHOLLS • John MITCHELL • Catherine CAST • Justine NICHOLLS • Isobel NICHOLLS


Finally, big thanks to Tim and Remi who assisted me in pulling off my 1st parkrun as Run Director. It was a highly enjoyable experience for me and if anyone is considering volunteering but hasn’t quite got around to it yet, GET IT DONE!

You can send us an email to colwickhelpers@parkrun.com, or you can put your name down onto the future roster at the finish line.  You will be welcomed with open arms, given all the information and training you will need on the day, and it will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that you are helping others be part of a community that helps lots of people in many different ways….

Until the next time, over and out!