Event 434 – 16th November 2019

If we could bottle the atmosphere and joy of event 434 we would... it was terrific!


We have such a wonderful parkrun community here at Colwick and many familiar faces were on hand to help celebrate four magnificent milestones on Saturday.

First of all... Joe celebrating his 100th parkrun accompanied by his family and a rather large cake...


Secondly Des celebrating his 100th parkrun accompanied by his entourage who were reminiscent of the Kipchoge sub-2 marathon attempt as they approached the finish line...


And finally an incredibly well-organised celebration of 100 parkruns & 100 volunteer stints on the same day by Claire with husband Chris joining the 250 Club. Just brilliant!


Talking of 'Clubbers' we were amazed to see so many in the results today:

18 x 250 Clubbers, 58 x 100 Clubbers, 45 x 50 Clubbers, 41 x V25 Clubbers, 6 x 10 Clubbers... plus loads of our volunteers are Clubbers too. Read more about our parkrun clubs here.

This week a total of 198 people ran, jogged and walked our lovely muddy course, of whom 12 were first timers to our course plus Tasha, Daniel and Luke who were brand new to parkun. Let's hope they loved it and hurry back soon.


It wasn't great conditions for a PB but somehow 14 people managed to record one. Well done!

These absolute superstars helped to make the magic happen. Take a bow:

Claire HILL • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Jonathan Mark Adrian SHORT • Julie MCGEORGE • Angie BURROWS • Zoe MCVINNIE • Lynsey PALMER • Grace PHILLIPS • Abigail CAST • Emily DIGMAN • Jason RANDALL • Dawn WARREN • Tim SORRELL • Sandy WATERLOW • Kay KNOWLES • Stephanie JAMES • Niki WARD • Angie ALBERY • Rachel ASHTON • Eve RANDALL • Lydia Rose DEANE • Sean HENRY • Helen WHITEHAND


If you'd like to be awesome in hi-vis anytime soon please get in touch. You can view the current state of the volunteer roster here and we'd love to have you along.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page and you can see lots of fabulous photos of our parkrun family here... over 28,000 of them if you have time!

Once we'd packing up the kit, delivered everything back to the lock-up and dropped the defibrillator off it was time to jog along to the fabulous Daleside Cafe to upload the results, eat some breakie and have a jolly good chat.


Let's do it all again next week! #loveparkrun