Event 447 – 15th February 2020

The Sun was out and all was calm at 8 o'clock. The volunteers gave the thumbs up and expertly got ready to welcome our parkrunners. At 8.45am the wind picked up, the heavens opened and Storm Dennis joined us. Our 23 volunteers sheltered behind the activity centre and wondered "will  parkrunners be brave enough to join us?"


We were not to be disappointed. 157 parkrunners braved the rain, wind and mud to run, jog and walk around our beautiful Colwick Park. Amongst them were 8 first timers, including Alan, Linda, Sophie and Michael who made their parkrun debut today. What a day to make your debut! Strangely, no tourists... except Dennis... wonder why? :) Here is Sarah briefing our first timers:



"It's wet, windy and slippery under foot" Arry stated the obvious at run brief. "Please go through the puddles rather than around it."

Standing to cheer on our parkrunners at shoesucker straight, I was delighted that pretty much everyone ran through the puddles and had a huge grin on their face!


Happy runnersRuth

I love volunteering even more than running- you can't beat the huge grin on people's faces as they run, jog or walk past! All the tasks are straightforward and can be done relaxed with a cup of coffee in hand... as demonstrated by Nik, our timekeeper today! *


Take a bow hi-viz heroes who defied Storm Dennis to bring you today's parkrun:

VolunteersBar codeAbiKevTail walkers

If you would like to join us, please have a look at our volunteer roster and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com

As is customary, it was soon time to warm up with a well deserved cob n cuppa at Daleside.


Same again next week?

Hope the mud has come out of your clothes and shoes :)


Your Colwick parkrun team


*Photo taken after parkrun; no one was given the wrong time :)