Event 449 – 14th March 2020

In these unprecedented times it was wonderful to have a little bit of normality in the shape of the 449th edition of Colwick parkrun.

49658427847_47b2e99720_cWe welcomed 196 people; 174 of which walked and jogged the course (including 4 genuine first timers) and 22 volunteers who helped to make the magic happen.


We waved to tourists from Southampton parkrun and Heaton Park parkrun at the pre-run brief, and were pleased to be able to congratulate Hilary on joining the 50 Club and Thomas on joining the 100 Club at event 449.

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Huge thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers (which included six under 18s): Amy ABETHELL  •  Benjamin EDWARDS  •  Bernard JARVIS  •  Callie-May DICKENS  •  Eileen O'REILLY  •  Erica ILIFFE  •  Eve RANDALL  •  Evie DICKENS  •  Frazer HOOD  •  Helen HOOD  •  Helen WHITEHAND  •  Iris PEEL  •  Jane RYCROFT  •  Joseph EDWARDS  •  Kathryn MELLOR  •  Kevin BOWEN  •  Lydia Rose DEANE  •  Nick CRIPPS  •  Samuel TENNANT  •  Stephen DICKENS  •  Victoria RANDALL


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Thank you for jogging along. The atmosphere was incredibly buoyant throughout the morning, no-one rushed off, the cafe was packed, and there was a real sense of people soaking up the 'parkrun love' just in case... #loveparkrun


For the latest update regarding Coronavirus #COVID19 at parkrun please see here. A further announcement as to the short-term future of parkrun events in the UK will be made by the end of play on Wednesday.


Event 448 – 7th March 2020


After two weeks of cancellation due to flooding and a fallen tree, it was great to be back at Colwick! The day was made extra special with us celebrating International Women's Day with a special #ThisGirlCan frame. It was wonderful to see so many women walking, jogging, running and volunteering amongst the 211 parkrunners and 23 hi-viz heroes!





Abi welcomed 23 first timers and tourists from Tring. Amongst them was Jean who registered 6 years ago and chose today to take part! Well done Jean and all our first timers!



We celebrated the 50th milestone of Katherine and Will and 100th of Daphne, Mary and Tam. Many congrats all of you- we look forward to seeing you in your milestone t-shirts soon!

A big thank you to our 23 hi-viz heroes who made today special:
Abigail CAST • Andrew PHILLIPS • Andy PARSONS • Arry NATHAN • Ben SHIRT • Callie-May DICKENS • Claire DUNKLEY • Claire O NEILL • Evie DICKENS • Gemma SYMIS • Helen HOOD • Howard WATKINSON • Ian BEASLEY • Jillian BOURGEOIS • Joanna WARD • John MITCHELL • Kathryn MELLOR • Kevin BOWEN • Megan MELLOR • Nick CRIPPS • Samuel TENNANT • Stephen DICKENS • Tina HOLLAND


SuperKev, our Event Course Checker was spot on when he reported PB conditions- 20 of you recorded a PB! Congrats- I manged to catch a few of you but you were too quick for me!


The morning was completed with a visit to Daleside where parkrunners had a lovely chat over cobs and omelettes.

Same again next week?



Megan and your Colwick parkrun team

PS Thanks to all the gents who joined in our celebration!



Cancellation on 29th February 2020

Please note that due to a tree blocking the approach to the finish funnel and the need for the ground to recover after recent flooding we are cancelled again this weekend.


Fingers crossed we'll be good to go again next week #loveparkrun



Cancellation on 22nd February 2020

Please note that due to parts of the course being flooded and a tree blocking the approach to the finish funnel we are cancelled this weekend.


Ducks are currently swimming on our course!


Fingers crossed we'll be good to go again next week #loveparkrun


Event 447 – 15th February 2020

The Sun was out and all was calm at 8 o'clock. The volunteers gave the thumbs up and expertly got ready to welcome our parkrunners. At 8.45am the wind picked up, the heavens opened and Storm Dennis joined us. Our 23 volunteers sheltered behind the activity centre and wondered "will  parkrunners be brave enough to join us?"


We were not to be disappointed. 157 parkrunners braved the rain, wind and mud to run, jog and walk around our beautiful Colwick Park. Amongst them were 8 first timers, including Alan, Linda, Sophie and Michael who made their parkrun debut today. What a day to make your debut! Strangely, no tourists... except Dennis... wonder why? :) Here is Sarah briefing our first timers:



"It's wet, windy and slippery under foot" Arry stated the obvious at run brief. "Please go through the puddles rather than around it."

Standing to cheer on our parkrunners at shoesucker straight, I was delighted that pretty much everyone ran through the puddles and had a huge grin on their face!


Happy runnersRuth

I love volunteering even more than running- you can't beat the huge grin on people's faces as they run, jog or walk past! All the tasks are straightforward and can be done relaxed with a cup of coffee in hand... as demonstrated by Nik, our timekeeper today! *


Take a bow hi-viz heroes who defied Storm Dennis to bring you today's parkrun:

VolunteersBar codeAbiKevTail walkers

If you would like to join us, please have a look at our volunteer roster and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com

As is customary, it was soon time to warm up with a well deserved cob n cuppa at Daleside.


Same again next week?

Hope the mud has come out of your clothes and shoes :)


Your Colwick parkrun team


*Photo taken after parkrun; no one was given the wrong time :)


Event 446 : 8th February 2020


On a day when our already plentiful local parkrun family welcomed a new sibling to the world 245 people still opted for the wonderful muddy puddles we call home and it was great to start the weekend with you all!

24 volunteers made the magic happen this weekend, including photographer Andrew who captures many a brilliant picture of our events, please do check them out - you'll almost certainly find yourself!  https://www.flickr.com/groups/colwick-parkrun/

Most of this weeks Hi-Viz heroes are captured below, with the exception of Martha who ran round and then grabbed the clipboard, and Joanna who stepped in to marshal at the 11th hour.  Thanks all of you!



A special mention to 10 year old Evie who directed operations, wrote her own pre-run brief and then delivered it immaculately.  We had plenty of feedback noting how she was clearer, and dare we say more concise, than our older hands :)

Well done to those of you who reached your t-shirt milestones this weekend.   Emma (50) and Phil (100) Jenner celebrated together with Cassie (who prefers watching on these days but loves her visits to parkrun nonetheless!).

Melanie Simpson reached her 100 milstone and shared goodies on the finish line to celebrate (Thanks Melanie)

Martin Styles (50),  Lucia Chimenti (100) and Nicola Whillis (250) slipped under our radar but well done to you all also!

Now;  Let us talk about shoe sucker straight - If you look closely at the welly guage photo below you'll note that the puddle is not more than sole deep.  This is not a camera trick, and no Evie is not wearing Nike superalphaflyvapor  wellies with 30cm deep soles.  it is indeed only 10mm deep.

This means that if you stick to the path - you will be absolutely fine.. as modelled by Bernard and Terry here

Go wide however and you'll hit sticky mud and grass.  Lets just say we've never lost a shoe on the path, but can't say the same for the grass!

For future reference, here is our  'How to guide to shoesucker straight'   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb0yPZTDk7M

Following that theme, and not to be outdone, the RD's sister proved that loudspeakers are completely unnecessary if you can project as demonstrated in our  'How to guide to collecting your finish token'  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZnbF_MI9-M 

We love getting the juniors involved with volunteering.  If anyone (parents or juniors) reading this want to have a go at any role just drop us a line - all roles are fully supported, can be shared, are fun, fulfilling and confidence building.

Not only did Evie RD for the day but she also coordinated, and then won, this week's game of volunteers parkrun bingo.  So with clipboard under arm she plods off contentedly into next week...and don't we all!!


until next week!  SYATB








International Women’s Day 2020

Come along on March 7th and celebrate IWD with us!


We would love you to join in the celebrations by bringing along a female friend, colleague or family member and walking, jogging, running or volunteering with us. You could even just come along to watch or cheer.


Read more about helping us celebrate female participation for #IWDparkrun here.



Event 445 – 1st February 2020

We began event 445 with a minutes applause in celebration of the life of our dear friend David Robinson who sadly lost his brave battle with cancer earlier in the week.

Dave's family and friends gathered to run 5k around Colwick Country Park which is just as he'd have wanted. Many of those friends will be running the Robin Hood Half Marathon later this year in support of maggie's https://www.maggiescentres.org/ a charity which support those affected by cancer, and whom supported Dave and his family during his own treatment. If you'd like to show your support and make a donation you can do so by clicking on this link https://www.justgiving.com/team/paviorsforrobbo

A funeral service for Dave will be held at Gedling Crematorium on Tuesday 18th February at 11:30 - 13:30.

We welcomed 55 first timers to Colwick parkrun. 22 of those people completed their first ever parkrun. Despite the muddy underfoot conditions 29 people recorded a new personal best time and earned the right to ring our PB bell. Well done everyone!

Graham Coulson joined the 50 club, Karen Eccles the 100 club and Andrew Horton the 250 club. Congratulations to you all!

25 fantastic volunteers made the parkrun magic happen.

Rachel carried out the pre-event course check before also taking on barcode scanning duties. Claire and Sandy were our timekeepers. Joanna and Zoe managed the finish funnel and handed out the position tokens. John and Frances joined Rachel scanning barcodes whilst Caitlin and Sam manned the clipboard. Maureen, John, Steve, Harriet and Arry marshaled the course. Marlon, Sam and Tina were our tail walkers. Julie guided Iris and Ruth guided Terry. Essa arrived too late to run so became our photographer instead. SuperKev was run director. Niki, Cailin, Tim and Zach sorted the finish tokens over breakfast at the Daleside.

If you would like to volunteer one week then please do email us at colwickoffice@parkrun.com to secure your hi-vis vest.

Volunteer on 25 seperate weeks and you will join the 25 volunteer club and receive your purple volunteer t-shirt. Robbo earned one and it was his most prized parkrun possession.


Your Colwick parkrun event team


Event 444 – 25th January 2020

Last weekend brought us yet another wonderful parkrunday enjoyed by 300+  parkrunners, and of course this week's brilliant 24 strong volunteer team.

Watching Shoe-sucker straight (SSS) in action up close has become a favourite amongst our volunteers and this week it was on fine form.  Parkrunners scattered left and right to avoid the worst of the puddles thus unwittingly falling for SSS's double bluff.  No harm done but one or two shoes did have to be reattached to muddy feet!      To quote Sarah McMullen (on our twitter feed), who in turn was quoting a parkrunning dad pushing a double buggy loaded with two giggling kids 'you can't go round it... you've got to go through it'...trust us,  It's the best and safest way!

On the milestone front, we had a few to celebrate this week.  Well done to Andrew Wren, Frances Sparrow, Glyn Donavon and Steven Wild who completed their 50th parkruns this weekend, and Mark Woodcock for completing his 100th.

The final word this week goes to our Bernard who completed his 250th parkrun, which was celebrated with much applause at the start line.   In a neat piece of number play Bernard was also guiding Terry for the 25th time.

Back in the café, where Bernard has regaled us over the years with a story or two (or three) of his many running adventures he rejoiced in recording yet another first.

He was the first person to bring along a pot of M&S tomotoes to be enjoyed on the finish line along with the more customary treats!   A legend, a true gent and a trailblazer!!

So on to February - SYATB folks



Event 443 – 18th January 2020

We were delighted to welcome 323 parkrunners to Colwick for event 443 including 22 people brand new to parkrun. Thank you for joining us for a fabulous morning in the mud!


Huge thanks to the 22 volunteers who helped to make the magic happen too! Take a bow:

Abigail MCGINLEY  •  Andrew PHILLIPS  •  Anja KING  •  Bernard JARVIS  •  Damian BENNER  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Frazer HOOD  •  Helen HOOD  •  Ian MCGEORGE  •  Josh MCGINLEY  •  Kathryn MELLOR  •  Kevin BOWEN  •  Laura CLARK  •  Lydia Rose DEANE  •  Megan MELLOR  •  Niki WARD  •  Paul COTTON  •  Philip MOORE  •  Ross MCVINNIE  •  Steve JEPSON  •  Tracey MOORE  &  Zoe MCVINNIE.


If you'd like to volunteer read more about getting involved here and see the current state of the volunteer roster here. It's great fun.

We celebrated Russell joining the 50 Club...


We celebrated Damian joining the 100 Club and the Volunteer Club, as he helped to sort the finish tokens back into order whilst multi-tasking with his breakfast!


Please do join us for post-parkrun chat and refreshments at the wonderful Daleside Cafe.


We always give it the thumbs up!


Before we jog off we'd also like to wish Karen (in blue) a very happy birthday for last Friday. With us since event 1... Karen crossed the finish line in a new age category on Saturday morning! #parkrunfamily


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page.

Colwick parkrun started on 25th June 2011. Since then 12,616 participants have completed 90,190 parkruns covering a total distance of 450,950 km, including 15,306 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,132 individuals have volunteered 7,613 times. So far...


See you at the bell.

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