Event 435 : 23 November 2019

Overcast, drizzly, gloomy, grey, leaden skies, muddy, soggy, grim, miserable – all suitable descriptors for the last Saturday’s weather!  However, such adversity definitely brings out the best in our hardcore runners and volunteers and last weekend was no different.   The bigger the puddles the bigger the smiles, the muddier the legs the buzzier the post run buzz!


Hats off to our wonderful volunteers who once again donned their wellies and ensured a safe, squelchy and enjoyable parkrun morning was had by all.

One of (if not THE) greatest advocate of the Colwick mud was in his element and was so successful in his puddle hopping this week that he left not a single inch of leg flesh uncovered by mud.    If we were on a tour bus we would imagine the commentary would sound something like ‘and immediately in front of you is Super Kev socialising in his natural habitat fresh from his weekly wallow in the mud’.

Obviously Kev needs no convincing of the attributes of a colwick mud-bath and we were delighted to see that our new graduates from the Hospitals Couch to 5k group were seemingly just as at home on their first visit to Colwick and will surely be back for more!  Well done to all of you, and thanks for the lovely cake!

Roll on next parkrun day,  may the weather be miserable and the smiles plentiful :)



Event 434 – 16th November 2019

If we could bottle the atmosphere and joy of event 434 we would... it was terrific!


We have such a wonderful parkrun community here at Colwick and many familiar faces were on hand to help celebrate four magnificent milestones on Saturday.

First of all... Joe celebrating his 100th parkrun accompanied by his family and a rather large cake...


Secondly Des celebrating his 100th parkrun accompanied by his entourage who were reminiscent of the Kipchoge sub-2 marathon attempt as they approached the finish line...


And finally an incredibly well-organised celebration of 100 parkruns & 100 volunteer stints on the same day by Claire with husband Chris joining the 250 Club. Just brilliant!


Talking of 'Clubbers' we were amazed to see so many in the results today:

18 x 250 Clubbers, 58 x 100 Clubbers, 45 x 50 Clubbers, 41 x V25 Clubbers, 6 x 10 Clubbers... plus loads of our volunteers are Clubbers too. Read more about our parkrun clubs here.

This week a total of 198 people ran, jogged and walked our lovely muddy course, of whom 12 were first timers to our course plus Tasha, Daniel and Luke who were brand new to parkun. Let's hope they loved it and hurry back soon.


It wasn't great conditions for a PB but somehow 14 people managed to record one. Well done!

These absolute superstars helped to make the magic happen. Take a bow:

Claire HILL • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Jonathan Mark Adrian SHORT • Julie MCGEORGE • Angie BURROWS • Zoe MCVINNIE • Lynsey PALMER • Grace PHILLIPS • Abigail CAST • Emily DIGMAN • Jason RANDALL • Dawn WARREN • Tim SORRELL • Sandy WATERLOW • Kay KNOWLES • Stephanie JAMES • Niki WARD • Angie ALBERY • Rachel ASHTON • Eve RANDALL • Lydia Rose DEANE • Sean HENRY • Helen WHITEHAND


If you'd like to be awesome in hi-vis anytime soon please get in touch. You can view the current state of the volunteer roster here and we'd love to have you along.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page and you can see lots of fabulous photos of our parkrun family here... over 28,000 of them if you have time!

Once we'd packing up the kit, delivered everything back to the lock-up and dropped the defibrillator off it was time to jog along to the fabulous Daleside Cafe to upload the results, eat some breakie and have a jolly good chat.


Let's do it all again next week! #loveparkrun


Event 433 – 9th November 2019

With flooding around the East Midlands and several local parkrun cancellations, we were delighted that the pre-event course check found nothing more than a "normal for Colwick" level of puddles and mud. However, the adverse weather conditions during the week clearly discouraged a few people and the lowest parkrun bingo guess won the prize (well done Maureen!).

At 8.30 the volunteers were freezing and shrouded in mist, but by the time the bell had been rung and the athletes were on their way, it turned out not to be such a bad day. Pale sunshine and autumn colours made up for wet, muddy feet.


148 people ran, jogged and walked the course, but special congratulations go out to the 13 first timers who braved the weather, and to the 7 who recorded new Personal Bests. We welcomed smiley tourists from London and Pontefract.

We were a bit worried on Thursday when the volunteer roster still had some gaps, but some lovely people stepped up. A huge thank you goes out to all our high-vis heroes, who perhaps on days like this should be called "wellington warriors".

Tim checked the course, Claire H. briefed the first timers and marshalled the car park, Tina, Claire O. and David put out all the signs and cheered the athletes from their marshal positions. Caitlin was your RD.

Steve J. and John timed you over the finish line, and Dawn and Rachel stood in the funnel puddle for an hour to make sure you all got tokens and stayed in order. Steve S. took his clipboard duties very seriously, and Grace and Megan scanned your barcodes with youthful charm.

Andrew took some beautiful pictures of our athletes approaching the finish line. He also took this picture:
All the pictures from the day can be found on our Flickr page.

Our tail walkers were Maureen and Ian.

We are also pleased to announce that two items of lost property were reunited with their rightful owners who waited patiently until the end to check the lock up. We have a stripey top and a puffer jacket still up for grabs! The other unclaimed items are now making their way to people who really need them at The Eat Team Soup Kitchen in Sneinton.

And of course, it all finished at the Daleside, where warm drinks and breakfast cobs were consumed, toes were warmed, results were processed (by Caitlin), tokens were sorted (by Niki), and dogs were petted (by Tim). It's a tough job, but somebody has to step up, eh Tim?

Same again next week?
#syatb #dfyb


Event 432: 2nd November 2019

Looking at the event history page on our website the last time we had 135 finishers was on 9th February 2013. Anyone would think that something else was going on!


Anyway... we were delighted to see a select bunch gathering at the start line just before nine... which including tourists from Grantham and Lincoln, and three genuine first timers. Welcome to our parkrun world - Lisa, Joanne and Caroline.


Sandy informed us that another one of our 'first timers' at event 432 was "just getting back into running..." and less than 19 minutes later Ed was our first finisher! Martha was our first female today and once over the line she slipped straight into a hi-vis jacket to assist Lydia, Justin and John on clipboard duties.


Despite the awful conditions 19 people recorded new Personal Bests and two of our genuine first timers gave the bell a ring too to announce their arrival!


Congratulations to Fife who joined the 10 Club, Michelle who joined the 50 Club and Steph, Zac and Ben who all joined the 100 Club today.


Huge thanks to the awesome people who helped to make the magic happen: Martha COYLE • Helen HOOD • Finlay HOOD • Andrew PHILLIPS • Stephen SHANKS • Joanna MASSEY • Justin CAST • Jessica SHANKS • Sandy WATERLOW • Frances CLARK • Joanna WARD • Claire DUNKLEY • Niki WARD • Fiona BEALES • Lauren HESSEY • Cheryl MAPPLETHORPE • Judith CARTWRIGHT • Julie MATTHEWS • Anthony DEANE and Lydia Rose DEANE.


The volunteer roster is looking great as we jog towards the end of the year but the fuller it is the more relaxed we can be. Please check out the current state of things here and get in touch if you'd like to be magnificent in hi-vis any time soon.

Don't forget that you are always welcome to join us at the Daleside Cafe after parkrun. This week we even watched the rugby!


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Colwick parkrun Results Page.

Colwick parkrun started on 25th June 2011. Since then 12,279 participants have completed 87,588 parkruns covering a total distance of 437,940 km, including 15,126 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,120 individuals have volunteered 7,361 times.

And finally... Lost Property

Rachael kindly took all our lost property away to be washed and donated to The Eat Team Soup Kitchen in Sneinton. We have hung on to these three things for now... please shout up if any of them belong to you. See you next week! #loveparkrun

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Event 431 – 26th October 2019


Well, event number 431 was certainly a touch damp underfoot, wasn't it?


A thoroughly wet and miserable start to a Saturday morning (especially if you are a New Zealand Rugby fan) that brought out the best in runners and volunteers alike. Saturdays always start early for some volunteers - special thanks to Caitlin for running around the course to check for hazards before the event started. As a Colwick veteran, she probably enjoyed the chance to splash through all those puddles twice... which she then followed up after breakfast at the Daleside by splashing her way around knee-deep water in the masters cross-country event in Long Eaton at lunchtime.

Colwick parkrunners are a hardy breed.


The ground conditions report was especially crucial on this particular Saturday morning due to the muddy autumn conditions -- even more so than normal. Thanks to Morag for stepping in to deliver her 1st ever 1st timers and tourist briefing to the 22 first timers to give them some idea of what they were letting themselves in for. It was always going to be wet and a bit challenging for everyone taking part, and I’m pleased to say that the run went without any incidents. Lots of wet and muddy runners coming through the finish line mostly with smiles on their faces and a great sense of achievement for getting through it.


I was told by two people that the conditions were the worst they had experienced at Colwick, so it is a testament to the 132 runners and 24 volunteers that turned out to brave the weather and make it all happen! I hope everyone felt the joy of being dry and warm later that day…I know I certainly did!


Congratulations to Martha Coyle who was 1st over the finish line and also takes the honour of being the second ever lady to cross the Colwick parkrun line in 1st place! Awesome and inspiring….well done, Martha!

Many thanks to all the volunteers. parkrun doesn't work without these guys and they deserve an extra-big thank you this week for standing around in the rain for two hours to make sure that that everyone could enjoy splashing around a safe, well-marshalled event.


Kevin BOWEN • Libby HARRISON • Andrew PHILLIPS • Anthony MADGE • Terry RODGERS • Aimee Louise MARTIN • Olivia SMITH • Abigail CAST • Steve JEPSON • Tim SORRELL • Caitlin SORRELL • Nic RUTHERFORD • Hilary MCHUGH • Niki WARD • Tina HOLLAND • Gillian BROOKS • Lydia Rose DEANE • Simon NICHOLLS • Morag WHITWORTH • Amelie NICHOLLS • John MITCHELL • Catherine CAST • Justine NICHOLLS • Isobel NICHOLLS


Finally, big thanks to Tim and Remi who assisted me in pulling off my 1st parkrun as Run Director. It was a highly enjoyable experience for me and if anyone is considering volunteering but hasn’t quite got around to it yet, GET IT DONE!

You can send us an email to colwickhelpers@parkrun.com, or you can put your name down onto the future roster at the finish line.  You will be welcomed with open arms, given all the information and training you will need on the day, and it will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that you are helping others be part of a community that helps lots of people in many different ways….

Until the next time, over and out!



Event 430 – 19th October 2019

Colwick 430th parkrun went smoothly for the 239 participants and the 24 volunteers.

Zoe McVinnie celebrated her 100th parkrun with the gift of cakes at the finish line, a colourful outfit, running with an inflatable giraffe and a beaming smile.



41 people took part for the first time. Among them was Jim Provett, whom I am told, could not walk at the start of the year. What an achievement to complete his first parkrun 10 months later! Well done Jim.


Another first was ticked by Brian Willett, who joined our team of VI guides. Brian was surprised by Iris' pace, judging by his comments at the finish line. Thank you for your help Brian.

A special thank you to Arry and Kevin, whom I asked to perform extra tasks on the day to ensure the smooth running of the event. No picture of Kevin this time, but here is Arry at the first-timers briefing:


The course was seasonally wet, as you would expect at this time of the year. Runners used to the many Cowick puddles ran through them, trading wet feet for better traction. Others took a chance with the wet grass on the side of the path. There were a couple of slips and falls, please be careful - you will get wet feet at the finish anyway!


Lydia earned her coveted purple parkrun T-shirt, having volunteered 25 times.


The volunteers had a great time too, even if we were short of inspiration for the group picture so defaulted to jazz hands:


But we've got a rare shot of our marshalls before they start the long trek to the children playground and the warden hut:


The atmosphere at the finish line was relaxed and friendly, many runners thanking the volunteers. Everyone had a smile, what a great way to start the weekend.


Our photographer, Andy, experimented with black and white images this week. His finish line portraits look even more striking than usual:


You can see all the pictures on our Flickr page

As always, you are all welcome to join us at the Daleside cafe for a post-run breakfast or a cuppa. There's lots of space and the staff is not scarred of a pair of muddy shoes. Here is a picture from 2 weeks ago:



Event 429 – 12th October 2019

Rain during the week left plenty of muddy puddles underfoot but thankfully clear sky's overhead meant all but feet stayed nice and dry.

281 parkrunners including 52 first timers and plenty of tourists from near and far completed our 5k course this week. 27 of you recorded new PBs.

Dave Gandee was cheered across the finish line as he completed his 50th parkrun joining milestone 50 club. Congratulations, Dave!

Steve Shanks crossed the finish line in 43 minutes despite a healing broken ankle in support boot. Exiting the finish funnel through a very large puddle proved a bigger challenge than the 5k for Shanksy. Were pleased to report he managed it and isn't still in the park marooned on the only patch of dry ground.

This weeks run was made possible by our magnificent volunteers. Anthony checked the course pre-event, Abi briefed our first timers and tourists, Jane signed our briefings, Julie guided Iris, Andrew took plenty of fabulous photos, Tim and Paul timed everyone across the finish line, Rachel and Tracy kept order in the finish funnel and handed out position tokens, Jean, Andrea and Pauline scanned your barcodes, Olivia manned the clipboard, Sarah, Lynsey, Abigail, Josh and Graeme marshalled the course, Cheryl, Amy, John, Joseph an Benjamin ensured everyone was accounted for as tail walkers, Alessandro, Caitlin and Niki sorted tokens in the cafe & SuperKev did the shouty bit on the megaphone and generally wandered about trying to look busy.

If you would like to join our volunteer team one week please do look at our roster at https://parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to find an available space and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com to bag your place on the roster.

Finally the all important result of parkrun bingo. Our winner this week was Paul Kelly with a fine guess of 283 finishers. Well done, Paul!

We had so much fun we think we'll do it again next week.


Your Colwick Event Team


Event 428 – 5th October 2019

Happy 15th birthday parkrun!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Another mighty Colwick parkrun done and what a parkrun it was.  A delicious 289 of you joined me as I had a go in the Colwick driving seat for the first time.  Now, it's not the first time I've Run Directed - today's volunteer email informs me I've been a Run Director 70 times - but it is the first time I've been let loose in the RD vest at Colwick, so the wheels might easily have fallen off!  Like a child wearing her mum's oversize stilettos, I wobbled my way through the morning, supported by an awesome team of volunteers who seamlessly got the show on the road.  Thank you to you all, you sure made life easier!

Colwick parkrun event 428

So, who had their name in lights today?  Well, there were Zoë and Claire driving the stop watches;

Colwick parkrun event 428
Christopher, Joanna, Graeme, John and Lily steering you round the beautiful lakes; John, Megan, Sandra and Kathryn beeping barcodes with Maddy on bucket girl duty;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Daniel and Tony keeping the finish lane flowing;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen and Jane doing the first timers' briefing and sign language support respectively;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Jason - on his 25th volunteer stint (thank you and congratulations!) as VI Guide;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Ian, James, Tina and Lydia bringing up the rear end; Chris checking the '85% muddy' (love the accuracy there, Chris!) course;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen coordinating the volunteers and some fabulous photos from Andrew. A special big thank you to Abi for being my brilliant second pair of hands and helping me, Sarah, keep things on track!

Next week's roster is already full (hooray!), but there are vacancies further into October, so pop on over to https://www.parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to check out the vacancies and see what you fancy doing!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We also had lots to celebrate this morning.  Firstly, it didn't rain - woooooo hooooo! Secondly, we had some marvellous milestones!  Judith Cartwright, Susan Russell, Ben Marsh and Garry Nuthall making it to 50 runs and earning their red t-shirts, plus Eileen Loftus achieving her 100th today and gaining herself not only the black 100 shirt but also the gratitude of the parkrun community by bringing along biccies!  Nom, nom!

Colwick parkrun event 428

There was chocolate cake too, courtesy of the Nottingham Vegan Runners' club, which added further  sparkle to the sunshiny morning.

Colwick parkrun event 428

And, what about the running? Well, Jon Fox was our first male finisher in 18:15 for Holme Pierrepont Running Club, and Amy Carson as first female in 21:48 for Vegan Runners on her first ever visit to Colwick.  Start as you mean to go on, awesome job, Amy!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We had an incredible 38 PBs today, giving the PB bell an epic workout and a wonderful 45 runners who were new to Colwick, 13 of them running their very first parkrun. Welcome to the family!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Colwick parkrun event 428

The only teensy fly in the ointment was the fact that a couple of other park users complained about being forced to move out of the way by our parkrunners, who had been running 4 or 5 abreast. Do watch out for walkers, cyclists, dogs etc when you're trotting round. We want our lovely park to be a happy place for all, so a quick wave and 'morning!' as you run past people goes a long way towards that.

Colwick parkrun event 428

Phew! I am all done for the day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.  Next week Super Kev is back in the driver's seat, so until then, bye for now! You were ace!



Event 427 – 28th September 2019


Sunshine, waves and smiles. Event 427 had it all!

The weather App was spot on- we just missed the rain. The morning started with bright sunshine as 248 parkrunners assembled at the start. Sarah and Francis (sign language support) welcomed a bumper 42 first timers and tourists from Doncaster, Frimley Park, Liverpool and Burnley. I especially liked Sarah advising that Colwick was "not one lap, not two laps but one-and-a-half laps"


We waved our congratulations to Maddie who celebrated her 25th volunteering at parkrun! What an amazing achievement- we look forward to seeing Maddie in the purple volunteer t-shirt. Congrats also to Jonathan who completed his 200th parkrun today.


And we were off! The course was "remarkably good" according to Jason who did the pre-event check... he was spot on as 24 of you ran a PB... too quick for me to catch you all ringing our PB bell.

Lots of smiles as everyone finished their run, jog and walk around Colwick. Lots of photos available on Flickr thanks to our fabulous photographer Andrew https://www.flickr.com/photos/ayeupmeduck/48808394292/in/pool-colwick-parkrun/?fbclid=IwAR0Y3ppYI2lffKy00PL4g9y4DJ9OwtH9y3n3LAz9nSgfLziPbJ7Mfjdmsgc


Ensuring everyone got round safely were our tailwalkers Esther, Dominic and Morag. Cheering you around were Lydia, Auangfa, Ian and Sandy. Cathy and Graeme expertly timed you in while Isobel and Joanne ensured your positions were correct. Emily, Grace, John and Cheryl were a dab hand with the barcode scanner. SuperKev guided Terry round, while Arry enjoyed chatting with everyone.


Just a polite reminder, please have a look in our blue bags the next time you are at Colwick. We have 3 bags full of clothes, bottles, and other stuff. We will donate to charity anything left at the end of October.



And so we decanted to Daleside cafe for a cob n cuppa.

Same time next week?


Your Colwick event team


Event 426: (do you remember) 21st September 2019


Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Well, before we got to that, we had the 21st morning of September. Do you remember that?How could you possibly forget?

Love was changing the mind of pretenders while chasing the clouds away (and wasn’t it a glorious day… although as we discovered on Sunday morning, it wasn’t so much après le deluge as avant le déluge).

Our hearts were ringing In the key that our souls were singing!

311 parkrunners of all ages assembled at a Colwick Country Park looking resplendent in the Autumn sunshine. 48 first timers (many of whom visiting before tackling the Equinox 24 hour relay) were expertly briefed by Terry and his guide for the day, Lauren with sign language support provided by Catherine.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

No one knows the park like our Terry, and when he finished holding court, there was a spontaneous round of applause. Be careful: he’ll be expecting that kind of treatment from now on. We had milestones to celebrate: Justin Cast for his 100th parkrun (92 of which have been at Colwick), Selina West for her 50th parkrun (all 50 of which have been with us. A real parkrun passionista!) and Ian Booth, visiting us from Forest Rec to celebrate his 50th run with us. Congratulations to all you all and we look forward to seeing you in your new t-shirts very soon.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

Say do you remember? Dancing in September? Never was a cloudy day.


The day was made possible by our wonderful high-viz heroes:


You were marshalled safely around the course by Olivia, Mary, Claire, Tina and Billie the dog.

Your tailwalkers were John, Niki (happy brirthday!) and Zach.

Birthday volunteering! The best kind of volunteering. parkrun #106, ColwickColwick parkrun 21/9/19

Your timekeepers were Abigail and Caitlin (Abi also carried out the Event Day Course Check to double-check that there really weren’t any puddles on the course. After the rain on Sunday morning, it seems likely that this won’t be the case next week).

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

The funnel was expertly managed by Sandy and tokens were capably distributed by Harry.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

Scanners were Grace, John and Anne.


The neatest clipboard this run director has ever seen was managed by Alison. Isobel provided finish token support.

The event was seamless, so Run Director Tim and his able assistant Simon essentially had an armchair ride and could enjoy the morning sunshine and clap all you wonderful parkrunners across the line.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

No fewer than 37 of you took advantage of the surprisingly dry conditions to record a PB. Well done to you all! Although, you don't need to wait for a PB to ring the bell. Like this chap, you can ring the parkrun bell for any reason you like!

Ah, the 21st day in September.
My thoughts are with you.
Remember - how we knew love was here to stay.

Ba duda, badu, ba duda...

See you next week for more of the parkrun love we share in September!

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