Event 429 – 12th October 2019

Rain during the week left plenty of muddy puddles underfoot but thankfully clear sky's overhead meant all but feet stayed nice and dry.

281 parkrunners including 52 first timers and plenty of tourists from near and far completed our 5k course this week. 27 of you recorded new PBs.

Dave Gandee was cheered across the finish line as he completed his 50th parkrun joining milestone 50 club. Congratulations, Dave!

Steve Shanks crossed the finish line in 43 minutes despite a healing broken ankle in support boot. Exiting the finish funnel through a very large puddle proved a bigger challenge than the 5k for Shanksy. Were pleased to report he managed it and isn't still in the park marooned on the only patch of dry ground.

This weeks run was made possible by our magnificent volunteers. Anthony checked the course pre-event, Abi briefed our first timers and tourists, Jane signed our briefings, Julie guided Iris, Andrew took plenty of fabulous photos, Tim and Paul timed everyone across the finish line, Rachel and Tracy kept order in the finish funnel and handed out position tokens, Jean, Andrea and Pauline scanned your barcodes, Olivia manned the clipboard, Sarah, Lynsey, Abigail, Josh and Graeme marshalled the course, Cheryl, Amy, John, Joseph an Benjamin ensured everyone was accounted for as tail walkers, Alessandro, Caitlin and Niki sorted tokens in the cafe & SuperKev did the shouty bit on the megaphone and generally wandered about trying to look busy.

If you would like to join our volunteer team one week please do look at our roster at https://parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to find an available space and email us at colwickhelpers@parkrun.com to bag your place on the roster.

Finally the all important result of parkrun bingo. Our winner this week was Paul Kelly with a fine guess of 283 finishers. Well done, Paul!

We had so much fun we think we'll do it again next week.


Your Colwick Event Team


Event 428 – 5th October 2019

Happy 15th birthday parkrun!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Another mighty Colwick parkrun done and what a parkrun it was.  A delicious 289 of you joined me as I had a go in the Colwick driving seat for the first time.  Now, it's not the first time I've Run Directed - today's volunteer email informs me I've been a Run Director 70 times - but it is the first time I've been let loose in the RD vest at Colwick, so the wheels might easily have fallen off!  Like a child wearing her mum's oversize stilettos, I wobbled my way through the morning, supported by an awesome team of volunteers who seamlessly got the show on the road.  Thank you to you all, you sure made life easier!

Colwick parkrun event 428

So, who had their name in lights today?  Well, there were Zoë and Claire driving the stop watches;

Colwick parkrun event 428
Christopher, Joanna, Graeme, John and Lily steering you round the beautiful lakes; John, Megan, Sandra and Kathryn beeping barcodes with Maddy on bucket girl duty;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Daniel and Tony keeping the finish lane flowing;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen and Jane doing the first timers' briefing and sign language support respectively;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Jason - on his 25th volunteer stint (thank you and congratulations!) as VI Guide;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Ian, James, Tina and Lydia bringing up the rear end; Chris checking the '85% muddy' (love the accuracy there, Chris!) course;

Colwick parkrun event 428

Helen coordinating the volunteers and some fabulous photos from Andrew. A special big thank you to Abi for being my brilliant second pair of hands and helping me, Sarah, keep things on track!

Next week's roster is already full (hooray!), but there are vacancies further into October, so pop on over to https://www.parkrun.org.uk/colwick/futureroster/ to check out the vacancies and see what you fancy doing!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We also had lots to celebrate this morning.  Firstly, it didn't rain - woooooo hooooo! Secondly, we had some marvellous milestones!  Judith Cartwright, Susan Russell, Ben Marsh and Garry Nuthall making it to 50 runs and earning their red t-shirts, plus Eileen Loftus achieving her 100th today and gaining herself not only the black 100 shirt but also the gratitude of the parkrun community by bringing along biccies!  Nom, nom!

Colwick parkrun event 428

There was chocolate cake too, courtesy of the Nottingham Vegan Runners' club, which added further  sparkle to the sunshiny morning.

Colwick parkrun event 428

And, what about the running? Well, Jon Fox was our first male finisher in 18:15 for Holme Pierrepont Running Club, and Amy Carson as first female in 21:48 for Vegan Runners on her first ever visit to Colwick.  Start as you mean to go on, awesome job, Amy!

Colwick parkrun event 428

We had an incredible 38 PBs today, giving the PB bell an epic workout and a wonderful 45 runners who were new to Colwick, 13 of them running their very first parkrun. Welcome to the family!

Colwick parkrun event 428

Colwick parkrun event 428

The only teensy fly in the ointment was the fact that a couple of other park users complained about being forced to move out of the way by our parkrunners, who had been running 4 or 5 abreast. Do watch out for walkers, cyclists, dogs etc when you're trotting round. We want our lovely park to be a happy place for all, so a quick wave and 'morning!' as you run past people goes a long way towards that.

Colwick parkrun event 428

Phew! I am all done for the day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.  Next week Super Kev is back in the driver's seat, so until then, bye for now! You were ace!



Event 427 – 28th September 2019


Sunshine, waves and smiles. Event 427 had it all!

The weather App was spot on- we just missed the rain. The morning started with bright sunshine as 248 parkrunners assembled at the start. Sarah and Francis (sign language support) welcomed a bumper 42 first timers and tourists from Doncaster, Frimley Park, Liverpool and Burnley. I especially liked Sarah advising that Colwick was "not one lap, not two laps but one-and-a-half laps"


We waved our congratulations to Maddie who celebrated her 25th volunteering at parkrun! What an amazing achievement- we look forward to seeing Maddie in the purple volunteer t-shirt. Congrats also to Jonathan who completed his 200th parkrun today.


And we were off! The course was "remarkably good" according to Jason who did the pre-event check... he was spot on as 24 of you ran a PB... too quick for me to catch you all ringing our PB bell.

Lots of smiles as everyone finished their run, jog and walk around Colwick. Lots of photos available on Flickr thanks to our fabulous photographer Andrew https://www.flickr.com/photos/ayeupmeduck/48808394292/in/pool-colwick-parkrun/?fbclid=IwAR0Y3ppYI2lffKy00PL4g9y4DJ9OwtH9y3n3LAz9nSgfLziPbJ7Mfjdmsgc


Ensuring everyone got round safely were our tailwalkers Esther, Dominic and Morag. Cheering you around were Lydia, Auangfa, Ian and Sandy. Cathy and Graeme expertly timed you in while Isobel and Joanne ensured your positions were correct. Emily, Grace, John and Cheryl were a dab hand with the barcode scanner. SuperKev guided Terry round, while Arry enjoyed chatting with everyone.


Just a polite reminder, please have a look in our blue bags the next time you are at Colwick. We have 3 bags full of clothes, bottles, and other stuff. We will donate to charity anything left at the end of October.



And so we decanted to Daleside cafe for a cob n cuppa.

Same time next week?


Your Colwick event team


Event 426: (do you remember) 21st September 2019


Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Well, before we got to that, we had the 21st morning of September. Do you remember that?How could you possibly forget?

Love was changing the mind of pretenders while chasing the clouds away (and wasn’t it a glorious day… although as we discovered on Sunday morning, it wasn’t so much après le deluge as avant le déluge).

Our hearts were ringing In the key that our souls were singing!

311 parkrunners of all ages assembled at a Colwick Country Park looking resplendent in the Autumn sunshine. 48 first timers (many of whom visiting before tackling the Equinox 24 hour relay) were expertly briefed by Terry and his guide for the day, Lauren with sign language support provided by Catherine.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

No one knows the park like our Terry, and when he finished holding court, there was a spontaneous round of applause. Be careful: he’ll be expecting that kind of treatment from now on. We had milestones to celebrate: Justin Cast for his 100th parkrun (92 of which have been at Colwick), Selina West for her 50th parkrun (all 50 of which have been with us. A real parkrun passionista!) and Ian Booth, visiting us from Forest Rec to celebrate his 50th run with us. Congratulations to all you all and we look forward to seeing you in your new t-shirts very soon.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

Say do you remember? Dancing in September? Never was a cloudy day.


The day was made possible by our wonderful high-viz heroes:


You were marshalled safely around the course by Olivia, Mary, Claire, Tina and Billie the dog.

Your tailwalkers were John, Niki (happy brirthday!) and Zach.

Birthday volunteering! The best kind of volunteering. parkrun #106, ColwickColwick parkrun 21/9/19

Your timekeepers were Abigail and Caitlin (Abi also carried out the Event Day Course Check to double-check that there really weren’t any puddles on the course. After the rain on Sunday morning, it seems likely that this won’t be the case next week).

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

The funnel was expertly managed by Sandy and tokens were capably distributed by Harry.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

Scanners were Grace, John and Anne.


The neatest clipboard this run director has ever seen was managed by Alison. Isobel provided finish token support.

The event was seamless, so Run Director Tim and his able assistant Simon essentially had an armchair ride and could enjoy the morning sunshine and clap all you wonderful parkrunners across the line.

Colwick parkrun 21/9/19

No fewer than 37 of you took advantage of the surprisingly dry conditions to record a PB. Well done to you all! Although, you don't need to wait for a PB to ring the bell. Like this chap, you can ring the parkrun bell for any reason you like!

Ah, the 21st day in September.
My thoughts are with you.
Remember - how we knew love was here to stay.

Ba duda, badu, ba duda...

See you next week for more of the parkrun love we share in September!


Event 425: 14 September 2019

Saturday September 14th saw 289 wonderful parkrunners turn out for Colwick parkrun  under blue sky and sunshine. The course was witness to 47 new personal bests and an amazing 31 runners were newbies to our gorgeous park.Saturday saw the celebrations of 100 milestones for Katherine Hall, Laura Clarke, Claire Hayes, David Bland, Bryn Stone who between them have a great array of parkrun visits so if you fancy some tourism you know who to ask given there are 700 parkruns between them.

100 celebrations meant there was a pre-Daleside parkrun party with chocolate, donuts  flapjacks at the finish table but don't worry appetites were still in place for a hearty bacon or sausage cob as is Colwick tradition.

Colwick had a new momentous occasion, the tooth fairy was required for our mini event director Evie who lost her wobbly tooth. I hope the tooth fairy visited you and remembered her barcode.

Whilst Evie was losing her tooth poor Rue lost his footing so a Florence Nightingale was needed to patch him up with the first aid kit followed by the purely medicinal donut to recover.

Saturday was my 8th visit to Colwick and I was not disappointed. I don't think I have run Colwick in such glorious and dry conditions and I was expertly guided by Mick Lord. I hadn't run properly for a few weeks and was nervous about running with a new to me buddy. I really  shouldn't have worried after Julie had volunteered him to keep him out of trouble whilst she was off on tourism.  Mick and I had a nice steady chatty sunny plod around the route. I don't remember running our route  in such great conditions underfoot. The view across the lake was stunning and despite my head suggesting it was ok to walk my legs kept going for a respectable time. Mick has proved what a family parkrun is, given he is friends with one of my fellow search and rescue team mates. We started parkrun as strangers but ended as mates. I might have  started working on him doing the Crosses 55 next year, it would only be 18 parkruns in distance and definitely worth getting out of bed for. My parkrun on Saturday actually made me feel better in myself after a few tough weeks, not only is parkrun great physically but awesome for mental well being and inclusion. You really are never a stranger for long at Colwick.

Your parkrun on Saturday  was made possible by the  dedication of your 33 super heroes in hi viz which must include a shout out to the fantastic band of junior volunteers who gave their time. If you fancy earning a volunteer credit towards 25 volunteer milestone or purely for the  warm fuzzy feeling and high fives then please get in touch. Remember there are roles that mean you can run and volunteer too. Without the hi viz heroes we wouldn't have an amazing parkrun each Saturday.

Until I see you again at Christmas time-keep running and don't forget your barcode.





Event 424 : 7 September 2019

At around 9pm on parkrun eve we had some stopwatch sized holes on our volunteer roster less than 12 hours until something in the region of 250 - 300 people would be coming down to join this week's parkrun party. In our formative days (back when we used to run the wrong route and that sort of thing) we would perhaps have been reaching for the panic button. That though, was in a time before our parkrun family had fully formed and of course as if by magic by 9am on Saturday, the Hi-Viz's ranks were fully stocked and we were ready to welcome 295 parkrunners to sunny Colwick park.

This weeks volunteers were simply brilliant but a special mention for Lauren, Steve and Graeme for responding to the parkrun logo in the sky and donning their capes.   Not forgetting Jean of course who was sitting quietly in her deck chair minding her own business when a scanner landed in her lap!  She joined the junior Bowen scan team (thus forming a junior RAC super scan group) and picked it up like seasoned veteran.

Speaking of the wonderful RAC massive (possible author bias) they joined us en-masse to celebrate the graduation of their latest couch to 5k group where the group, plus many other newish members ran their first EVER 5k.    It is always a favourite of ours seeing the sheer joy and sense of achievement of first time 5kers when they cross the finish line.  Inspirational the lot of you... including their mentor (and our own core team member)  coach Tim!

46 people in total (helped by the aforementioned group) completed their first Colwick parkrun today and 47 made good use of the near perfect conditions to record a personal best time.

Cathy Wiser very kindly brought along fruit, cake and water (plus tables for them all to sit on) to celebrate her 250th parkrun with friends and family.. Well done and thanks Cathy!!

Roger 'ultra' Spence reached his 50th milestone, completely unbeknown to himself it seems judging by his post parkrun strava post !!  (See below)...top job Roger - another 6 years for the 100?

 Take the joy of your parkrunning exploits into the new week folks and it'll keep you revving along until next parkrun day!



Event 423 – 31st August 2019

It may not have been quite as colourful as Hawaiian Shirt parkrun but it was as much fun... with a bumper turnout of 376 participants running, jogging or walking the course on the last day of August.


At the flag we were delighted to welcome 62 'first timers to our course' (23 of which had never run a parkrun before) plus tourists from near and far.


Many of those genuine first timers were members of the Rebel Runners who were graduating from their recent Couch to 5k course. Congratulations all!


One of the tourists was Elliott Line from Bedworth parkrun. If you are a bit of a parkrun stats geek please do jog along and check out his excellent parkrun stats page here.


We also welcomed tourist Fiona who messaged us last week offering her services as a guide. Iris took her up on the offer... and it just so happened that Iris's dog Delaney shares Fiona's surname. Fancy that!


We celebrated a few 'milestones' too. Congratulations to Alex and Francesca who both joined the 50 Club.



Congratulations to Graham and to Trish who both joined the 100 Club. Trish only came along originally to support a friend... and was bitten by the bug.* So much so... she's off to run her first half marathon next weekend!

Read more about our milestone clubs here.



A huge thanks to our 24 wonderful volunteers. Take a bow: Brian WILLETT  •  Caitlin SORRELL  •  Catherine CAST  •  Cheryl MAPPLETHORPE  •  Chris ALLEN  •  Claire DUNKLEY  •  David ROBINSON  •  Finlay HOOD  •  Fiona DELANEY  •  Graeme SCANDRETT-SMITH  •  Harry NICHOLLS  •  Helen HOOD  •  Isobel NICHOLLS  •  James BOWEN  •  Jason RANDALL  •  Joanna WARD  •  Kevin BOWEN  •  Lynsey PALMER  •  Niki WARD  •  Sally-Ann ALLEN  •  Steve JEPSON  •  Tim SORRELL  •  Vin LACEY  &  Zoe MCVINNIE. 

If you'd like to help make the magic happen please do get in touch.

* Talking of bugs... please do consider slapping on the insect repellant. After a bite on the forehead yesterday our Run Director at event 423 is currently sporting a lump the size of a small golf ball!

If that doesn't put you off... and we  hope it doesn't, we'll see you at the bell on Saturday 7th September #loveparkrun


Event 422 – 24th August 2019

There is only one place in the world where you can see more aloha shirts, grass skirts and lei than in Hawaii itself, as well as more PBs and records than the olympic games! That magical place is of course Colwick park on Hawaiian shirt parkrunday!

372 parkrunners joined in the fun, with 37 first timers and tourists, 46 athletes recording "normal" PBs and 35 athletes taking part in fruit-related PBs, some very tropical, other less so. Like Hawaii, Colwick attracted both domestic and international tourists.

Thank you to all our volunteers who went the extra mile to make Saturday so special.
Tim and Sandy were your timekeepers, Thomas, Isobel, Dawn and Joanna were your barcode scanners, and Joanna also recorded your tropical fruit record attempts with the accuracy and rigour that such an important task requires.

Superkev performed an early check of the course. The Superkev camp has not revealed whether his course check was carried out with or without fruit, but he is known for being committed to his training and run preparation, and a trial run around the hairpin bend to assess the effect of the sizeable guavas on aerodynamics would have no doubt stood him in good stead as he cruised his way round to a double guava course record.

Helen H. handed out finish tokens and Tony, Philip, Tracey, Hilary and Harry were your marshals. Helen J. did the first timers brief and Frances signed the briefings. Caitlin combined RD duties with fruit record adjudication and Nic sorted tokens.
Your tailwalkers were Graeme, Helen, Morag and Lyndsey who completed her 100th parkrun in style.
Abi guided Terry around the course to complete a "wonky papaya PB" (upon further clarification, I'm reliably informed it's the papaya that's wonky, not the PB or even Terry, whatever the evidence might suggest).
Megan took pictures, soon to be uploaded on Flickr.

Roy checked that standards hadn't slipped since he last manned the split, and he and Jacqui added just a little bit more sunshine to our Saturday morning. We were at last able to present them with John's fantastic drawings. If ever proof was needed of what a fantastic community Colwick is, that was it!

The RAC improvers group demonstrated once again that they don't shy away from a competitive challenge as Paul and Andrea Kelley, Ali Browell and Pauline Gandee (aka "team fruit salad") took the crown in the two mangos, a lemon and a lime team event.

Several physalis PBs were recorded (after technical consultation, a cape gooseberry was deemed to fall within the physalis category), so congratulations to Jackie Measures, Hannah Roberts and Anna Hager.

After last year's strong performance in the citrus, Chris Ward astounded the crowds by masterfully carrying a fruit kebab around the course without injury or loss of fruit, thus securing his place on the podium. Adam Ward continued his strong performance in the citrus, with a red grapefruit PB.

The event team are pleased to report that following a thorough investigation into last year's irregularities, we are now confident that we have taken adequate measures against on-course consumption, and spot tests were carried out to ensure fruit crossed the finish line intact. Finish-line photographic technology was used to assist our efforts to eradicate such unsportsmanlike behaviour, and the following picture supported the validation of fruit-PBs by John Suthern (whole pineapple), Chris Jeckiel (banana) and Claire Hayes-Gill's (nectarine). We are also pleased to confirm Christine Heaton's olive course record and Julie McGeorge's sugar cane course record. However, Stephen Shanks's 2017 pineapple course record remains.

Bernard Jarvis defended his title in the filled plastic pineapple, but keen followers may have noticed a slight change in technique from jelly babies to pick'n'mix. Bernard assured the volunteers that he had an up to date JCB certificate, so it was absolutely okay for him to be handing sweets out to kids (and some grown ups too) from his now famous plastic pineapple. Who knew he was qualified to drive a digger? A man of many talents, to be sure!

David and Rita Robinson celebrated their 250th parkrun in the company of family, friends, a dolphin and an alligator.
Eileen O'Reilly completed her 250th parkrun, and Libby provided us with a glorious cake to eat alongside all the delicious tropical fruit.

This year saw the introduction of a new category by trailblazers Steve and Evie Dickens: the Hawaiian half-pizza relay. They showed great agility and coordination as they passed the pizza box from one runner to another without losing a single pineapple chunk or piece of ham. Their course record will no doubt remain unchallenged for years to come, as few have sufficient commitment to the sport to eat half a hawaiian pizza as part of their parkrun preparation.

The best dressed award goes to Claire Hill. Not only did the umbrellas on her drink match her dress perfectly, but she now also holds the course record for running round with a lime and jelly cocktail. She was joined by Zoe McVinnie who demonstrated creativity and innovation in the already crowded pineapple category to claim a pineapple sponge record. Perhaps she will inspire a new generation of athletes to attempt the pineapple sponge cake? We sincerely hope she does.


Further congratulations to the following athletes:
- Karen Archer who continues to dominate the underrepresented categories: after last year's tomato, this year saw her take first finisher with a Mangosteen.
- Ian, James and Pippa Hickman who respectively achieved mango, grapes and orange PBs. James's use of a sealed bag to ensure no on-course consumption of grapes was greatly admired by the adjudicator.
- Sean Henry who now holds the canine assisted triple lychee course record.
- Niki Ward who achieved a triple mango with a buggy course record, and Zach ward who achieved a lime PB.
- Gina Granger (banana PB), David Corbett (nectarine PB), Ann Gould (plum PB), Cathy Wiser (tangerine PB) and Steph James (pineapple PB), Rupert Killik (canteloupe melon PB).

The presiding judge regretfully announces that Graham Moffat's "tropical potato" course record will not stand, on the basis that you wouldn't want a potato (cooked or raw), or even the juice of a potato in your fruit salad. Better luck next year coach Moff.

Will next year see a return of the tomato or the date? With the contentious inclusion of sugar cane this year, will next year's presiding judge allow the potato? Will Superkev dedicate the next 12 months to sourcing weird and wonderful fruits (pitaya, cherimoya, jujube)? I guess you'll have to turn up to find out. But you only have to wait until next Saturday for more parkrun glory. #syatb #dfyb


Event 421 – 17th August 2019

To the 198 Colwick parkrun faithful that joined us for event no: 421… wet Fridays in Nottingham, mean only one thing: Saturday morning mud and puddles… and even more mud and puddles! It goes without saying that the regulars just can’t get enough of them. The 29 unexpecting first timers that came along this week will have gone home knowing exactly what parkrun in our beautiful corner of NG2 is really all about. No doubt, they’ll be back for more – we can’t pass up such opportunities to have so much fun!



The heavy conditions didn’t stop a very impressive number of PB’s – 15 in total, with many more fine individual efforts! The will power and determination on show is just one of several reason that parkrun is and will forever be the best way start the weekend. Why waste the morning when you can join likeminded and friendly people among a spirit like no other? Walk, Jog or Run… the parkrun experience is exactly the same for all. All epitomised this week by young Martha… despite a fall about half way around, she ploughed on, reaching the end in floods of tears. The rapturous welcome by those applauding her in, was probably more of a realisation of how we all feel time to time. On numerous occasions every runner will have those kind of moments but we can guarantee that once the dust had settled, back home, bandaged and cleaned up… she’d already be looking forward to her next parkrun!

Well done to Martha for finishing and super well done to this week’s milestone makers… Elizabeth Simpson made it to the big 50 – 46 being at Colwick – a fantastic achievement for someone in her age range, added to the fact she’s has many more junior parkruns under her belt too! Reaching his century was Steve Pike – to do anything 100 times shows great commitment and dedication – well done Steve… next stop 250.


With the unenviable job of checking the course this week. Jason was out earliest of all looking for possible hazards! Thankfully, other than those aforementioned puddles, the course was just how we’d expect it! His inspection report to Run Director Abigail read nothing more ‘than good to go’! With many of the Colwick core team away, volunteering duties were passed on to the extended Colwick #parkrunfamily. Terry expertly advised newcomers of what to expect at the first timers brief, TeamWarren and John were on barcode duty, with Megan and John scanning and Dawn on the clipboard, enforcing #DFYB! Marshalls Kay, Tom, Erica, Andrew and Tailwalkers Lynn, Karin & Matthew led everyone safely back to the welcome faces of Timers Jon and Alison. Finish tokens were handed out by Emma. Joanna ensured everyone kept moving until they reached dry land… safely navigating that one final obstacle awaiting them at the bottom of the funnel - you guessed it, another huge puddle! Amongst all the glory of completing another brilliant parkrun… many could have really fell foul of this whopper! A massive thank you to all the hi-vis heroes – you do it so well, setting a fine example to all those that can also be a part of our masterfully organised events.








With the weather this week expected to much dryer, the course should start resembling its natural self again… as much loved as the mud is Colwick Park is resplendent in the early morning sunshine. And… with that sunshine, what else would we plan other than our annual Hawaiian shirt parkrun. Dig deep into the wardrobe for that one fun and colourful shirt you own, put a peacock on your head or run around eating mango – it’s your choice – whatever you do be sure to be at the start line for our next unmissable Colwick parkrun. #syatb



Event 420 – 10th August 2019


Even the tempest raging through Nottingham could not tempt 242 parkrunners to stay in bed this morning, since Colwick parkrun is such stuff as dreams are made on. O, brave new world that had 30 first timers in it! O, wonder! How 22 new PBs were set! How beauteous our volunteer team of 22 was, lead by rundirector Arry!


Our revels are now ended. These our actors: four barcode scanning sprites named Anthony, Hilary, Cheryl and John; four marshalling mantigers named Ian, Shaun, Anthony and Joanna; four tailwalking Titans named Julie, Judith, Trevor and Colin; one elvish event coordinator named Tim; fairies of the first timers briefing, funnel management and finish tokens named Caitlin, Sandy and Grace.




I would not wish any companion in the world but Stephen to be my timekeeping partner- well he is my husband! Merrily we celebrated our 25th volunteer milestone together whilst cheering in ye elves of hills, brooks, standing lakes and groves! Congratulations In particular to the cherubin Alison Chilton on the great achievement of 250 parkruns, 232 of these at Colwick! Not forgetting Colin Simm who swept in majestically on his 50th parkrun.

48513005611_a9c5678550_z (1)48513006596_434c040c8d_z

Next week we promise you calm waters and auspicious breezes to carry your feet and spare your wheezes.

Run report beautifully composed by Jessica Shanks- thank you Jess.

#syatb next week

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