Event 330 : 21st October 2017

As storm Brian swept across the UK, 272 parkrunners braved the wind to run, jog or walk around the Colwick course at event 330, and were rewarded with sunshine and puddles!


32 were first timers, including a handful of local tourists, and even some who had travelled all the way from Leicester! 27 people achieved PBs, which was quite an achievement given the strong headwinds around the lake.

Only one milestone was officially celebrated on the day, but what a milestone! Paul Stacey join the exclusive 250 club accompanied by friends. Paul has left his mark on Colwick, in people's hearts but also on the blue bags that carry your top layer of clothing to the finish line... We have him to thank for the laminated numbers that help you identify which bag your hoody is in!

However, hopefully it isn't too late to give credit to Francesco who joined Paul to run his hundredth parkrun. We are delighted that he chose Colwick for such a special occasion and look forward to seeing him back in the not too distant future in his black t-shirt.

As always, we had a fantastic crew of volunteers who made event 330 possible.
Tourists and first timers were expertly briefed by Terry, ably assisted by Abi who then guided him round the course.

Joanne, Roy, Jacqui, Stephen and Brian marshalled the course. Geoff and Steve timed you over line (between in-depth conversations about tennis), and Maureen managed the funnel and Mark handed out finish tokens.


Ian captured your best profiles as our official photographer and we look forward to seeing the results soon.
A huge thank you to Rachel from Leicester who volunteered at the last minute and joined Francesca as a tail walker.

Dawn continues to hold the title of unchallenged clipboard queen, and Alex and Sandy scanned your barcodes, and Caitlin was your run director. Thank you to all these high-vis heroes!


Last week's run report asked how many people it takes to put the A-board away. The answer was 7. It turns out, you just need one person, as long as that person is the talented and dextrous Ian. Let's see if next week's crew can match that sterling performance.


Event 312 : 3rd June 2017 – Message in a bottle

Following another harrowing news weekend we can only thank our lucky stars for the saturday morning boost of positivity, sharing of community and shot of all round goodness that parkrun day at Colwick brings.   As there is no colwick parkrun (shudder!)  next week  we would strongly recommend you take the opportunity to visit one of the other many local parkruns in the area for a top up!

21 wonderful volunteers chose to start their weekends in the fresh air and Hi-viz, helping to ensure that 296 of you could run / walk one lap of the large lake and two laps of the small.  So hat's off this week to Neil and Scarlett, Angela, Esther, Frances, Claire, Helen, Steve, Joanna, Charlette, Hana, Arry, Jonathan, Mary, Roy, Jackie, Francesca, Helen & Sandy.

Well done to the 51 of you who recorded new PB's and a very warm welcome to the 30 first timers who joined our community for the first time.

Congratulations to Lucia Chimenti who celebrated her 50th run with friends and family.

We were lucky enough to be joined this week by Dan and Derek from the British Heart Foundation who offered CPR training at the finish area.  An offer taken up by over 20 people, including a couple of our multi-tasking volunteers.  Thanks Dan & Derek!

One of the many families within our parkrun family (if you get what I mean) were celebrating a special birthday this weekend (happy 40th Ellie) and were excited to bring with them old family friends from Holland.  David tells us that their two families have been friends dating back to a message in a bottle set off from Great Yartmouth in the 1950's.... the big questions remain unanswered... what had to be drunk to empty the bottle...and what did the message say?  either way it was great to welcome Tom and Maake to Colwick (where as far as they know the sun always shines!)

I started with reference to the news so I'll finish with an and finally....... we in the core team can't imagine a world without parkrun.  It has changed all of our lives for the better in one way or another.  However, having been involved for a while it isn't always easy to remember what those first impressions feel like so thanks to Graeme (from another of our family families!) for directing us today towards a comment made on a wider parkrun forum...

I completed my 4th parkrun this morning and have always run on my own. Today I met someone about half a mile from the end of Colwick parkrun in Nottingham. In between huffs and puffs we talked about times and that I was chasing the (so far) elusive sub 30. She said 'right stride it out from there, we've got a chance.' She encouraged me, cheered me and got me sprinting at the end to achieve 29.56!! I want to say a huge thanks to Melanie. I'm really chuffed with the time and wouldn't have done it without you!!

Strangers no longer!

As there is no Colwick parkrun on the 10th June (!!) we will SYATB on June 17th.

Happy touring folks




Event 303 : April 1st – It’s all in the numbers

18.... That's how many good good people jumped out of bed and made their way to Colwick park early on Saturday morning.

227....That's how many of you came along to run, walk, chat and generally help to create that colwick parkrun buzz which never fails to put a smile on your face. All  expertly accounted for through the funnel Helen and Alison.

27 - that's how many first timers joined us, briefed by our ever so vocally talented 1st time briefer Tim.

2 - that's how many stopwatches were manned expertly by Chris and Nic - literally taking everything thrown at them in their stride.

224 - that was the closest (and highest) parkrun bingo guess (well done Anton who also takes photo credits!).

40 - that's how many PB's were recorded

4 - that's how many made up our expert scanning team or Remi, Carl, Anton and Sandy

5 - that's how many marshalls looked out for you out on the course - thanks to Brian, Eileen, Erica and of Course Jackie and Roy

50 - that was the magic number for Tina Horton this weekend - welcome to the 50 club Tina

8- that's how many volunteers ventured over for a spot of mid-volunteering impromptu cheerleading,  seen here cheering on guide and guided runner Claire and Terry


0 - that, thankfully, is how many April Fools jokes 'landed' this year :)

6 - that's how many more sleeps until we do it all again. Until when we will skip off into next week in the style of this weeks Tailwalkers Graeme and Evie !

SYATB for number 304!!




Event 299: splashers, dodgers and bounders

A tip top team of magic makers

176 intrepid parkrunners ready to take on Colwick at its wettest (and some would argue finest!) including 20 first timers.


A couple of Milestone Clubbers - Well done Steven Bee and Jack Sisson and welcome to  the 50 Club.


A spot of post run mingling

some puddle dodging

plenty of puddle splashing



and even some puddle bounding

all made for yet another fun morning in the park with friends and (parkrun) family

Until we do it all again... Thankyou and SYATB






26th November 2016: Event #284: Did you know that…….

.......If you hold your ear lobe whilst standing on one leg it helps you balance?   No?  Neither did I until Isabel shared her theory whilst we were volunteering at event No.284. What on earth has that got to do with parkrun you may ask?  More on that later.. but first let us thank this week's hi-viz heroes... Chris, Emma, Roy, Helen, Ian, Isabel, Jillian, Jon, Kristina, Matthew, Maureen, Nic, Pritesh, Stephen, Vin and Zoe.

Our 16 volunteers were joined by 184 runners and walkers, amongst whom 37 rang the PB Bell (woo hoo!).  We welcomed tourists from Aberdeen and Chelmsford along with a great bunch of youngsters from Charnwood College making their parkrun debut together amongst 28 first timers.  Kudos to their ever prepared teacher for producing a folder full of spare barcodes when one of the group took his shoe off post run hunting for the barcode which he thought was safely stashed away under the insole!  Brilliant!!  We hope you all enjoyed your first parkrun experience.

We were delighted to celebrate with two long standing members of the Colwick parkrun community who tailwalked together to bring up their 25th volunteering stints.  A warm welcome to the club Jon and Maureen - get those Aubergines ordered!! They were so photogenic I just couldn't choose which picture to use!

One little bit of housekeeping  - We did make a little plea at the start for people to limit what goes in the 'blue bags' which we bring over to the start line.  Please bear in mind that our volunteers have to carry these over to the finish - no easy task if 184 people turn up with the kitchen sink.  Just one layer each please.. larger stuff can be left at the finish.

Speaking of the blue bags - we have a bag full of 'lost property'  so please come and have a root through if you think you may have left something in there - it will go to charity in the new year if not claimed.   Please also take care when taking your clothing post run to be sure that you claim your own.  We've had a few instances recently where people have dashed off with something which looks similar to their top (but actually isn't!)  to illustrate the point, the chap on the right below in the snug looking jacket was just telling us how he thinks someone may have taken his blue and black jacket out of the bag when the chap on the left walked past us in the baggy looking 'same but different' jacket. Thanks to eagle eyed Helen this particular story had a happy ending and jackets and owners were reunited in a jiffy but it illustrates the point so well you couldn't script it!

So, going back to the start -  what does the opening question have to do with parkrun, or specifically Colwick parkrun #284?  In a way - nothing, but then in another way - everything.   Between the core team we have written in excess of 270 run reports (we were too busy trying to work out what the heck we were doing in the very early days!) and it can sometimes be difficult to think of an angle.

Isabel's theory (yep - I've given it a name) however got me thinking that if you were to ask yourself 'what did I learn at parkrun this weekend?'  I'm sure everyone could give an answer. It could be about your own running or walking, it could be about one of your parkrun friends old or new, it could be about the park itself, the café, or probably something completely unrelated that all helps to build community around parkrun - and we are rightly proud of ours.   That really is why we all look forward to meeting up on a saturday morning come rain, shine or howling gale. So Isabel -  I have absolutely no idea if your theory is scientifically sound, neither do I care... It is now stored away as one of my many parkrun memories, and you can't have to many of those!

Thanks....and SYATB :)


Event 282 – 12th November 2016

Thank you for joining us for another fabulous parkrunday, where we were delighted that 142 parkrunners and 18 volunteers braved the slightly wet conditions. We welcomed 16 parkrunners to their first time at Colwick, including 5 enjoying their first ever parkrun. We hope you enjoyed it and will be back soon.


We celebrated some special milestones, welcoming Tom Dalziel and David Weston to the 100 club.


Nic Rutherford completed his 50th parkrun and paced Abi to a pb at the same time.


Mike celebrated his 5 year anniversary at Colwick.

The PB bell was kept busy again, with 12 of you achieving PB's.

Thank you to Steve, Rita, Kath, Graham and Evie for tail running, Andy, Ian and Roy for marshalling, Kev and Vin for zapping the barcodes, Matt for manning the clipboard, Andy and Chris for beeping the stopwatches, Jillian and Sandy for keeping the funnel moving and handing out the finish tokens.

A special mention to Claire and Chris who joined the 25 volunteer club. Claire took the role of guide for Terry and Chris cheered you on at the car park marshal point.






We've had a request from the adventure centre not to lock our bikes to the railing at the front of the centre, as it can hinder them getting the equipment out. Please see the photo below, if you are unsure of where not to lock your bike up.


We finished the morning at the Daleside, where the results were uploaded and tokens sorted, all ready for another cracking parkrun next Saturday.

Until next week.



Event 258 – 21st May 2016

Holme Pierrepont Running Club takeover

2016-05-21 09.08.12

Another cracking day at our beautiful Colwick Country Park!

A bumper 282 parkrunners, superbly supported by 28 magic makers, enjoyed a run, walk, or jog around the park. We welcomed 31 first timers, of which 14 were brand new to parkrun, and tourists from Stretford, Abingdon and Hull. We hope you enjoyed your run and will visit us again really soon.

2016-05-21 08.59.37

We celebrated the 50 milestone runs of Finlay, Stella and Tim, and look forward to seeing you in your red t-shirts really soon. The cold conditions and our pacers proved perfect for 39 parkrunners who ran a PB today. Well done all of you! Sorry I couldn't get photos of you- you were all too quick for me! ;)

Our friends at Holme Pierrepont Running Club and some of our regular parkrunners were our splendid our magic makers today. Louise did a fantastic run brief and told us all about the friendliness of the club and the upcoming Grand Prix races. I have run and volunteered at these races and would thoroughly recommend them. Ensuring your safety and voluncheering were Roy, Katie, Julie and Michelle. Timing you in were Chris and William. Keeping you in order and handing out position tokens were Nikki, Lilly and Helen. Bar code scanning were Susan, Harry & Jackie. Our pacers were David, Will, Lisa, Sue, Christine, Alex, Sarah, John and Mike. Abi expertly guided our Terry. Lucy, Kathryn, Jess and Roger as tail runners made sure you all made it round safely. A big thank you to all of you!

2016-05-21 08.27.01

2016-05-21 09.07.13

2016-05-21 10.02.29

2016-05-21 10.04.27

2016-05-21 10.04.52

2016-05-21 10.03.28

2016-05-21 10.02.20

2016-05-21 10.02.23

It really is fun in the high-viz. Please have a look at our volunteer roster and email colwickoffice@parkrun.com if you would like to join us.

Our magic makers wrapped up in no time and we were out before the rain drops started. As is traditonal, we all assembled at  Daleside for a hearty breakfast, while the results were uploaded and tokens sorted by Caitlin, Abi and Tim.


Two important bits of information:


1) First Aid

Please email colwickoffice@parkrun.com if you are first aid trained, paramedic, nurse or doctor, or if you would like training.

We will once again be offering first aid training on June 18th and in July (dates to be confirmed). No need to book, as the sessions will be happening in the finish area, directly after the parkrun.


2) Colwick parkrun is cancelled on June 4th

It is a fantastic opportunity to visit our splendid sister parkruns around Nottingham:

Forest Rec (2.9m), Gedling (3.4m), Rushcliffe (4.8m),Beeston (4.8m), Long Eaton (8.6m), Newark (14.5m),Melton Mowbray (14.6m), Sherwood Pines (15.3m),Mansfield (16.2m), Darley (17m)


Till next week, when our very own Caitlin makes her Run Director debut.



Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 217 – 15th August 2015

Wish we could bottle the “buzz” of Colwick parkrun.

Guaranteed to cure the weekend blues, it is unique and free to everyone.

2015-08-15 09.07.09


The atmosphere as 235 parkrunners assembled today was amazing! The smiles, joy, laughter, chatting and clapping just can’t be beaten! We welcomed 33 first timers (of whom 12 were completely new to parkrun) and tourists from Bulwell, Arrow Valley, Leicester and Slovakia. Thank you for joining us and hope you’ll join us again soon.

2015-08-15 08.42.31

We celebrated Nickesh’s double achievement as he joined the 100 parkrun and 25 volunteer clubs today! He has volunteered in all the roles and enjoys parkrun so much, he is now part of the core team at Gedling parkrun. Many congrats and thank you Nickesh for coming “home” to celebrate with us!

Many congrats also to Julie, who joined the 25 volunteer club recently, and Joshua who completed his 10th parkrun today. Sadly, his barcode was lost and we couldn’t recorded his run. He has promised to come back to run next week!

2015-08-15 08.24.58


2015-08-15 09.25.45

2015-08-15 09.32.28

2015-08-15 09.32.22

The day was only possible thanks to our 19 fantastic magic makers.

Take a bow Michael CHROMEJ, Lisa GREENHAM, Michael GREENHAM, Hilary HARE DUKE, Finlay HOOD, Frazer HOOD, Owen HUGHES, Peter HUNT, Auangfa HURST, Chris JEKIEL, Geoff JENKINS, Amy KERSHAW, Arry NATHAN, Nickesh PATEL, Joe PIDGEON, Graham SKELTON, Lisa Marie SMITH, Douglas WILLIAMSON, and Cathy WISER

If you’d like to help make the magic happen please have a look at the volunteer roster and get in touch. We always have a paper roster handy on parkrun day, you can post on Facebook, tweet us or email us at the office.

Colwick parkrun will once again be looking after  ‘our section’ of the Robin Hood Marathon on September 27th.  If you’d like to help out with marshalling / drinks station please email the office or have a word with us on parkrun day.

2015-08-15 09.37.26

The sunny weather brought out the best in 40 of our runners who recorded a PB today. Well done all of you. Don't forget to ring the PB bell if you think you have run a PB.


A priceless moment to treasure today was when lots of parkrunners stayed behind to clap Nickesh as he finished tail running. Rising to the challenge, Nickesh jumped for joy!


The buzz continued at Daleside cafe where our runners and volunteers relaxed with a cob and coffee. Frazer uploaded the results while Finlay, Neil and Kath sorted out the tokens ready for next week.

All part of the “buzz” of Colwick parkrun.

Available for free at Colwick Country Park 9am every Saturday! ;)

#syatb next week,


Your Colwick parkrun team


Event 192: 14th February 2015 – BINGO…well nearly

Dryish underfoot, mild, calm.  It felt like a perfect day for PB's, both for those of you who were in the mood on the course today and also for our overall attendance record.

Today's magic makers set the course up in super quick time, with Claire O'Neil, Kev Bowen, Nic Rutherford and Roy Crashley making sure the course was signed and marshalled.  Stephen Shanks and Wendy Lawson timed you in whilst Kath Malone (supported by little Scarlet) and Maureen Silver made sure the funnel kept moving and numbers kept tallying.    Jonathon Short and the soon to be registered Sandy Waterlow swept up as tail runners whilst Dougie (or Mr Elastic for those of you who remember his cornflake box exploits at the Daleside Do) and Ian Daws scanned with aplomb meaning that  Makoto Kikuchi and daughter Nina had only a few of those pesky failed scans to record (only 3 of 243 to be precise :)).  Whilst out marshalling Claire even managed to convert a non parkrunning park user who was out walking her dog to come and give us a whirl!. All of which of course made for a very relaxing results processing session over a bacon butty in the Daleside...Heroes the lot of you!

Over on the start line our Arry waited by the flag to deliver the first timers brief and for a short while it looked like he was going to be left stranded, unloved and lonely on valentines day before a handful of bashful new comers finally ventured over.

We celebrated Andy Keetley's 100th parkrun

Then Claire updated on all things Sweatshop before getting you underway and warming up the PB Bell for you.


and in you came, 243 in total, including 62 PB's and 15 first timers meaning that we were delighted to be able to hand out token 242 (and 243) for the first time as Jamie marked our new record attendance.


Tension was rising in the finish area amongst the volunteers as the finishers count mounted up.  Yes the overall attendance was creeping up towards the previous highest of 241 but the real drama was unfolding around our favourite volunteer game of parkrun bingo.  Mr D went high and early with 250, Wendy  played a tactical masterstroke and undercut his opening gambit by opting for 245.  Shrewd cookie Kath opted for 241 but as we headed back to the start a latecomer shot past us prompting Kath to up her bid to 242!      Impressively accurate and Kath took the honours...just!

Speaking of high drama I'm sure stalwart volunteer and all round Colwick legend Ian won't mind me sharing his own moment just before the first finisher came in today.  Picture the scene - Whilst we pondered our bingo chances and readied ourselves for action Ian began an increasingly frantic hunt for his barcode scanner... pockets were patted then out turned, boxes and bags lifted, a  look of panic growing on his face as he pondered whether we could cope with a record attendance with only one scanner, whether he had time to retrace his steps back to the start area.  Ian was about to embark on what would have been a desperate and ultimately futile search of the absolutely rammed blue bags when we felt it was time to help... the scanner was of course hanging round his neck, ready for action as it had been for the duration of the search....great fun...and once again the best parkrun moments generally come in the hi-viz!

Thanks and SYATB.....





Event 184: 27th December 2014 – Go Go Go…… but Go Steady!

After a year of green parkruns our final get together of 2014 delivered us a white one and after a quick inspection we were delighted to be able to give the green light for event 184.


Even more so than usual given the weather conditions at this stage we should record our thanks to today's heroes for sprinkling the magic dust.  In no particular order today we thank Nikesh Patel, Paul Cotton, Andrew Kenah, Geoff Grinel, Eileen O'Reilly, Joanna Massey, Frazer Hood, Alison Chilton, Jackie Dennis, Helen Hood and Stephen Dickens.
The other star of the show today was the splendid setting which we are privledged to share on a Saturday morning.  It always looks good but never more so than under a white carpet!
We welcomed a hardcore of 67 to today's run, including an impressive 15 first timers and tourists looking for their parkrun fix from Cambridge, York and Newark amongst others.
We were able to share some milestone celebrations.  Our  work experience lad completed his 100th run on Christmas Day at the Forest Rec, even more impressive considering we are now at event 184 and he has also volunteered 80 times!  Also, around 50 or so parkruns ago Harjit persuaded her daughter Param to give parkrun a whirl and with impeccable timing they also both celebrated their 100th and 50th parkrun's together today.   Finally, we missed it at the start but Michelle Butler also completed number 50 today, 45 of which have been with us at Colwick and she has also volunteered 3 times too.  Well done all of you!
Other than the milestones and general parkrun buzz which we always enjoy  there were two things which warmed the cockles of the Event team today.  Firstly,  a smaller than usual field at these wintery events always makes for a good homely buzz and plenty of chance to catch up with the running community.   The other one?


The pb bell had a quiet afternoon! Don't get us wrong, we like to share your personal triumphs but today was not a day for it and we like to think that this shows that you all approached today very sensibly and were able to enjoy your parkrun in the snow... it may also mean of course that you all enjoyed your festive celebrations.  Rightly so on both counts we say!
Don't forget we have a bonus edition of Colwick parkrun on New Years Day and we'll be ringing the bell at the later time of 10am.  We hope to see a few of you there!
SYATB in 2015!
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