A Mid-Summer parkrun

Conkers parkrun No. 438 Run Report    -    June 22, 2019

The Car Park is empty

It’s eight twenty-two

The Core Team are ready

And waiting for you


The Hi Viz is sorted

Our Jen’s on the ball

Ready and waiting

For our heroes to call


The car park crew beckon

And point us the way

To park nice and neatly

For the start of our day


The crowds start to gather

There’s buzz and there’s chatter

As friends get together

For their weekly natter


There are new ones and others

Who have come from afar

To try out our parkrun

Hope it’s up to par


Now Miss Katie Dennis

Is doing her spiel

For all our first timers

So nerves they don’t feel


A few more short minutes

And briefing takes place

Given by Laurence

Stern look on his face


Remember to keep

Small kids by you there

Dogs on a short lead

And buggies take care


Hail our first timers

And milestoners too

And give a big cheer

For our Hi Viz Crew


So off to the start

And gather for fun

For those who seek times

In this friendly run


Whether running it fast

Or walking it slow

It’s Three, Two, One

And away we do go


There are Hi Viz Heroes

At every junction

“Thank You” dear Marshal

For doing this function


And so we have reached

The finishing straight

The funnel is ready

Timekeepers await


Keep in your order

And up at the top

It’s a token thing

And then you can stop.


Relax, stretch or chatter

Or ring on the bell

First time or a PB

Didn’t you do well?


It’s off to the scanners

Got your barcode? Hurray

And then to the café

You go on your way.


All over for this week

Bring on the next

As we await our result

In that little text.


86 got their PBs

21 First timers and then

Callum Abberley

Was first of the men


Abby Halcarz

Was our leading girl

Ahead of Mrs Hobbs

Who gave it a whirl

35 Hi Viz heroes

Helped us on our way

Without them we would not

Enjoy parkrun day
So next week or soon

Give volunteering a try

And help Super Jen

Get ample supply.


A few Stats.


Ann Gardener, Jayne Bradshaw, Roman Crichton, Jimmy Bland, Lee Warsop and John Thompson all reached their 50 Run Milestones and Lisette Naylor made it to her 100th – Well Done all!


First Male:  Callum Abberley 16.09 from Burton AC

Second Male: Joe Godwood 17.06 From Witney Road runners


First Lady: Abby Halcarz 19.43 from Ivanhoe runners

Second Lady: Rebecca Hobbs from Tamworth AC


We had 638 participants

21 First timers – hope to see you again

86 Personal Bests – Ring that Bell!

35 Hi Viz Heroes – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

35 Clubs – Love your support.


Dennis D.