600+ get sweaty and smiley at Conkers says injured Helen.

Conkers parkrun Run Report No. 444  -  August 4, 2019

This week 643 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 73 were first timers at Conkers, with 24 of them trying parkrun for the first time.

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Twenty-four first timers and a whole bunch of tourists took advantage of Robin's first timers briefing.

The only thing to be done when injured is to volunteer, so this morning that’s exactly what I did, and what fun I had – the feel good factor is amazing. So if you have ever wondered about volunteering then do it.

For people who don't know me, was at Bridge Turn on the canal. After a quick walk to get to my position I waited, then I could hear the runners before I actually saw them. The third runner, even had the energy to thank me, and told me to enjoy the rest of my weekend! How? Just how?

Then another 640 runners/walkers came past creating incredible scenes, amazing to see everyone with a smile and a thank you. It was a tad warm and everyone did really well with many gaining PB's   First timers, regular parkrunners and tourists all with one aim ….to get to the finishing line to compare times and comment about the weather being too warm to run in.

Conkers parkrun started on 16th April 2011 and in that period, 14,944 have completed 144,578 parkruns covering a total distance of 722,890 km. Amazing stats but the number I liked the most from today’s parkrun is 36…

Why 36 you ask. Because 36 was the amount of volunteers that made it all happen today. Without these people, parkrun would simply not happen. In the perfect World, the roster would be full weeks in advance but it is often a struggle to fill the roles.

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Some of the 'super efficient' Funnel Team from Saturday

From car park duty to course marshal to timekeeping, there is something for everyone. My Husband wore the Green 30 minute pacing vest yesterday and somehow managed to get it down to the second. When questioned how he managed to achieve this amazing feat? He told them its years of disciplined running and breathing control, together with controlled pace using split timing to finish in exactly the right time. I think he realised he was too fast down the slope and hid in the tunnel for a while). : - )

First back to collect their finishing position token this week was Gavin McDermott who runs for Leicester Coritanians in a pb time of 16.12 followed by George Buttery in a time of 16.37. I bet he could not believe it’s not a number one position with that time, although he also had the bonus of also recording a PB.


Lucy McDermott (are they Related?) from Ivanhoe was first lady over the line in a superb 21.57 with Amanda Maserati a close second in 22.08. Rebecca Hobbs was given the same time as Amanda so they share the silver medal podium (if there was one) but there is not because it is a run not a race apparently.


Milestones Completed today

Nigel Bullock 50, Nick Blencowe, Andy Brown & Richard Atkinson.

Kenneth Ashton 50 and a PB

Phil Stevenson, Carl Wheatley, Rich Watson and Helen Peach all completing 100 parkruns.

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Rich Watson is incredibly shy as this photo of him modestly celebrating his 100th parkrun shows. Well done Rich and of course Phil, Carl & Helen.

I will finish this report with massive Kudos to the people that made it all happen today, the Volunteers

Steve Edgar, Robert Dilworth, Laura Graves, Roger Cobb, Chris Osborne, Christina Hawtin, Carl Ann Thompson, Angela Bebbington, Richard Bebbington, Jennifer Cross, Kevin Clarke, Carol Gill, Seran Catherine Bradley, Pauline Cooper, Ollie Thurbon, Eleanor Isabelle Ann Bradley, Gregg Mayles, Helen Clarke, Sally Western, Tracy Edgar, Kathryn Bray, Robin Thorne, Iris Sturdy, Pete Graves, Simon Rutledge, Lisa Williams, Jade Rawlings, Barbara Culver, Connor Rutledge, Mike Kuht, Naomi Earl, Teresa Swift, Mark Smith, Fraser Crichton, Abigail Wright and Ellis Charles.

Helen x