Just a Mini 5k with banana bunches all around!

Conkers parkrun Event number #473 - February 8, 2020

Saturday was quite a parkrun to remember. We were greeted by lots of freebies from Mini and they were greatly appreciated by all - thank you for your support. With a turnout of 697 people, there were 45 first timers and a staggering 109 superstars recorded a new personal best. Well done to everyone who attended, you all did so well!

Congratulations to those who achieved their milestones at the weekend. There were some shiny balloons running with their owners which thankfully were not victims of wandering off into the sky or being pierced by the above branches.

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Two of our fabulous juniors proudly reaching fifty parkruns. Look forward to you wearing those red fifty shirts.

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Reaching the coveted 250 club is Dean Niland

I haven’t been to Conkers for a little while due to ill health and a not so fun operation but this week I had two additions with me. My two friends came along to their first parkrun and had no idea what to expect. I imagine they felt like it would be a daunting experience because they don’t run outdoors or know the course. The crowds of people can be a little overwhelming because you instantly think ‘oh no I’ll be last or I’m not quick enough’ - this is not how you should be feeling, please don’t think this. You make sure you take your time at your own pace.

My two newbies absolutely loved the whole experience. They were really taken aback by parkrunners congratulating them and providing encouragement to carry on. At first the pair were walking with their head down and after a short period of time they realised they were doing something good and began to thank those wishing them well. I want to say thank you to those who encouraged them because you really helped them feel comfortable.

Lauren tweeted about her experience: ‘This morning I completed my first 5km parkrun! Everybody was so friendly and encouraging and as challenging as it was at times, I really enjoyed it.

For those considering coming along to parkrun just remember you’re there for yourself and no one else. There’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line after completing 5km. We’re a community and all support one another wherever possible.

I’m proud to be a parkrunner and we’d love to have you walk, jog and run alongside us sometime. If you feel you’d like to walk the course then you’ll be pleased to know there is always a walking leader with a small group.

Let’s not forget to thank Mini for their fantastic freebies which will be worn frequently by those lucky enough to bag themselves a motivational t-shirt. We could not have participated in Saturday’s parkrun without our fantastic 39 volunteers:

Roger COBB • Dawn STORER • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Madeleine PICKERING • Jay WILLIAMS • Anthony WICKWAR • Steven WALTERS • Jennifer CROSS • Sam MCDERMOTT • Dean NILAND • Nicola BRIGGS • Ollie THURBON • Gregg MAYLES • Tracy PARCHMENT • David PARCHMENT • Tony STONE • Michael PETERSON • Alexander MICHELSON • Tristan BETTS • Neil POWDRILL • Adrienne COLLARD • David HUGHES • Susan MAYLES • Elspeth DICKINSON • Kevin LINDSAY-SMITH • Daniel MORTIMER • Barbara CULVER • Joanne CRICHTON • Roman CRICHTON • Sally COLLARD • Christopher ALLEN • Abigail DENNIS • Andy BOOTH • Naomi EARL • Robert SMITH • Samantha SMITH • Chris MACDONALD • Fraser CRICHTON • Isobel ARMSTRONG

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