Because we’ve been locked up, they won’t let us out

Conkers parkrun non-run run report - Saturday 25 July 2020

For those that don’t recognise my headline, it refers to Akon’s Locked Up because let’s face it we’ve been locked up for months and we’ve had to adapt to that.

The lockdown period has definitely been a strange one due to the lack of routine. Since I began running with the Conkers community, I haven’t committed to parkrun every Saturday because I have a number of health conditions. However, knowing I’m not allowed to go feels odd.

We all have the occasional restriction – whether that’s down to illnesses, family commitments or a good old holiday but we’ve never been told to ‘stay indoors’. It’s almost like being in a never-ending movie don’t you think.

Losing a routine really knocks you back for six. For me I heavily rely on exercise to maintain my stamina and also steady my asthma. It’s also a huge stress reliever and I always feel great after a well-deserved workout although I have to admit I haven’t been keeping to it. I had a severe chest infection back in March and I was on steroids for four and a half weeks so as you can imagine, I fell completely off the wagon.

One thing I’ve discovered during this unheard-of period is my trusty bike. Again, another thing I rushed into and never really used that often, but I’ve found the love for cycling once more. Yay!

It’s great to see so many taking up exercise and going on an adventure. I’ve been going for walks along the canal at Conkers/Sarah’s Wood and Moira Furnace. I had no idea it all existed and it’s such a relaxing place to walk around. The momentum to move again is coming back.

I think we have to treat this year as a write off but take what we’ve done throughout these locked-down months and carry on doing it. I can guarantee a lot of us have had video calls with family/friends, weekend quizzes, conversations in the back garden (with no TV) because we were frightened of what was going to happen next. Just because the restrictions are getting more relaxed doesn’t mean we have to go back to our chaotic lives. Take time for yourself and your loved ones and definitely check in on people more.

Our family had a loss back in May and it was extremely painful because we didn’t get chance to say goodbye or attend the funeral. I promise I do have a point after mentioning that and you’ll see why.

It’s funny really, people are more connected now than ever, but nothing has changed. We’ve always had the technology to spend hours on video calls and create group chats, but it’s never been done before because you could meet ‘Jerry’ in the pub whenever you liked. We have adapted well I’d say but I think we need to be extremely conscious of making time for people when things do start to return back to ‘as they were’.

Here’s to what the future may bring and make sure you do you when you start to go back to how things used to be.