Music and park(run)life

Non-run run report     September 9, 2020

Hans Christian Andersen is attributed to the quote “Where words fail, music speaks”. It’s fair to say I’ve lived my whole life so far with this at the very heart of who I am and what I do. The very first run report I ever completed back in 2017 combined my greatest love of all - music and parkrun - interweaving song titles into my report for people to find. Something I was reminded about by Laurence’s run brief today. (I thought it was a blockbuster run brief Laurence.) That day was not only my first run report, but it was also the first time I volunteered. I had opted for a ‘double’ of tailwalker and run report writer. I remember Tony Stone was partnered up with me in the tail walker role - you’ll never walk alone as a tailwalker and we chatted away.

If memory serves me correctly, it was at the end of the canal stretch I first met Elliot. He joined into our conversation, along with other marshals returning and we chatted all the way back to the cafe where Elliot and I discussed the song titles for my report over tea for two and a slice of cake.

It’s been a fair few months since I’ve been able to teach the world to sing in my normal way, but with schools now reopening, this greatest love has now returned. I read the weekly updates from parkrun and can see the work going on behind the scenes to bring parkrun back when we can and as safe as we can, so that mine and many others can have another great love return into their lives.

I say return, but actually it’s never really left in some ways. Okay, we don’t all congregate in our hundreds every Saturday morning but I think of all the ways in which parkrun and specifically Conkers have made these unusual times that little bit brighter. At the start of every week, an email pops into my inbox from Jen. It makes me smile. On a Friday, Dennis reminds us to complete our non parkrun for him to collate. It helps us to keep on running. It’s clear that many other people really appreciate the things you both do from your nominations for the North West Leicestershire Activity Heroes - Congratulations! There are the videos from the run directors. The posts. Seeing everyone on Facebook, Strava, Twitter. Messaging people. It goes on, but I’m sure it makes people feel happy. It’s these actions and acts that the parkrun community do that really matter to everyone. It’s like we are family. I watched with interest the other week at our new suggested course. I’ve been missing you and hope that I see you shiny happy people soon to try it out!

I started with Hans Christian Andersen, but using his quote as inspiration and updating it slightly for these unusual times. I leave you with:

Where words fail, parkrun speaks. (Andrea Allen 2020)

(Hopefully it won’t be too long until we’ll meet again) X

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