The Birthday, The Shoe and a Prayer

Conkers parkrun non-run run report  -  September 26, 2020
I guess you want to hear some good news for a change in this week’s parkrun report? Well I’ll do my very best. What I really want to tell you is that everything’s going to be alright.
This coming week, on 2 October, we again celebrate parkrun’s anniversary. Happy birthday parkrun! It will be 16 years since Paul Sinton-Hewitt and his 12 friends started it all off, originally calling it Bushy Park Time Trial.
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Nothing changes!! Conkers front few rows looks exactly like this, but packed in a little tighter of course.
The good news is when parkrun does recommence it’s still going to be Free, and For Everyone. And when it does restart it will be Weekly & also Forever, hopefully, fingers and toes crossed!
There was potential good news recently when we were told that parkrun in England might be starting again soon, perhaps towards the end of October, and we were probably rather excited to hear this. Recently we’ve been told the coronavirus transmission rate is rising again and further restrictions have been introduced. We were waiting for news to see if outdoor physical activities like parkrun, with appropriate changes & precautions, will be allowed to restart in England very soon. However it’s not to be, according to parkrun’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Pearson’s recent announcement. "Sadly, after significant consultation and discussion, circumstances outside of our control have dictated that parkrun cannot return in England by the end of October, as we'd hoped."
Of course lots of the things we did before the coronavirus disease arrived we thought would continue as they always had. Work, school, going out, meeting friends, going on holiday abroad, hugging others not in our family household (or bubble) to mention just a few. Many things we just took for granted and thought would continue to happen forever, but they sadly haven’t.
The good news is that there was life before parkrun started in 2004, before coronavirus and lockdown, and there will be a life again. It’s likely to be a different life, a ‘new normal‘, with different social expectations and health implications. Even when we have a vaccine some things will probably be different than before. The important thing is to hold on to the things that we rightly value. As well as protecting our physical health, our mental and emotional health is important too. I say that parkrun is my Saturday church and my running club is Christian Runners UK. Whatever our beliefs I think our spiritual health is important too.
I think it’s important, especially during these difficult times, to create a balance between our physical, psychological and social aspects of our lives. However we choose to connect with each other, through social media, being part of a running club or group, or friendship or by reading this report feeling connected and loved is so valuable for our own wellbeing.
Whilst we aren’t meeting for parkrun 1on Saturdays in the usual way and particularly if you are struggling or want to develop your wellbeing please take the first step by talking to someone. I often ask people where they are between 0 and 10. Then I ask what they need to do or change in their life to move up one position? Whatever the answer that’s the start of us moving forward and improving how we might feel. And to taking charge of our life.
In the meantime we can continue to do what we can by exercising, walking or running our own non parkrun run routes. On occasions I still love to visit Conkers & even recently tried out the proposed new route.
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I can think of nowhere better than here on Roger's starting wall to think what I am going to write in this weeks non-run run report.
In my last report I told you all about the origin behind the name Asics. This time it’s the story of Adidas and its close relation Puma.
Adolf Dassler began making footwear in his mother’s family laundry. Adolf known as Asi began learning stitching from his father and as an apprentice in a local slipper manufacturers. He began thinking how changes in shoe design could improve athletic performance with specialised shoes for each sport might produce significant results. In 1949 with his brother Rudolf the Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory opened and produced one of the earliest spiked shoes. Sadly the brothers had a fall out and went their separate ways. In 1949, Adi named his new company adidas after his nickname Adi and his last name Dassler. So Adi Dassler became adidas.
Rudolf did the same thing with his company name, calling his new company Ruda (Rudolf Dassler). Soon after forming Ruda, though, he changed the name of the company to Puma, which remains its name today.
The first acronym bandied about as the basis of the company's name was "All Day I Dream About Soccer," although more recently the more generic "All Day I Dream About Sport" has become a popular guess for the origin of the company's name.
In other news Kristian Morgan @KristianUltra completed the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path @swcoastpath in a new record of 10 days 12 hours and 6 minutes!
Finally to get us over the finish line, a twist on the well known Serenity Prayer.
God grant me the serenity to accept the shoes I can afford, the courage to abstain from the ones I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen
A Gentle Reminder:
• it’s okay to run slowly
• it’s okay to take selfies
• it’s okay to miss a run now & then
• it’s okay to have some fun
• it’s okay to take a break mid run
• it’s okay to run your own way
You are still a Runner ♥️
Kevin x