3 Challenges from a Self-confessed mad woman

Conkers parkrun Non-run run report -  October 3, 2020

Non parkrun report numero 3 for me…

By now you have probably already thought I cannot read another one of the mad woman’s reports, however Roger kindly said I could write anything I wanted… so I have!!!

Still with me??? Here goes!!!

So, our joy at the announcement that we will be meeting back at our Conkers parkrun was short lived, when it was announced we would not be doing this any time soon. We were all so disappointed that our chance to chat rubbish, natter endlessly, smile and eat cake amongst our own kind was just not possible yet.

However, despite this, many have continued to go out in honour of the great parkrun and do the customary 5k, often in their bubbles of 6, keeping the great socialising part of parkrun going. There was even breakfasts to be had at debriefs afterwards; after being sanitized head to toe of course. There were newcomers, recorded by our very own master of records Dennis, and a rejoicing that our parkrun family was getting ever bigger, thanks for keeping us updated Dennis it is very much appreciated!

I’m sure you all agree running is so much more than just sticking on a pair of smelly trainers, its about being part of something so much bigger, a feeling of belonging, an extended family all done whilst keeping fit and boosting mental health – especially important during this time.

Believe it or not this week I had writers block and then it occurred to me it doesn’t matter what I write, it just matters that I need to do my bit for my parkrun family. With this in mind I decided to share with you some happy moments from my week, they are not big events but they are moments to cherish.

  • I watched my 3 year old granddaughter repeatedly run backwards and forwards through crunchy leaves fallen from a tree near my house, she asked me to run through with her and of course I did….. when did you last listen to the sound of the dry autumn leaves as you run through them??? Go do it it’s a magnificent sound!!!
  • I told my running buddy (the beautiful Helen Clarke) that I wanted some pine cones as we ran through a beautiful wood, she didn’t question why but running away she stopped, I carried on and thought nothing of it and as she came running from behind she handed me two pine cones beautifully formed. What she did not know was I wanted them to put in my wreath at Christmas and although our Christmas; being a house of 5 already would leave only room for one visitor. Helen will have a place at my house all of Christmas by handing me these beautiful cones. Have you walked in the woods yet and collected pine cones they make beautiful decorations?
  • Who has watched the Great British Bake Off this week? I love cake, I love baking it, I love eating it and sharing it with friends. When was the last time you met with friends to eat cake? I met with a friend over cake yesterday, who I had not seen for 6 months. Life felt good as we talked. There were only virtual hugs when we left, but that was enough for now. So I urge you to spare half hour and reach out to someone you’ve been too busy to see, eat cake and chat because tomorrow is not promised, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

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The smart girls guide to taking a mid run rest - Cone collecting!! :-) 

These are just a few of the things that made me happy this week and as we move through the next few months of uncertainty I urge you to try and look for at least one positive in every day.

Reading through on Facebook there are numerous people taking part in their own virtual challenges this weekend; London marathon etc, Kev Clarke taking me and Helen out once again and listening to us whittering on about wool, those that are just taking a step out their front door. By the time you read this all of these events will be over. So I want to congratulate you and say whatever challenge you have done this weekend you are amazing!!!!

Anyway, the ramblings of a mad woman are now over but I want to leave you with three challenges this week

  1. Smile – even from behind the masks we now wear the eyes can still smile
  2. Stop and take a look around you at the changing of the leaves – natures way of giving us something beautiful
  3. Be kind, reach out (metaphorically of course) and make someone’s day!

Teresa x

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