My socially-distanced parkrun!

Mid-week(ish) non run run report - Early April 2020

Like you, if you’re reading this, I’m really missing my Saturday morning fix of endorphins with all you lovely people at Conkers. Ok, it’s the right thing to do to put it on hold, but that doesn’t stop us wanting to work up a sweat, aim for a better PB, and generally enjoy the company of (about 667 other) like-minded people!

So, this Saturday morning, I thought I can certainly do the first two of those items although the third is a no-no. Now, I’m fortunate to have - in a shed in our garden - a treadmill that I am using to keep the running legs going. I’m on there most mornings (at around 6am!), doing 5k three times a week and maintenance jogs on the other days. I have a TV in there which I usually have on, helps to pass the time while drowning in the sea of Coronavirus news. But today, I left it off and decided to visualise the Conkers parkrun as I did my 5k. By 9am I was in my kit, stretched and warmed up, and ready to go. I missed Roger’s briefing and I missed your company at the start line. I usually start just behind the 30-minute marker (I run in the VM 65-69 category).

Image may contain: indoor

Steve's set up in the shed. Treadmill, drink at the ready, towel to wipe down, trainers in place, TV on the wall and a fan to cool the err... upper leg area. :-) 

At 09:00, I pressed the Start button. Kept the speed low at first (4-6 kph), to emulate the initial trickle until the field thins out enough to run. By the time I had gone under the bridge, I took it up to 8kph and cranked up the incline to acknowledge to gentle climb. Then the left-hander (no smiling marshals for me to greet and thank today) and onto the long outward straight. This is technically a downhill (as we’re cruelly reminded by the long slow incline on our way back!) so zeroed the incline and took the speed up to 10kph. Feeling great.

I usually have some Ibiza dance tracks pumping into my ears but not today. Pass the YHA on the right, then over Bath Lane and then Shortheath Road. Past the junction where the loop joins up then coast downhill, building up energy for Cheeky Hill. Which I’ve just got to. Max incline here (10% on my machine, which is not as steep as Cheeky Hill) and take the speed down to 6kph to reflect that I shorten my steps as we grind upwards. Temptation to walk – don’t! – but keep going. At the top, made it to the right-hander, take the incline down and the speed back up to 8kph as I’m usually a bit knackered here, until we get to the canal.

This is my favourite stretch, with the canal on the right, speed back up to 10kph and time to lose myself in some thoughts. Reflect on the past week, think ahead to the rest of the day, plan the week ahead. One advantage of running like this – no puddles to avoid! In no time, get to the left-hander, again missing the smiling marshals where I generally do a high-five. Through the trees and soon at the right-hander back on the main return straight.

This is where it gets to a bit of a grind. It’s a long gentle ascent, and the legs are beginning to protest. Ramp up the incline, 4% should do it. At Conkers, this is where we give and take encouragement to one another – no such luxury for me today! Past the 4k mark (on my display) so this is the final stretch. Press on to the top, that eagerly-awaited right-hander. Still a gentle ascent, so hold the incline there but up the speed back to 10kph.

Under the rail bridge and the final dash to the funnel. Incline at zero, speed up to 11kph. Blimey, this feels fast! 4.8k…, 4.9k…, keep going…, 5k - done!

No need to wait for the text or e-mail this week, my display tells me that I did 32:16. Ok, not the best (my PB is 28:52, set last September) but still satisfactory. It’s amazing how my times at parkrun are always better than on the treadmill, that’s due to the pack spirit. Which is why we love parkrun!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I have. Please stay safe, keep that distance and keep washing those hands!

Steve Edwards


How to do Conkers parkrun and stay isolated

Conkers No parkrun run report #2 28/03/2020

I hated PE at school. Really detested it. My interest was firmly in the creative subjects of music and art. It just so ‘happened’ that my trombone lesson always used to take place during PE... funny that.

When I did attend PE, it was usually to take part in the six-week block of dance (creative!) or to umpire. My reports told me I was “good at officiating and had a good knowledge of how to lead a game”. (I think that was the polite way of saying useless at PE but good at being bossy) I also remember walking at the back of the cross country once upon a time thinking do people actually enjoy this??!


After I left school, fast-forward a couple of years. Okay, maybe a few and then a few more on top (you lot know my age category so I can’t hide it, although I go up a category this year which will help my age grading score). I still sometimes cannot believe what a huge part of my life parkrun has become.


So we find ourselves in the situation where we have to take a break from parkrun. I don’t think the song “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” applies here. I say that for two reasons. Firstly, because it hasn’t gone, it’s just on holiday for a while. Secondly, though I didn’t need it to be stopped to realise ‘what I’ve got’ because I already knew what I had, and it’s something special.


Picture the scene, for whatever reason you have to miss a week. At around 11.30am, I’m still checking the results even if I wasn’t there! Still looking at Garmin and Strava apps to see the statistics. That’s what parkrun does. It’s addictive! Whenever I’m booking a holiday, the first thing I do is look where the nearest parkrun is to where we are staying.


Chris, my son, has been excited for a while because today is his 12th birthday and was ready to bring cake and celebrate his parkrun birthday. (2025 I will have this pleasure). Another example of the ‘obsession’.


So, this will be the second no run parkrun. I generally can be anywhere from 33-42 minutes, so I’m delighted for two weeks now I’ve (following the appropriate guidelines) achieved the following...

No photo description available.

I’ve been thinking all week about how to still bring the magic of Conkers to you. So, I came up with the following thought.


With places closed and schools only open to a small number, I thought I would provide you with a little something to keep the little ones entertained, whilst keeping the magic that is Conkers parkrun and our parkrun family firmly in our minds. You need a dice, some counters and somewhere to print it..


Until we return, look after yourselves.

Andrea x


It should be a hive of activity – but all is quiet.

Conkers parkrun non-run run report for event #01 - March 21, 2020

It’s Wednesday 18th March 2020, sitting on my lunch break at work and I see the inevitable, an announcement from parkrun… “We have taken the decision to close all parkrun events across the UK with immediate effect.” That for me like I’m sure it would have for many of you hit me hard, I knew it was the right thing to do under current circumstances but that doesn’t mean we can’t be upset, disheartened, even angry. For us parkrun is more than just a 5km run jog or walk, it is our Saturday morning routine, our constant, our community, our family, our friends, our physical and mental health. This got me thinking; we need to look after our parkrun family, but how…? I dropped Roger a message with an idea, how about we have a non-run run report every Saturday, like a normal conkers parkrun run report written for us by us. Roger loved the idea! He even said if he were closer he’d give me a hug! I of course advised him that that would not be wise #socialdistancing.

So Friday evening I sat down to write the first conkers parkrun non-run run report…. Hmmmm, writers block. How exactly does one write a run report when we’re not actually running parkrun? I went to the fridge and got myself a lovely can of cold beer (all I have in it with the panic buyers *rolls eyes*) a can of Hyde and Wilde session pale ale in case you’re wondering, bought because it has a zebra on the front… ‘tssSSS krrr POP!’ ‘SLLuurrP!’ sweet, zesty and hoppy. Purchased from Sainsburys local (other supermarkets are available).

Bored of reading yet? Nope? I’ll go on.

Hmmmm… let me take you back to Saturday 18th June 2016, why you ask? that was the Saturday I embarked on my first parkrun. *Back in time sound effects and wavy lines*

…My alarm went off at 8am, ouch! have I ever been up this early on a Saturday?! Eugh first parkrun, I can do this! Quick coffee and toilet stop, rule number 1 of running, always poop before you run! I think it’s safe to say its rule 2 and 3 too. I was picked up at around half 8 and off we went, the nerves kicked in, feeling like I wasn’t a good enough runner, I thought I’d finish last, I soon came to realise no one finishes last at parkrun. After listening to the run briefing I started to feel a bit more relaxed. I followed everyone down to the start line, looking around I could see lots of friendly smiling people chitter chattering away, I remember thinking “what a lovely atmosphere”. I waited with anticipation for the run to start… about 9:06 #sorrynotsorry…. someone shouted 3, 2, and 1 GOOO!!!!! Dogs barked frantically and everyone started moving forward, I was swept away with the crowd, off we went under the bridge and then….that hill! Who put THAT there?! I slogged up it and was greeted by the first marshal, “good morning, well done!” I ran down the path with the rest of the parkrunners, carefully dodging mud and tree roots, I listened to the marshals who told me to keep right and thanked them as I plodded past, this feels great! Oh…spoke too soon, I came across what we have come to know as cheeky hill… CHEEKY HILL?! That is one ENORMOUS cheeky hill! By the way nearly 4 years later I can tell you that THAT hill does not get any easier! Very very slowly I got to the top! My first parkrun was a slightly different route to the route we have now, turn right straight after cheeky hill past the bus stop, then onto the canal. Off I went… does anyone else think the canal water looks so inviting on a hot summers day? I don’t think anyone has ever decided to cool off in it though, maybe just leave that to the doggy parkrunners. Canal done, thank you marshal, winding, curvy path, turn right then… wait, didn’t I run down this path?! That must mean that I’m on the home stretch… the home stretch that is slightly uphill and goes on and on and on and on and… Oh! thank you marshal! “you’re nearly there! Well done!” I carried on pushing, exhausted out of puff and then just when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore I was cheered on by parkrunners who had completed their parkrun, my legs turned faster and then I saw it, the finishers funnel. I had made it! beep of the stop watch, token collected… moment needed to catch my breath then I headed off to the scanners, token and barcode scanned #dfyb (I didn’t forget it!). WOW! I’ve completed my first parkrun and it felt amazing!

Fast forward… since that day I have completed 115 parkruns, 107 of which are at my home parkrun at conkers. On the 25th December 2019 I achieved my parkrun PB of 26:33, my average time 30:43. I have volunteered a total of 6 times, which I loved and hope to do more of in the future. I have run a parkrun distance of 575km and have loved every minute! Thank you Conkers parkrun.

Now I’ve waffled on about me (hope you’re still reading) let us take a moment for all of those parkrunners who are on 49, 99, 249, 499 and all those volunteers on 24….our hearts go out to you during these difficult times…#badtimes Don’t worry our first parkrun back after all this madness ends will be bigger and better than ever before! Oooohhh fancy dress?!

Its 9am Saturday 21st march 2020… the first time in 15 years there is no parkrun anywhere in the world. But we will get through this together… what can we do? I feel it is extremely important we all still exercise, it’s vital for our physical and mental health. So 9am Saturday mornings (it can be before or after) I think we should all exercise together virtually, do something that you enjoy to make you feel good and happy, you can even do this if you’re in self-isolation. It can be anything, just get moving. Upload your activity to social media and hashtag it with #conkersparkrunactivity that way the rest of the community can find your activities and we can support each other, future non-run run report writers and use these activities to help them write their reports if they wish. Also if you’re on Strava did you know there’s a conkers parkrun group?

Here are some ideas of what you could do…

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Bike ride
  • Dance around your living room (just dance on YouTube is fun if you have children)
  • Les Mills workout (free at the moment)
  • Workout DVD
  • Kayla_itsines on Instagram has lots of great workout ideas
  • Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this non-run run report. Stay safe everyone, virtual high five!!

Sophie xx


A Truly Magnificent Union of Two Fantastic Organisations!

Run Report for Conkers parkrun - Event number 478 - 14th March 2020

When we got up this morning I was really not sure how many runners would be at Conkers this week, but it was great to see such an amazing turn out. A massive well done to those 556 people who ran, jogged and walked the  course. Also, a special well done to the fifty-seven first timers that came down today. We hope you come back and run again soon.

Image may contain: 11 people, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature

The Girl Guides who did a great job in helping to keep Conkers parkrun smoothly

Congratulations to those and 69 runners who gave it their all, recording new personal bests. These included Angie Woodall, Victoria Blaney, John Bricknell, Mary Webster, Stacey Watts and of course Jamie Fletcher who placed first as well.

Following a week of rain, the course was very muddy and covered in a number of large puddles, but as always, everyone was in good spirit and it was nice to see lots of fancy dress (Cops and Robbers) as well as representatives from 38 different running clubs.

Image may contain: 9 people, people standing, stripes, grass, outdoor and nature

Karen Wilks celebrated her 200th parkrun with a cops and robbers theme 

Whether you dodged the puddles (like me) or just ran straight (like my dad) everyone got around with a big smile on their face and its always lovely to hear the words of encouragement from the other runners (especially at the top of Cheeky Hill). It’s that friendly and supportive atmosphere that makes Conkers parkrun such a great event!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, tree and outdoor

Holly Ife setting up the family marshalling camp at Moira Junction.

As one of the girl guides on the course I wanted to say a massive thank you to the Midland Girl Guides, leaders and their families for helping with marshalling. It was great to see so many of you cheering the runners along and giving them extra boost when we needed it. If you were helping at the start, standing along the course or organising the funnel at the end your efforts were also very much appreciated.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, child, shoes and outdoor

Lyndsey Hill (Run Director) and the team as always did a fantastic job.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who made the event possible:

Joe KIRKWOOD • Roger COBB • Carolyn IFE • Rebekah KIRKWOOD • Laurence  KINGSCOTT • Madeleine PICKERING • Kristian Finbar Jack KIRKWOOD • Alyson KIRKWOOD • Jennifer CROSS • Claire MCARTHUR • Laura KENDALL • Wendy MAY • Lyndsey HILL • Ollie THURBON • Lucy MAY • Mia RAWLINGS • Tracy PARCHMENT • David PARCHMENT • Amber KENDALL • Katie MCARTHUR • Holly IFE • Ivy BECKITT • Fiona BETTS • Heidi WEBB • Elsie KENDALL • Will LEWIS • Jon BARK • Madeleine GROVE • Imogen GROVE • Alexander MICHELSON • Eleanor LEWIS • Kelly GROVE • Mandy EVANS • Sofia CARLIN • Eleanor WILDE • Emily BEIRNE • Millie BARK • David ASHMORE • Emily CHRISTIAN • Jennifer SAWYER • Roman CRICHTON • Dummer ISABELLA • Sophia ASHMORE • Lilly RICHARDSON • Fiona KEMP • Fraser  RICHTON • Maddie HALL • Raymond SPARE • Dianne LETTS • Aimee ATTWELL • Judith DENNIS • Annabelle DANN • Zoé KELLY • Edie LEE • Nicola BURNETT


Ivy (year 7)


She believed she could, so she did. 

Conkers parkrun Run Report No. 477 - March 7, 2020

Stand aside boys, it’s all about the ladies this week!

8th March 2020 marks the annual International Women’s Day celebrations, and, unless you are under 15, there is no parkrun fix for you on that day! So instead parkrun has teamed up with This Girl Can to acknowledge, facilitate and celebrate women and girls getting out there and active on Saturday 7th instead. Not wanting to be left out, 279 wonderful women and glorious girls walked, jogged or ran 5km at Conkers this week. 

“Why International Women’s Day?” I hear you ask, well, its all about striving for a gender equal world. Many of us are fortunate enough that gender inequality is not something we encounter on a daily basis; however, this is not the case for all. 

Image may contain: 4 people, including Claire McArthur Cox and Lyndsey Hill, people standing, shoes and text

The girls from Donisthorpe are the first to take a look through the new selfie frame.

On a running theme, women have been proving they have got what it takes, despite some suggesting they might not, throughout the last few decades. From Londoner Violet Piercy becoming the first woman to run an officially  recognised marathon in 1926, to Norway’s Grete Waitz becoming the first woman to run a sub-2:30 marathon in 1979, and Jasmin Paris who was not only the first woman to win the 268-mile Spine Race in 2019, she also smashed the record and expressed breast milk for her baby at aid stations. 

But of course, parkrun isn’t all about breaking records, it’s much more than that. 

Leading the ladies’ home this week was Nicola Bowen with a fantastic time of 21:19, closely followed by Megan Lewis in 21:30 and Rebecca Hobbs in 22:17. Jumping to 30:00, we saw Sarah Vine in position 301 with almost perfect reflection of number and position and shiny new PBs for Angie Woodall (30:07) and Elizabeth Hayes (30:12). Roll onto 45 minutes and our next 3 fearless females getting a mention from me are Linda Kay Dakin (45:04), Emma Hawley (45:07 and a new PB) and Lesley Read (also 45:07). 

All in all, there were 70 first timers at Conkers (I thought the crowd looked big for the first timers brief!) and an astounding 92 new personal bests!

Breaking away from my wonderful women’s theme for a moment to celebrate this week’s milestones; joining the 50 club we had Nicholas Kindon, Joan Brockhouse, and a special mention for junior Oliver Kennedy. George Eccleston is this week’s only runner hitting 100, with Katharine Lord making an unofficial (but still rather spectacular 150. Janet Potter and Richard Brian Martin prove that parkrunners certainly have staying power by smashing the 250 mark. 

If anyone deserves to ring that bell on the IWD parkrun it is Janet Potter. 

And of course, my final mention goes to those hi-viz heroes without whom none of this would happen. This week we were organised, briefed, directed, cheered, scanned and timed by a tremendous team of 38 volunteers who are listed below: 

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature

Did Roger say press the button by the thumb or finger?

Image may contain: 2 people, including Sarah Hale, people standing, tree, outdoor and nature

The thing is Mo, it doesn't matter how indignant you look, I am the one with the clipboard.

Laura GRAVES • Roger COBB • Chrissy BETTERIDGE • Madeleine PICKERING • Jan COBB • Kristian Finbar Jack KIRKWOOD • Brian RUNAGLE • Jennifer CROSS • Katie THORNLEY • Mae STENSON • Ollie THURBON • Gregg MAYLES • Maureen DANVERS • Lorraine SHIPLEY • Kevin BORLEY • Tony STONE • Alison MOSS • Adrienne COLLARD • Susan MAYLES • Elspeth DICKINSON • Daniel MORTIMER • Andrea BEATY • Lisa WILLIAMS • Ruth BOAM • Graeme MATTEN • Barbara CULVER • David ASHMORE • Elliot WOOLLEY • Roman CRICHTON • Jack WOOLLEY • Sophia ASHMORE • Richard GEE • Naomi EARL • Lorraine RICKARDS • Fraser CRICHTON • Jennifer ANDREWS • Mandy BLANEY • Victoria BLANEY

 Adrienne x


‘Leaping’ in the rain!

Saturday, now known as parkrun day, comes once a week, but a parkrun on Saturday the 29th of February comes once in a blue moon! In fact, if you missed it, the next time you can run a parkrun on Saturday the 29th of February will be in the year 2048. I will be 70 years young and hopefully I will still be able to get myself around the parkrun course, inspiration for that comes from the many, many over 65s who are signed up for parkrun. You can read some of their inspirational stories here;

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing, outdoor and text

Inspirational leaping by the 5K Your Way Move against Cancer Ambassadors!

That brings us to the first ever parkrun held on the 29th of February… and, oh boy was it a wet one! I am a regular at Rosliston and we are currently dealing with a very muddy part of the course. So, off I jolly to Conkers, avoiding the mud and looking forward to keeping my trainers dry. How wrong I was. SO MANY PUDDLES. Big puddles, small puddles, deep puddles, shallow puddles and muddy puddles. To add to the fun at around 9.15am (just as I was soldiering up Cheeky Hill) the heavens opened with a shower of ice-cold raindrops that felt like I was being pierced by a thousand needles. Today’s parkrun now had a real cross country vibe to it, which made me reminisce about how much I hated cross country at school, how I would do everything and anything to avoid it and how now I am getting up early on a Saturday morning to do it… and I love it!!

Image may contain: 16 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Tracy Parker finally celebrating her 50th parkrun! Well done Tracy!

A good few milestones this week; congratulations to Hayden Smedley, Steve Salt and Miles Blackburn who joined 1286 other runners worldwide in achieving their 50 milestone.

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes, outdoor and water

Steve Salt celebrating his 50th with a leap for joy!

688 parkrunners across the globe unlocked their black milestone t-shirt for 100 runs this included Richard Walker, Sandra Lawless and Bob Taylor who completed theirs at Conkers this week. Richard Bebbington was in good company this week as he reached the 250 runs milestone alongside another 109 runners worldwide.

Image may contain: 11 people, including Victoria Smith, people standing, child and outdoor

Richard Bebbington and friends were all dressed up for his 250th parkrun!

49 of you zoomed through the puddles to achieve shiny new PBs, well done you.

Looking at the results, I noticed something quite strange and something I have never seen before, first place was an unknown. A forgotten barcode maybe?

A total of 576 of you superstars braved the weather and ran or walked the course, 50 first timers (who we hope to see back next week) and none of that would be possible without the 39 amazing volunteers; Colin HOPE • Janet POTTER • Robert DILWORTH • Laura GRAVES • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Madeleine PICKERING • Kristian Finbar Jack KIRKWOOD • Janet HARDY • Jennifer CROSS • Amy Eleanor DERBYSHIRE • Sam MCDERMOTT • Yvonne FELTHOUSE • Nicola BRIGGS • Ollie THURBON • Gregg MAYLES • Dyanne SARGEANT • Tony STONE • Jo IORIO • Steve PICKERING • Michael PETERSON • Alexander MICHELSON • David HUGHES • Susan MAYLES • Nigel PALING • Wayne PYCROFT • Sophie-Anne PICKETT • Dennis DICKINSON • Tom MILLER • Samantha PHIPPS • Ruth BOAM • Ian MATTHEWS • Jane PYCROFT • Joanne CRICHTON • Roman CRICHTON • Sarahjane JONES • Lorraine RICKARDS • Fraser CRICHTON • Mandy BLANEY • Sarah LEWIS. If you can spare some time to volunteer, I am sure the Conkers core team would hugely appreciate it. If you did not want to miss a run, there are plenty of volunteer roles that still can be done AND you can run (run report writing included).

Image may contain: Dennis Dickinson, outdoor and water

Dennis showing how much fun can be had while volunteering!

Well done to everyone that managed to get out this week to parkrun, runners and volunteers alike, parkrun is really changing lives and you are all a part of that.. and hopefully I will see some of you the next time the 29th of February falls on a Saturday… in 2048.  


668 parkrunners are going on a parkrun. By Sophie-Anne Pickett

Conkers parkrun, Event number 475, 22nd February 2020.

My run report is written in the style of a well-known children’s story, can you guess which one?

We’re going on a parkrun,

We’re all in this together,


It’s a beautiful day for running. (Well actually it’s a tad windy).

Whether you’re a first timer, or a parkrun tourist, dogs and buggies are welcome too.

Attend the run briefings, head to the start line and we’ll look after you.


Run, walk, run, walk, run, walk.


We’re going on a parkrun,

We’re all in this together,

We’re not tired,

It’s a beautiful day for running.

Oh look! It’s a marshal, a friendly, smiling marshal.

Hello marshal, thank-you marshal, high five marshal.


We’re going on a parkrun,

We’re all in this together,

We’re not tired,

It’s a beautiful day for running.

Uh-oh! A hill!

A steep cheeky hill!

Don’t worry let’s all walk or run over it!

Up and over, up and over, up and over.


We’re going on a parkrun,

We’re all in this together,

We’re not tired,

It’s a beautiful day for running.

Oh no! A canal!

A long watery, cold canal!

Don’t jump in it! (Unless you’re a dog).

Run or walk beside it!

Huff puff, huff puff, huff, puff.


We’re going on a parkrun,

We’re all in this together,

Okay, maybe we’re a little tired now!

Still… it’s a beautiful day for running.

Wait! What’s that?!

A sprint finish?!

A PB?!


Go through the finisher’s tunnel,

Stay in order,

Collect your token,

Ring the bell,

Scan your token and barcode (printed ones only please), don’t take it home!

Have a brew, have a natter!

We’re all going on a parkrun again!

See you next week, same time, same place.


Well done to the 67 parkrunners who attended parkrun for the very first time, we hope you loved it!

Congratulations to milestones achieved! Someone was celebrating their 50th but doesn’t wish to be named, well done to you, and well done to anyone else achieving an official or unofficial milestone today. I myself ran my 100th conkers parkrun out of 112th.

A big congratulations to the 62 parkrunners achieving personal bests today, you did very well to get around the course in your speediest times against that wind…. Or did the wind give you a push?!

To all 668 parkrunners you are amazing! Today we all woke up on parkrun Saturday and did our thing!



Thank you to Conkers & National Forest for allowing us to use their facilities every Saturday morning.

And a huge huge thank you to this week’s 38 volunteers (btw volunteering is easy to do and lots of fun!), without you our parkrun would not be possible.


Nikki Aka Tigger REEVES • Laura GRAVES • Dawn STORER • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Mark FARRAR • Madeleine PICKERING • Kristian Finbar Jack KIRKWOOD • Jennifer CROSS • Carol GILL • Jeremy MILLINGTON-PIPE • Cayden REEVES • Chris HANMAN • Nicola BRIGGS • Ian BOAM • Maureen DANVERS • Kathryn BRAY • Christine RIDLEY • Martha MILLINGTON-PIPE • Jo IORIO • Pete GRAVES • Adrienne COLLARD • Sophie-Anne PICKETT • Sandy CHURCHWARD • Barbara CULVER • David ASHMORE • Ian MATTHEWS • Mark BLACKMAN • Katie DENNIS • Roman CRICHTON • Sally COLLARD • Kim HOLMES • Sophia ASHMORE • Kenneth ASHTON • Minda ASHTON • Andy BOOTH • Penny BENNION • Fraser CRICHTON • Mandy BLANEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Conkers parkrun Results Page.

Sophie-Anne x

Image may contain: 5 people, including Dennis Dickinson, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Some of those celebrating the dubiously named parkrun TuTU day. We are curious to know what sort of army would wear the tutu that Elspeth is sporting. Fiona has gone for the 'double tutu' and Dennis, that just looks wrong you are no doubt proud to say. :-) 

Image may contain: 4 people, child, tree, outdoor and nature

Grania Towle promised her Father Brian a morning treat to celebrate his double hip replacement. What better way than to not only complete a parkrun, but to rattle up a 5 1/2 minute PB. Those new hips are super-sonic these days. Well done sir!


Love volunteering, love parkrun

Conkers parkrun Event number 474     -   15/02/2020

Roses are red 

Violets are blue 

I love volunteering 

I hope you do too

It was Valentine’s Day on Friday. It’s fair to say we all love parkrun; we love running around Conkers. However, much as I love running, I actually love volunteering more than running. Last week I got my purple shirt (so today is number 26) and in December I got my 50 shirt (I am now on 53), so you can see I do quite a lot of volunteering as well as my running. These are the roles I have done so far and why I enjoy it:
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Barcode scanning (I have done this the most at 11 times), marshalling with Mum or Dad, number checker, sign holder with Mum or Dad, run report writer (I have done this one six times), tail walker with Mum and finally, token sorting.  For barcode scanning, I enjoy this because you can see what position everyone you know achieves. I have also shown other people how to scan too when they have not done it before. You have to scan barcodes so they can get a time on the results – don’t forget your barcode!  For token sorting you have to place the tokens on the table in the correct position so at the end when you put them onto the metal holders, they’re all in order ready for the next week. I love knowing that my help means parkrun can take place.

For number checker you have to follow somebody from when they pass the timekeepers up when they get the token.  You ask the timekeepers what number they have, then run up to the people who hand the tokens out and ask them what their number is so you can keep in sync with timekeepers and token people.  This is important so if there are any errors, the results processor can figure out where it went wrong and try to put it right.
I do like to marshal with either Mum or Dad, so you have to stand somewhere on the trail and cheer people on – it’s really impressive to watch hundreds of people taking part.  For the run reports, you have to do what I am doing right now – talk about parkrun! For sign holding, you have to hold the time sign at the start, so people know where to stand.  Some of the roles you can still run too.

Image may contain: one or more people, tree, outdoor and nature

Volunteering is important because without volunteers parkrun would not take place.  There are a few roles I haven’t done yet, but I’ve said to Jen she can use me pretty much any week if there are gaps and if it’s a role I am old enough for.  If not, I will run. But I really don’t mind volunteering every week if I am needed.
I would like to say a massive thanks to:

Colin HOPE • Roger COBB • Janet HARDY • Jennifer CROSS • Jeremy MILLINGTON-PIPE • Sam MCDERMOTT • Darryl JOHNSON • Gregg MAYLES • Dyanne SARGEANT • Tony STONE • Alison MOSS • Phil VIBERT • Martha MILLINGTON-PIPE • Jo IORIO • Andrea ALLEN • Alexander MICHELSON • Adrienne COLLARD • Susan MAYLES • Nigel PALING • Sophie BOYES • Andrew BRUNT • Michael GREENE • Lisa WILLIAMS • Sadie OWEN • Lara PEACH • Barbara CULVER • Paul PARSONS • Karen BARKER • Richard FERNANDES • Joanne CRICHTON • Roman CRICHTON • Sally COLLARD • Christopher ALLEN • Kim HOLMES • Abigail DENNIS • Paul AVERILLO • Michael ADAMS • Naomi EARL • Kath PEBERDAY • Fraser CRICHTON for volunteering at parkrun today.

This week was a very wet one and I am sure it will be a bit muddy next week after seeing pictures of Conkers start line that my mum showed me earlier.  (The brick wall was missing!) 586 people ran, jogged and walked the course, 36 were first timers and 49 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 42 different clubs took part.

We also have some milestones to say well done to:

Alex Brockhouse                             10

Anthony Donnelly                            50

Teresa Swift                                    50

Manda Shakespeare-Ensor            50

Ann Hill                                           50

Georgina Johnson                          50

Grace Kennedy                              50

Philip Hadland                              100

Richard Nash                               250

Richard Womersley                     250

Fun fact: A total of 1,356 individuals have volunteered 11,426 times at Conkers.  Would you like to be the 1357th person next week?  Please let Jen know if you do.

Well done to Roger for being our run director he was brill. I shall see you next time for a nice swim if the weather carries on.

Chris Allen aged 11



7th March – Bring along a friend and wear purple if you can, to celebrate International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day 7th March.

It has been said before that Conkers parkrun is full of enthusiasm and encouragement. Infact we are often onboard with anything that will open the parkrun door to others.

On Saturday 7th March International Women’s Day is celebrated at parkrun. It would be great if you would join us and bring along a female family member, colleague or friend. As always you can volunteer, walk, run or a combination of all options. If you want to come along and watch you can, although we would encourage you to walk your way around the course and get a real feel of parkrun.

There are many reasons people are reluctant to come along for that 1st time, it is normally linked to the person's expectations and perception of the unknown and parkrun. We can show you, that you will not be too slow, your age isn’t important, you don’t need to come along in a group and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t volunteered before. We will be pleased to see you.

At Conkers, we have a walking group leader, you can walk ahead or drop behind, the pace is yours. The final finishers are always our tail walkers. As long as you are moving forward that is all we ask. Actually we ask 2 things, that you move forwards and that you register with parkrun and bring along your printed barcode. Although if you are a last minute decider you can take part without a barcode, it means your name won’t appear in the results. On 7th March we ask a 3rd thing, if you are able to, please wear purple to show your support for #IWD.

See you at 8.45 for the first timers briefing. Please join us afterwards for a drink in the cafe.

Take a look at the link below and get yourself a barcode, #DFYB

I have not registered with parkrun before.
Take me to the UK registration form




Just a Mini 5k with banana bunches all around!

Conkers parkrun Event number #473 - February 8, 2020

Saturday was quite a parkrun to remember. We were greeted by lots of freebies from Mini and they were greatly appreciated by all - thank you for your support. With a turnout of 697 people, there were 45 first timers and a staggering 109 superstars recorded a new personal best. Well done to everyone who attended, you all did so well!

Congratulations to those who achieved their milestones at the weekend. There were some shiny balloons running with their owners which thankfully were not victims of wandering off into the sky or being pierced by the above branches.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, child and outdoor

Two of our fabulous juniors proudly reaching fifty parkruns. Look forward to you wearing those red fifty shirts.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Reaching the coveted 250 club is Dean Niland

I haven’t been to Conkers for a little while due to ill health and a not so fun operation but this week I had two additions with me. My two friends came along to their first parkrun and had no idea what to expect. I imagine they felt like it would be a daunting experience because they don’t run outdoors or know the course. The crowds of people can be a little overwhelming because you instantly think ‘oh no I’ll be last or I’m not quick enough’ - this is not how you should be feeling, please don’t think this. You make sure you take your time at your own pace.

My two newbies absolutely loved the whole experience. They were really taken aback by parkrunners congratulating them and providing encouragement to carry on. At first the pair were walking with their head down and after a short period of time they realised they were doing something good and began to thank those wishing them well. I want to say thank you to those who encouraged them because you really helped them feel comfortable.

Lauren tweeted about her experience: ‘This morning I completed my first 5km parkrun! Everybody was so friendly and encouraging and as challenging as it was at times, I really enjoyed it.

For those considering coming along to parkrun just remember you’re there for yourself and no one else. There’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line after completing 5km. We’re a community and all support one another wherever possible.

I’m proud to be a parkrunner and we’d love to have you walk, jog and run alongside us sometime. If you feel you’d like to walk the course then you’ll be pleased to know there is always a walking leader with a small group.

Let’s not forget to thank Mini for their fantastic freebies which will be worn frequently by those lucky enough to bag themselves a motivational t-shirt. We could not have participated in Saturday’s parkrun without our fantastic 39 volunteers:

Roger COBB • Dawn STORER • Laurence KINGSCOTT • Madeleine PICKERING • Jay WILLIAMS • Anthony WICKWAR • Steven WALTERS • Jennifer CROSS • Sam MCDERMOTT • Dean NILAND • Nicola BRIGGS • Ollie THURBON • Gregg MAYLES • Tracy PARCHMENT • David PARCHMENT • Tony STONE • Michael PETERSON • Alexander MICHELSON • Tristan BETTS • Neil POWDRILL • Adrienne COLLARD • David HUGHES • Susan MAYLES • Elspeth DICKINSON • Kevin LINDSAY-SMITH • Daniel MORTIMER • Barbara CULVER • Joanne CRICHTON • Roman CRICHTON • Sally COLLARD • Christopher ALLEN • Abigail DENNIS • Andy BOOTH • Naomi EARL • Robert SMITH • Samantha SMITH • Chris MACDONALD • Fraser CRICHTON • Isobel ARMSTRONG

 Sam x

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