Easter weekend (event 221)

At Conwy we anticipated being busy over Easter, but not this busy! 37 minutes or so after the start we’d passed our previous record attendance when Gareth Thomas received finish token 377 after running one of 60 PBs on the day. We passed 400 runners and walkers a few minutes later, and still you kept coming through the finish funnel until 453 people had completed the course, shattering our previous record.
On probably the hottest day of the year so far, we had visitors from Bridgnorth, Cirencester, Winchester, as well as a load (swarm??) of Running Bugs from Liverpool. Conwy is always* this nice, we hope to see you all again soon.
First finisher was once again Stephen Skates (8th time in 9 visits), followed by Matthew Taylor and Jonathan Kettle. Bethan Davies was first female (for the 11th time), with Felicity Bryson and Freya Wood (both with new PBs) completing the imaginary podium.
Most experienced parkrunner of the day was Helen Berry who ran for the 319th time, the majority done at Princes (Liverpool) or Heaton (Manchester). At the other end of the scale, 18 people chose Conwy for their first ever parkrun.
This week Simon Johnson and Gareth Catherall both ran their 100th parkruns. It was Gareth’s 99th time with us, while Simon was on his second visit here (most runs done at Southport).
We also had 3 juniors earning their White 10 shirts – Lucy Shaftoe, Kaitlyn Stokes and Annie Gibson. Well done, hope to see you in them soon.
Talking of milestone shirts, as we are up to event 221, we will soon get Conwy runners getting towards their Green 250 shirt. Who will be the first? Anyway, on that note that’s me done for the weekend. I’m off to finish the “Stayin’ Alive” challenge and will leave you in the capable hands of the rest of the amazing team we have here.
*but not perhaps the weather.
This week 453 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 150 were first timers and 60 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 57 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 23 volunteers:

Dinah HAZELDINE • Bethan Wyn ROBERTS • Erin ARMSTRONG • Robert ARMSTRONG • Louise EDWARDS • Annalisa THOMAS • Mark JESSETT • Iorwerth ROBERTS • Peter M W JONES • Pam GRANT • John HATTON • Louise TEESDALE • Rachel FLEMING • Anthony HOWE • Keith TUBMAN • Dawn PALMER-REID • Cheryl FROST • Keith CHAMBERLAIN • Clair SAXON • Emily BURGESS • Lowri ROBERTS • Maggie TUBMAN • Carl ADAMSON
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Conwy parkrun Results Page.
The male record is held by Andi JONES who recorded a time of 15:52 on 1st August 2015 (event number 29).
The female record is held by Jenny NESBITT who recorded a time of 17:43 on 26th December 2015 (event number 50).
The Age Grade course record is held by Angela OLDHAM who recorded 91.43% (22:10) on 8th July 2017 (event number 128).
Conwy parkrun started on 10th January 2015. Since then 9,406 participants have completed 50,558 parkruns covering a total distance of 252,790 km, including 9,573 new Personal Bests. A total of 412 individuals have volunteered 4,077 times.


Event 210 – the one with the icy bits.

Fortunately, the North Wales coast managed to avoid the worst of the weather this weekend and 3 parkruns managed to go ahead – us at Conwy, Penrhyn and Newborough Forest. After an early morning course check we were ready to go, but very carefully in places due to some remaining icy patches. As usual our incredible volunteers stepped up to the mark and turned out in numbers, enabling us to put extra marshals near the worst parts of the course to make runners aware of any hazards.

Seventeen minutes and forty-two seconds after the careful start, Steve Forsyth was first runner home for the sixth time in 15 runs at Conwy. Martin Green and Jose Eduardo Vega Perez followed shortly after to complete the top 3. In fact, runners came in thick and fast, with eighth finisher Sharon Johnstone being the first female finisher in 18:54. Sharon was visiting with husband Oliver, who was running on his 50th birthday, we hope you had a day to remember.

Junior Ella Grundy of Colwyn Bay ACC was second female with Victoria Cole (GOG Triathlon) third. In total, 26 running clubs were represented. Bramhall Runners’ Lynne Webster was the most experienced parkrunner (aka runniest runner), having run 324 parkruns, the majority at Bramhall.

We had 53 first timers today, as well as 21 unknown runners. There were an amazing 57 PBs despite the conditions underfoot, although we didn’t have the usual Conwy draught coming up (or down) the river.
Finisher 210 at Conwy event 210 was first timer Stacy Willis, who runs mainly at Swindon. We also had tourists from Worcester, Cheltenham, Accrington and Blackpool amongst others.
Only one milestone runner today, Mark Mason ran his 50th parkrun (43 times at Conwy). Congratulations, see you wearing that red shirt soon.

This morning’s roll call of volunteers was as follows:
Bethan Wyn ROBERTS • Carla GREEN • Caroline BURNELL • Cheryl FROST • David Alan JONES • Erin ARMSTRONG • Gareth JONES • Iorwerth ROBERTS • John HATTON • Katy TAYLOR • Kay HATTON • Keith CHAMBERLAIN • Keith TUBMAN • Maggie TUBMAN • Michael FINNIE • Morgan KENDALL • Moyra BALDWIN • Robert ARMSTRONG • Vicky CORTVRIEND • William ARMSTRONG-JONES
If you are interested in joining this company of heroes all you have to do is email conwyhelpers@parkrun.com .


Slightly inclement

Conwy parkrun 203 saw 154 runners battle the elements on the riverside, where 14 people took advantage of the huge tailwind (at the start) to set new PBs. Tourists from South Manchester and York visited today, while we had 12 making their first run at Conwy. 7 of these were new to parkrun. If you can do today, you can do any day!

First finisher today was Martin Green (NWRR), closely followed by Andrew Kerr and Harry Driscoll. First female over the line was Sarah Gallacher of GOG Triathlon. A massive congratulations goes out to everyone today, that last ¾ of a mile was probably the windiest I can remember. A big well done especially to Oliver Howson who earnt his white T shirt by running his 10th parkrun, 9 of which have been with us.

We are back again next Saturday for our penultimate run of 2018 and soon after it will be our 4th birthday in January. There will be cake (I’d imagine), follow us on Facebook for more details.

Today’s parkrun was brought to you by these Superheroes in Hi-Vis:
Amanda DURBER • Annalisa THOMAS • Anthony HOWE • Bethan Wyn ROBERTS • Cheryl FROST • Colin PRICE • David Alan JONES • Erin ARMSTRONG • Glenn GRANT • Iorwerth ROBERTS • Jan CARFOOT • Jessica PRICE • John HATTON • Keith CHAMBERLAIN • Louise EDWARDS • Michael FINNIE • Michael HAYTON • Mike FLEMING • Peter M W JONES • Rachel FLEMING • Robert ARMSTRONG • Seghir MESSAMAH


Run report: Event 199.

This week we had the pleasure of a visit from Richard Amos, a tourist from Shropshire. Richard offered to write the run report - and what a lovely report it is. :) Thanks Richard - we're glad you enjoyed your run and hope that it was worth the early get up. :) :) :) Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Enjoy reading folks and thanks again Richard!

Oh, happy birthday for Sat Emily Bate and congrats on joining the 10 club too - amazing! Thanks for joining us as part of your celebrations. :) x


Saturday mornings used to be about a lie in, then parkrun came along, so the lie in became a bit shorter and running started happening. Then the parkrun habit takes over and the 30 minute drive, becomes a 45 minute drive, then an a hour and so on until next thing you know you're booking holidays to parkrun!

Luckily this week there was no need for a plane, just a 5:30 alarm call for a coffee and a 2 hour drive from our home in Shropshire to North Wales to the beautiful Conwy. Wow, what an amazing setting you have! A fantastic castle and that beautiful nature reserve, a stunning venue for parkrun.

Arriving off the A55 at the island it was great to see a parkrun parking sign at the entrance, as by this point the satnav mas driving me mad! We were then to be greeted by two fantastic car park marshal’s Bob and Clive who were in complete control and guided us to our spot.

After a quick run to the toilet and a little inspection of the nature reserve we headed over to the briefings. Sowerby Bridge Snails had taken center stage and were leading a fantastic warm up, that seemed to inspire many others not from their club to get involved, awesome!

Speaking of awesome, Bethan Roberts’ first timers briefing went down really well with everybody. It was great to see so many people from different parkruns listening in. A big turnout of first timers due to the Conwy half the next day, including us. Being a parkrun tourist myself I’m always on the lookout for other cow cowls. It was great to meet Eileen Jones from Fell Foot parkrun who was completing her Pirate Challenge.

The route was great, mostly flat, which is always a win! Loved the out and back to the castle, and was great saying thank you to Bob at the cones. The marshals were very encouraging and really supportive all the way round. Special mention to the first finisher Steve Forsyth who ran with a massive smile and looked like he was having a great time, he also encouraged everybody on his way round and on his cool down run too!

parkrun done, time for cake! The café was lovely, a great view of the nature reserve, a good selection of cakes and also the option for a sausage or bacon bap. Lucy Brooks and I had the pleasure of having a chat with Clive Nadin, who told us all about Conwy parkrun and all the other amazing parkruns available in North Wales, I think it’s safe to say there will have to be a few more early morning drives to parkrun in North Wales in the coming months and we’ll definitely be back to Conwy too.


Conwy 180

I arrived not long after 8 this morning to find some of volunteers there already preparing for the run. Cones out, finish funnel posts being put together and signs arranged ready to go. As the clock ticked towards 9 o’clock the remaining volunteers turned up and get ready for their roles, and a few runners arrived as well.

It didn’t seem as hot as it has been recently but it was still pleasantly warm, with a slight breeze as everyone lined up for Conwy parkrun #180. Congratulations to Darren Dentith on your 100th run, and a big welcome to all first timers and tourists from around the UK (including St Andrews, Coventry and not forgetting Truro to name a few).

Everyone set off, running, jogging, walking or plodding (as one participant said they would), giving us the opportunity to set up the finish funnel. And guess how many parkrunners we had. My guess was rubbish; Erin was closest (but disappointed to be about 8 out).

First finisher today was Jose Eduardo VEGA PEREZ, the third time he has done so at Conwy. Simeon FAWCETT and Bryn WOODALL were the next two to cross the line. Simeon was the first to say how hot it was out there, and certainly not the last. Rhiannon KAMINK was the first female finisher, Jo HOUGHTON-DAVIES next followed by Rachel COOK who pipped Katy WEST by 2 seconds. Katy was one of 18 runners getting new PBs today, well done to you all. There were also 18 Unknown runners without barcodes, if you want to have your result recorded please bring a printed barcode next time.

This week’s edition of Conwy parkrun was brought to you by
Annalisa THOMAS  •  Anne DARLINGTON  •  Anthony HOWE  •  Brandon ROBERTS  •  Carla GREEN  •  David Alan JONES  •  Erin ARMSTRONG  •  Glenn GRANT  •  Hayley ROBERTS  •  Iorwerth ROBERTS  •  Keith CHAMBERLAIN  •  Martin GREEN  •  Moyra BALDWIN  •  Patrick KELLY  •  Peter M W JONES  •  Robert ARMSTRONG  •  Tristian GREENFIELD

If you would like to volunteer drop a message to conwyhelpers@parkrun.com You will receive a free cheer from all the runners at the start line and appreciation from everyone here at Conwy parkrun.  We always welcome extra help during the summer holidays when regular volunteers are on holidays (or touring at other runs like me).

Have a good weekend and hope to see you at the RSPB soon. Ant

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