Conyngham Hall parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

park runner profile – Ruth Mann

Up next, we have the always cheery Ruth Mann (super RD, uber volunteer, current looker-after of the kit) responding to our request for parkrunner profiles

How did you get started at parkrun? 
September 2017 and Andy Deighton kept talking about this running event on the stray on a Saturday morning that anyone could do. I couldn't run the length of myself and decided to go along with Louise Buck and walk it. Persuaded Dave to join us too. Lou and I walked the first week and then started working up to running between two trees, then three trees until we could run a whole side of the square (magic moment!). At that point we joined Knaresborough striders for the 2018 'Zero to Hero' group and worked our way up to actually running the whole 5k!

What does parkrun mean to you?
It is a fabulous start to the weekend and something I very much look forward to every week come hail, snow or shine. I don't mind whether I am volunteering or running. It is a fantastic group of people all out to have fun and support each other. I love catching up with everyone and seeing just how much everyone improves week on week.

Do you have a favourite volunteering role?
I like all of the roles and am happy doing any of them. Funnel manager really satisfies the science geek in me that likes noting numbers and cross referencing, mind you.

What did you do on Saturday instead of parkrun?
Milly and I did a parkrun replacement around Nidd Gorge (no Dave as broken!). Missing parkrun, but at least we can still run.

Do you have an amusing/odd/wonderful parkrun anecdote to relate?
One Saturday morning, this eejit was run director and hadn't charged the laptop, the plug didn't work in the café, barcode scanning had a few glitches and after spending 2 hours sorting all the results out (with the fabulous Linda Dodsworth) sent the file to the test system and not the live one!  And we didn't get any breakfast either.........

Do you have a favourite parkrun photo?
I have two absolute favourite pictures. One is with Lizzie Medwell in a picture taken by Philip Bland. The smiles just show how good parkrun makes you feel! The other is a very proud Mummy moment when Shannon gave the briefing for the very first time in preparation for the young persons take over in the very near future, we hope. 

Lizzie and Ruth IMG-20200208-WA0002


parkrunner profile – Pete Noble

Pete was the first to reply to our request for info about all your lovely parkrun stories

How did you get started at parkrun?
Started at parkrun in May 2019 at the inaugural Conyngham Hall event. Had heard of parkrun, but due to other commitments (kids football etc..) on a Saturday morning had never been able to attend.
What does parkrun mean to you?
I love the community.  It is so nice to feel part of something bigger.  Volunteering is one of the best parts, along with the bacon butty in The Black Mulberry!  When we visited Wetherby recently, my son (James) commented that it felt weird not having a job!  Also like the little games you can play, like Alphabeteer etc. We go away in our caravan as often as we can and now the first question is where is the nearest parkrun and does it get us another letter.  We are all in our 30s (runs, not ages!) and we are hoping to get our 50 all on the same day.
Do you have a favourite volunteering role?
Favourite role is Pre-event setup.  So nice to be at Conyngham nice and early, hearing the birds etc.  Also nice to be able to spend 30 mins or so just chatting to my son as we walk round placing cones!  And you can still do the run!
What did you do on Saturday instead of parkrun?
Last Saturday we went to Swinsty to do a parkrun replacement.  Turns out most of North Yorkshire also thought that Swinsty would be quiet!  Ooops!
Do you have an amusing/odd/wonderful parkrun anecdote to relate?
When we did the Blackpool parkrun on New Year's Day, wearing our Striders vests, we were in the queue for scanning when a very nice lady asked us if we knew her daughter who lives in Knaresborough.  Turns out it was our very own Linda Dodsworth's mum!!  We also went to The Tees Barrage for a weekend and bumped into another RD, Ruth and Dave! Small world!!
Pete also sent in his favourite parkrun photo and asks us to guess where it is!

Non parkrun report #1 – the lost parkrunners

So an odd Saturday morning for us parkrunners. No parkrun. The need to socially distance. A feeling of loss. What did we do? [Note, this was before the stricter guidance came into force.]

parkrun UK put on a quiz at 9am, so some of us took part in that. An impressive 10/15 for Sarah Glover and an unimpressive 6/15 from parkrun obsessive Linda Dodsworth, obviously so much more to learn. Favourite question was:

Q: Who has the faster average finish time, parkrunners with the surname 'Trott', 'Quick' or 'Canter'?

A: At the end of this non run report...

parkrun say they plan to do something like this at 9am each Sat so follow parkrun UK on facebook and we'll also aim to share their updates as we see them.

Super RD Ruth Mann had the kit and 'staged' a parkrun in their back garden :-)


Note: Hubby Dave Sinton later went a run in Nidd Gorge. If you know Dave, you'll have to ask him what the result of that was...

Steve Dodsworth who managed to squeeze in parkrun 250 before the shut down, got his shirt during the week. He's currently trying to work out if he was the last person in the world to achieve the 250 milestone since he was Tail Walker and finished in a time of 1:06:07. He worked out Namibia and South Africa were the other countries outside the UK who could have a time later than him. 4 parkrun results checked manually for Namibia and no 250 milestones found for that day, then South Africa.... there are a lot of parkruns in South Africa.... too many to look through. He's since found out 166 parkrunners joined the 250 club that day worldwide, so all he has to do :-) is look at each of their times individually. Hmm, we'll ask for updates each week to see how his checking is getting on.


A big wave to those who let us know they went for runs. The Coopers put on their tops and ran from their doorstep with Chris acting as Tail Walker, getting in some volunteering too. The Dodsworths ran a 5k from their doorstep (they set off 4 mins apart to give that extra impetus to speedy times, we can report Linda got caught at the 4k point and Steve recorded a sub 23 min 5k which he was happy with). Moira McTague ran a solo run in Nidderdale, Joanne Welling ran the Nidd Gorge. Plenty of post non parkrun coffee and refreshments were had. A big thank you to all for choosing not to do a freedom run on our route, ourselves and parkrun UK greatly appreciate that.


Whilst we're not parkrunning, please can you opt in to receiving volunteer emails from us. We're going to do a series of profiles and stories during these non parkrun weeks and we'll be using the volunteer email list to send out requests. To opt-in

1. Find a (Conyngham Hall) results email

2. Click on 'Volunteer Opt-in' (big orange button about half way down the email)

3. Click on 'Yes subscribe me'  (If you're looking at a result from a different parkrun, at this point click on 'parkrun profile', then 'email options' and opt in/out to various parkruns.)

Thank you.

Lastly, keen to help out while parkrun is cancelled, our portable defib (provided by Knaresborough Lions and put in place by Restart Yorkshire) asked if they could be of any use elsewhere. They are currently allowing another unit to get serviced without loss of defib coverage so if your daily exercise takes you past Chain Lane Community Centre, please wave hello, or shout 'thank you volunteer!' as you go by, but maybe only if no-one will hear you :-)



That's all for now folks. Stay safe.

parkrun quiz answer: Trott





Any baby clothes for a good cause?

One of our regular volunteers over the last few months is returning to Ecuador where she has lived for the last 20 years. She wants to take back baby clothes for a family she knows over there who need any help we can give. If you have any baby clothes which are no longer required then please consider bringing them along either this Sat (14th) or next Sat (21st March). For age 1mth - 12mths, clean and in good condition, unisex or for a boy. Many thanks.


Conyngham Hall parkrun #39 – A series of unfortunate incidents……

International Women's Day parkrun started off as normal as any other parkrun. We had lots of parkrunners wearing purple in support of #IWDparkrun and our selfie frame was a great attraction. Sarah Gore definitely was the purpliest of purple runners!

purpliest SG

After our briefing we tried to fit all 150 walkers/joggers and runners into our selfie frame. Once photographed, we moved up to our start line and parkrun started without incident.


That is were the 'normal' parkrun ended and the series of unfortunate incidents started. One of our barcode scanners struggled with scanning, leaving a few glitches in our results. Anyway, with our excellent funnel manager and chief rogue result sorter-outer, Linda Dodsworth, on the case, we knew it would all be fine. Therefore, we welcomed home our first lady on #IWDparkrun, Amelie Aylesbury; and this girl most definitely can!

1st lady

Just to prove these blokes can too, Stephen Morland, Tom Kilmurray and James Wright were the first three runners home this weekend.

1st men

And not to be outdone, we captured the first barkrunner home too. Fantastic result on four little legs.


As our parkrunners continued to come home, our expert finish token volunteer, Shannon Sinton, noticed a few tokens issued in the wrong order and quickly informed the funnel manager

At the same time, a young man slipped on the gravel and cut his knee. Break out the first aid kit! After a little clean up and plaster application, super trooper George Preece continued and finished parkrun perfectly.

With the few issues around scanning and token mix up, the run director and funnel manager went to a quiet room to check through all results manually to make sure they were all accurate. Once completed, results were sent and laptop clicked shut. However, when no results appeared, it became obvious something was amiss. On checking, it turned out the run director had sent the results to a test system and not the live one! Cue second round of sorting out the glitches in the results and final correct posting to the live system. Oh, what a morning!

The stats:

This week 150 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 34 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Lizzie MEDWELL • Thomas WATSON • Stephen MORRIS • Catherine MORLAND • Nicola CARTER • Linda DODSWORTH • Spike BROWNLEES • Jackie KNIGHT • Emma KILMURRAY • Ruth MANN • David SINTON • Shannon SINTON • Janet ECCLES • Sarah NOBLE • James NOBLE • Kathryn LARWOOD • Jackie REED • John DICKSON • Hilary WELLING

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Conyngham Hall parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Reece DALTON who recorded a time of 17:18 on 29th June 2019 (event number 6).
The female record is held by Sophie WOOD who recorded a time of 19:42 on 1st January 2020 (event number 31).
The Age Grade course record is held by Geoffrey HOWARD who recorded 80.81% (23:27) on 18th May 2019 (event number 1).

Conyngham Hall parkrun started on 18th May 2019. Since then 2,484 participants have completed 5,916 parkruns covering a total distance of 29,580 km, including 964 new Personal Bests. A total of 239 individuals have volunteered 814 times.

So you have got to the bottom of the stats then. After such as eventful parkrun, the run director thanks everyone for their patience in waiting for their results yesterday. At least we can be happy they are accurate!

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