How does parkrun make you feel?

We are on the countdown to Conyngham Hall parkrun #19 and wanted to share some recent results of a national parkrun survey with you and ask "How does parkrun make you feel?"

Of the 60,000 parkrunners who took part, 91% felt a sense of personal achievement from participating in parkrun, 89% said that their fitness had improved, 79% said parkrun made them feel happier and 69% reported improvements in their mental health. Do some of these results sound familiar to you?

We all participate in parkrun for different reasons, but there is always an overriding feeling every Saturday morning that its something special, that belongs to us all and mostly makes us smile....even after taking on the undulations of our course! Who would have thought that after 15 years, parkrun would be such a big part of so many peoples lives?

So if parkrun makes you feel good, why not bring a family member or friend down with you this Saturday and ask them at the end how it made them feel? The likelihood of a positive answer is high and the parkrun journey will have started for someone new.....pass on the parkrun happiness far and wide!