parkrunner profile – Pete Noble

Pete was the first to reply to our request for info about all your lovely parkrun stories

How did you get started at parkrun?
Started at parkrun in May 2019 at the inaugural Conyngham Hall event. Had heard of parkrun, but due to other commitments (kids football etc..) on a Saturday morning had never been able to attend.
What does parkrun mean to you?
I love the community.  It is so nice to feel part of something bigger.  Volunteering is one of the best parts, along with the bacon butty in The Black Mulberry!  When we visited Wetherby recently, my son (James) commented that it felt weird not having a job!  Also like the little games you can play, like Alphabeteer etc. We go away in our caravan as often as we can and now the first question is where is the nearest parkrun and does it get us another letter.  We are all in our 30s (runs, not ages!) and we are hoping to get our 50 all on the same day.
Do you have a favourite volunteering role?
Favourite role is Pre-event setup.  So nice to be at Conyngham nice and early, hearing the birds etc.  Also nice to be able to spend 30 mins or so just chatting to my son as we walk round placing cones!  And you can still do the run!
What did you do on Saturday instead of parkrun?
Last Saturday we went to Swinsty to do a parkrun replacement.  Turns out most of North Yorkshire also thought that Swinsty would be quiet!  Ooops!
Do you have an amusing/odd/wonderful parkrun anecdote to relate?
When we did the Blackpool parkrun on New Year's Day, wearing our Striders vests, we were in the queue for scanning when a very nice lady asked us if we knew her daughter who lives in Knaresborough.  Turns out it was our very own Linda Dodsworth's mum!!  We also went to The Tees Barrage for a weekend and bumped into another RD, Ruth and Dave! Small world!!
Pete also sent in his favourite parkrun photo and asks us to guess where it is!