parkrunner profile – Ruth Mann

Up next, we have the always cheery Ruth Mann (super RD, uber volunteer, current looker-after of the kit) responding to our request for parkrunner profiles

How did you get started at parkrun? 
September 2017 and Andy Deighton kept talking about this running event on the stray on a Saturday morning that anyone could do. I couldn't run the length of myself and decided to go along with Louise Buck and walk it. Persuaded Dave to join us too. Lou and I walked the first week and then started working up to running between two trees, then three trees until we could run a whole side of the square (magic moment!). At that point we joined Knaresborough striders for the 2018 'Zero to Hero' group and worked our way up to actually running the whole 5k!

What does parkrun mean to you?
It is a fabulous start to the weekend and something I very much look forward to every week come hail, snow or shine. I don't mind whether I am volunteering or running. It is a fantastic group of people all out to have fun and support each other. I love catching up with everyone and seeing just how much everyone improves week on week.

Do you have a favourite volunteering role?
I like all of the roles and am happy doing any of them. Funnel manager really satisfies the science geek in me that likes noting numbers and cross referencing, mind you.

What did you do on Saturday instead of parkrun?
Milly and I did a parkrun replacement around Nidd Gorge (no Dave as broken!). Missing parkrun, but at least we can still run.

Do you have an amusing/odd/wonderful parkrun anecdote to relate?
One Saturday morning, this eejit was run director and hadn't charged the laptop, the plug didn't work in the café, barcode scanning had a few glitches and after spending 2 hours sorting all the results out (with the fabulous Linda Dodsworth) sent the file to the test system and not the live one!  And we didn't get any breakfast either.........

Do you have a favourite parkrun photo?
I have two absolute favourite pictures. One is with Lizzie Medwell in a picture taken by Philip Bland. The smiles just show how good parkrun makes you feel! The other is a very proud Mummy moment when Shannon gave the briefing for the very first time in preparation for the young persons take over in the very near future, we hope. 

Lizzie and Ruth IMG-20200208-WA0002