parkrunner profile – Donna Tucker

I started parkrun in 2013 having lost quite a bit of weight and wanting to start exercising without joining an intimidating, expensive gym. A friend took me along to Black Park parkrun near where I lived at the time and I was hooked from the very start. I stopped twice on my first, stopped once on my second and cried on my third when I did the whole course without stopping at all.

When I moved home, my nearest parkrun was the first thing I found and I went the day after relocating South to North, just for something relatively ‘normal’. I have met so many new friends through parkrun and I have kept in touch with them since being back in Harrogate. I love the parkrun community, the sense of togetherness and the support whether you are 1st or 101st.

I don’t volunteer often as I prefer to run but I have pledged this year to volunteer once a month. I like scanning and congratulating everyone but I love token sorting! It plays to my OCD!

My favourite parkrun moment was my 100th at Fountains Abbey when my Southern buddies came up to celebrate it with me. They drove up on the Friday night and drove straight back down afterwards. I really appreciated them making the effort just for me.

Saturday is parkrun day. It sets me up for the day. I’m so glad I started it, and so pleased I have been able to beat others to join in too.

Donna 100 cake