(not)parkrun week 2

(not)parkrun week 2. The results are in... https://www.parkrun.org.uk/conynghamhall/results/notparkrun/?date=2020-06-28
17 people recorded a time which included 9 new (not)parkrunners and 3 PBs - for Jackie Reed, Mark Shelton and (ahem) Linda Dodsworth. Well done all!
Depending on how you order the table, Julian Carr headed up the speed version with a time of 23:06 registered on Sat, superseding the 24:35 posted by James Wright on Thu.
Ordered by Age Percentage Score, arguably showing true parkrunning pedigree, we have Deborah King with an impressive rating of 77.43%.
Our youngest (not)parkrun star was Leo El-Etriby (was your responsible adult too shy to post a time?). Huge congratulations Leo - might we see you on the PB list this week?
It's early days, but (not)parkrun stalwarts logging the most (not)parkruns in total - did you know you can enter multiple times in one week? - are Lizzie Medwell and Simon Edwards with 4 (non)parkruns each. Kudos to you both.
(not)parkrun week 3 is now active and hot off the mark is Sarah Noble logging this week's first time. Will you join her and log a (not)parkrun time this week?...