(not)parkrun week 4

Last week 21 Conyngham Hall parkrunners recorded a (not)parkrun time and we saw our fastest recorded time yet by James Wright with a time of 20:03.

The women out ran the men with 12 ladies taking part and 9 men. This Girl Can!

Simon Edwards keeps his spot for most (not)parkruns recorded but Lizzie Medwell has consolidated her 2nd place with Andy Easton now in 3rd place. One (not)parkrun behind is Leo El-Etriby - come on Leo, you can overtake Andy!

6 new people tried out (not)parkrunning. Great to see times from Steve Core, Anne Devlin, Paul Reed, Liz Rochester, Jackie Knight and Mark Taylor :-)

We had 6 PBs. Congratulations to Simon Edwards, Deborah King, Vanessa El-Etriby, Nicola Carter, James Wright and James Nobel.

Great running everyone. Keep it up.


(not)parkrun week 3

(not)parkrun results for week 3: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/conynghamhall/results/notparkrun/?date=2020-07-05
We had 14 parkrunners take park including a new (not)parkrun first timer Denholm Edwards who sped round the course in a very fast 21:02! Amazing running Denholm.
Simon Edwards (very likely related to the speedy Denholm) tops the table of the most amount of (not)parkruns recorded with 9 in 3 weeks.
Lizzie Medwell and Andy Easton share 2nd place with 5 and Leo El-Etriby in 3rd with 4.
2 PBs this week, for Mhairi Sellar and Mark Shelton. Great running guys.

(not)parkrun week 2

(not)parkrun week 2. The results are in... https://www.parkrun.org.uk/conynghamhall/results/notparkrun/?date=2020-06-28
17 people recorded a time which included 9 new (not)parkrunners and 3 PBs - for Jackie Reed, Mark Shelton and (ahem) Linda Dodsworth. Well done all!
Depending on how you order the table, Julian Carr headed up the speed version with a time of 23:06 registered on Sat, superseding the 24:35 posted by James Wright on Thu.
Ordered by Age Percentage Score, arguably showing true parkrunning pedigree, we have Deborah King with an impressive rating of 77.43%.
Our youngest (not)parkrun star was Leo El-Etriby (was your responsible adult too shy to post a time?). Huge congratulations Leo - might we see you on the PB list this week?
It's early days, but (not)parkrun stalwarts logging the most (not)parkruns in total - did you know you can enter multiple times in one week? - are Lizzie Medwell and Simon Edwards with 4 (non)parkruns each. Kudos to you both.
(not)parkrun week 3 is now active and hot off the mark is Sarah Noble logging this week's first time. Will you join her and log a (not)parkrun time this week?...

(not)parkrun week 1.

Congratulations to the 10 parkrunners who recorded a time in the first ever week of (not) parkrun. Who knows, maybe you'll go down in history in the same way as the original parkrun 13 back in Oct 2004.
See Conyngham Hall's first (not)parkrun results here.
Week 2 is now open.
1. Walk/run/jog 5k, any day from Mon-Sun
2. Log into your parkrun profile (or follow the link from a parkrun results email)
3. Enter your time
You can enter multiple walk/run/jogs and after midnight Sun, your fastest time will be taken and recorded in the (not)parkrun results for that week.
Get walking/running/jogging and (not)parkrunning.

Happy 1st Birthday Conyngham Hall

This morning on facebook, at normal parkrun briefing time, we posted a little something to celebrate the incredible year which we’ve shared down at Conyngham Hall parkrun. We may not be able to meet at the moment, but hopefully the memories and messages will bring you some cheer! So many of us have found friendship, inspiration, support, enjoyment and community down at the ruins each Saturday, blessed as we are with a varied, interesting and scenic course. Whether you’ve jogged, run, walked or volunteered, we hope you can spend today looking back fondly on the past 12 months and look positively towards the day when we can back together, enjoying the fields, the climb, the loop and ‘that rock’ in the very near future. We’ll be back.

Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1.001 Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1 - around the course Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1 - events Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1 - memories Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1 - milestones Conyngham Hall parkrun turns 1 - we are parkrun


This was made into a compilation with some video messages and a band appearance at the end. If we can work out how, we'll share that on here too (but even if you are not on facebook, you should be able to look at the facebook page and watch it).

Take care, stay safe and enjoy our birthday!


park runner profile – Emma Kilmurray

Here's a really lovely parkrunner profile from Emma Kilmurray with some extra special news at the end....


I first got into parkrun when I moved to Harrogate in 2015. I'd been playing netball for years, but the house move meant leaving my club and my husband persuaded me to try running instead. The first time I went to parkrun on The Stray I was nervous about whether I'd be able to run the distance, but everyone was so friendly and encouraging - it didn't matter one bit that I walked some of it. A few years down the line and my local parkrun is now the slightly hillier Conyngham Hall.

parkrun was the start of what has become a new hobby for me. It's built my confidence, not only in terms of my running ability but also through meeting lots of lovely new people. Last year I joined Knaresborough Striders, a wonderfully welcoming and inclusive club. Being part of parkrun and Striders has helped me get to know Knaresborough really well and feel part of the community.

My favourite volunteering role is marshalling. It's great to see everyone running past, saying hello to new and familiar faces and cheering those on who need a little boost.

Saturday mornings have looked a little different lately, not only because of lockdown but also because my husband and I are expecting twins later in the year. Running has given way to walking for the time being, but I'm looking forward to getting back to volunteering and running when time allows!

Favourite photos:

Me with my oldest school friends at Fountains Abbey parkrun. We live dotted across the UK, but when we meet up once or twice a year we always make sure we fit in a parkrun. It's fun visiting different parkruns, even if it's somewhere you've never been before it somehow feels so familiar. 


Marshalling last summer. I like this spot next to Mr Squirrel as you get to see everyone enjoying the down hill bit!


Thank you Emma and huge Congratulations!

If you've enjoyed reading this, why not sending in your own profile. We want to know all about your parkrun history too :-)



Baby Conyngham Hall’s 1st parkrun birthday (or not)

Sat 16th May would have been our 1st birthday. We might not be parkrunning at the moment but we'd still like to mark the day when it arrives. We'd like you to send in memories from the last year.

Photos, favourite part of the course, toughest part of the course, most memorable event, a special parkrun moment, a favourite view, a funny incident. Either post them on our facebook page or email them to us at conynghamhall@parkrun.com. We'll pull them all together and then share it back with everyone. Raid your memory banks and get posting/sending, thanks. 


parkrunner profile – James Wright

And that's why these are brilliant. I just always assumed Knaresborough Striders Supremo and parkrun Run Director and regular volunteer James had been a constant runner throughout life so far.

Shows how much I know. Over to you James...

I first got into parkrun due to a Doctor telling me I had to get fitter as I had very high blood pressure. I had seen runners on The Stray on a Saturday morning so typed “runners on stray on Saturday morning” into Google and up popped parkrun! I persuaded a mate to come along and I was hooked from that very first run. The friendly atmosphere, the people I met and the challenge every week of trying to get a PB was just the tonic I needed to get out of bed early on a Saturday!

parkrun really means a lot to me. It triggered me to get back into running after a number of years hiatus after school based athletics. It allowed me to meet new people, that in turn encouraged me to head down to Knaresborough Striders running club (the best running club in the area ;-) where I have a fantastic set of friends. It has helped me with confidence also - getting up on the bench on The Stray or down at Conyngham Hall to do the run briefing is very daunting the first few times! 

My favourite volunteering role is marshalling. I love being able to help encourage people around the course, especially if they are new to parkrun. It feels great when you can see someone maybe struggling a bit but you give them a clap and some encouragement and off they go again to complete the course!

I’ve not been out as much as I would have liked to on Saturdays for my “parkrun replacement bus service” run (although the “bacon sandwich at the Black Mulberry bus replacement service” has been taking place!) but I’m going to make a determined effort in May to get out for a 5km each Saturday morning! 

Story wise, on my 100th parkrun (on Xmas day 2016 at Harrogate parkrun) I was tripped up by a dog just after the start line and went flying in the mud alongside the start area.

My most annoying parkrun moment was having to stop to tie up my lace half way through the second lap of Temple Newsam parkrun...I’d have bagged the coveted no1 token if I hadn’t stopped! 

Favourite photos:

Finishing at the Hunstanton promenade parkrun in January 2020. Fantastic flat course with the sea crashing onto the beach on a beautiful crisp winters morning

Favourite part of any parkrun course I’ve done - crossing the bridge at Conyngham Hall meaning you get to pass other runners and encourage them as they go out onto the top field (me, well my back, in the foreground!)



parkrunner profile – Nicola Carter

Hurrah, a new profile. This time from super speedy Nicola Carter.

I ran my first parkrun at Harrogate in 2014 and, to be honest, I didn’t quite get the bug for a little while. It was the following year before I became more of a regular. 

Now, of course, I love it! Most Saturdays are spent running or volunteering,  particularly since Conyngham Hall started - I think it’s of huge benefit to the town, local and not so local runners and to the wider community, encouraging people who would not normally participate in an ‘organised event’ to do so.

My favourite volunteer roles are tail walking ( particularly with our puppy) and I also like marshalling as you get to see and cheer every single runner or walker on.  As a member of Knaresborough Striders, it’s a great opportunity to meet up with friends and we have ‘ticked off’ all the local parkruns for miles around, although Conyngham has to be my favourite! 

My husband and I like nothing better than hunting out dog-friendly hotels near a picturesque parkrun and sneaking off on a Friday night to enjoy a night away and a different run the next morning. On one such trip at Rutland Water, we found every other guest at the hotel was part of a wedding going on there- we had a great night chatting to the guests and wedding party and enjoying the music and entertainment! Unsurprisingly, we were the only ones running the following morning ;-)

Although there are obviously much wider and serious matters surrounding the current covid 19 situation, I am really looking forward to parkrun resuming and meeting at the ruins once again on a Saturday morning! 

We’re not very proficient at taking photos but this is my husband and I in Paris a couple of years ago, when nearly every other runner was part of a hen party from London. 

image1 image2
(And a lovely apricot top you have there Nicola, we look forward to seeing it and you hopefully sometime soon.)


Non run report week 4 – Easter weekend

What fabulous weather we had over the Easter weekend. Saturday would have been a glorious day to set us all up with a good old 9am parkrun around the Conyngham Hall summer course! Instead we all ran solo runs or joint runs only with members from the same household. The weather was still beautiful for a walk/run/jog/cycle or whatever else you did for your daily constitutional exercise hour.

Several of the Conyngham Hall clan have devised their own garden or local solo parkruns. Regular parkrunner, Andy Easton, ran 102 laps to achieve 5K in his inaugural garden parkrun. He has redeveloped the course to create a 78m ‘U’ shape and has extended his current distance to 10k. Wonder how far he can go………..?!

I managed to achieve position 2 in my inaugural 'lockdown 2020 bilton parkrun' (Dog sprinted past me in the last 100m!) and position 1, with a PB, in the second week (left the dog at home). The coffee is pretty good in the post parkrun kitchen, but the bacon butty just doesn’t come close to that in the Black Mulberry!

In recognition of the volume of people devising home, garden and solo courses, parkrun has given their apricot tees a makeover and they can be customised with your ‘home’ parkrun name (https://www.facebook.com/parkrunUK/videos/616513988935528/). They have also added ‘We’ll get through this together’ on the sleeve. So how many home parkruns do we think will begin with ‘X’ or ‘Z’! If you have devised your own home, garden or solo parkrun, we would love to hear all about them!

The kit was feeling a little lonely this week, so the Easter bunny borrowed some of it and made up a circuits course in the garden to make sure everyone felt they had earned their chocolate eggs and bunnies! Looked easy, but hurt more than a good half-trail, half-path 5K course that we all are looking forward to getting back to at some point in the future. In the meantime, stay safe, stay well and look after each other.

BG circuits

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