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If you were with us last Saturday morning, you’ll have seen us briefly unveil our new Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED). Our CoViD safety framework doesn’t allow time for a ceremony so here’s the back story in a bit more detail - with up-front thanks to James McNabb and to Penarth and Dinas Runners.

Smiles all round as Event Director Lyn Evans (right) receives the new AED from Run Director James McNabb (left) and Simon Williamson, chair of Penarth and Dinas Runners (centre). Photo by Abyd Quinn Aziz

Smiles all round as Event Director Lyn Evans (right) receives the new AED from Run Director James McNabb (left) and Simon Williamson, chair of Penarth and Dinas Runners (centre).
Photo by Abyd Quinn Aziz

We’ve likely all become familiar with AEDs over the last few years. They’re popping up in many public areas, workplaces, sports facilities, and other locations. The intent is that they can be used to restart the heart of a person in sudden cardiac arrest - if deployed quickly.  AEDs can be used safely and successfully by people with no specific training, and untrained members of the public have been able to save lives in this way. There have also been several successful, high-profile AED interventions at sporting events.  Closer to home, a few of the organisers of our own parkrun were involved at Barry Island parkrun a few years ago when their AED was successfully used to revive a collapsed runner.

At parkrun, there's a requirement that every UK event has quick access to an AED and, ideally, has one of its own available at the start/finish area.  In a recent policy change, every new parkrun will in future be provided with its own AED as part of its start-up equipment.  Also, if a parkrun’s AED is not available, the event has to be cancelled - it’s that important these days.

Until recently at Cosmeston Lakes, we’ve relied on the public access AED at the park reception building. However, as we approached restarting parkrun in August, the core team felt it was time to think about fund-raising for the £900 or so needed to get us our own AED.

To his great credit, Run Director James McNabb decided to get the ball rolling by doing his own fundraising on the back of his efforts at Ironman Austria in September.  Not only did James smash his 12hr 30min target time, but he also raised over £700 towards our AED in doing so. Thank you, James.

Our friends at Penarth and Dinas Runners are very active supporters of and participants in Cosmeston Lakes parkrun. They were alerted to our goal of buying our own AED and generously donated the additional £200 needed to get us over the £911 finish line.  Thank you P&D.

In a recent club blog post, Chairman Simon Williamson commented:“It's great that our Saturday mornings now once again offer the opportunity to run or volunteer at parkrun. We have a very close relationship with the Cosmeston Lakes event… The Club Committee has recently been approached to ascertain if the Club would like to contribute to the purchase of an AED. I'm delighted to say that the Committee voted unanimously to support a donation for such a worthy cause.

James’ fundraising and P&D’s donation meant that we were able to buy a well-spec’d ‘Heartsine Samaritan 500P' AED, plus a rescue backpack and first-aid kit, at a preferential rate from parkrun’s preferred supplier, Aero Healthcare.


On Saturday mornings, the AED will be located with the Run Director at the start/finish. If needed on the course, a volunteer will grab it and run the shortest route to the casualty.

The 500P is very simple to use. It provides verbal instructions to users and monitors and advises on the CPR needed to support the AED. No pre-existing medical knowledge is needed to use it. However, we will be providing AED and CPR training for our core team, and any other interested volunteers as soon as we can find a suitable local venue for a parkrun morning.


Here’s a short instructional video on using the Heartsine 500P:

We’ll be adding a QR code with a link to the instruction video, and key point card to all our volunteer safety lanyards.

We sincerely hope we never need to use our AED, but we’ll be as prepared as we can be should the need ever arise.

Reminder - In Case of Emergency (‘ICE’) Details

As a part of the parkrun registration process, there's an opportunity to register your 'ICE' or In Case of Emergency contact details.  These details are reproduced on your barcode and make it easier to contact loved ones if we need to. Please check your barcode now to see if your ICE details are shown and are up to date.

If not, please log on to your parkrun profile (most easily accessible from your latest result or volunteer thank you email - 'Manage my profile', click 'Update' and enter or amend your Emergency Contact details.  Then, importantly, re-print your barcode and use that each week.

You could also treat yourself or a someone else to one of the parkrun barcode wristbands, which can be personalised with ICE details and emergency medical information.

Have a look here:

Donating to parkrun

One final point.  If you’d like to donate to Cosmeston Lakes parkrun (and we might soon be looking for some storage and handling equipment for our signs, posts, cones, etc.) then you can do so via the ‘Donate to parkrun’ link on the ‘About Us’ page of our website:

Look for this button and follow the instructions.



Thanks for reading this far and for supporting Cosmeston Lakes parkrun.

Lyn (Event Director)


Christmas Day 2021 – Event Cancelled

We aren't holding an event on Christmas Day 2021 (Saturday, December 25th).

Your Run Directors are taking a Christmas break.

Watch this space for news of New Year's Day, 2022.

The Cosmeston Lakes parkrun team. 


‘Cosmeston Lakes Mudfest’ by Karl Johnson


Here's our first official run report courtesy of parkun tourist Karl Johnson.

I’ve been fortunate now to travel a lot with parkrun... Jersey, Dublin and Inverness to name a few. But today I was genuinely excited for my visit to event #3 of Cosmeston Lakes parkrun (phew, I got the name right - I’ve already had one telling off from ED Lyn Evans, haha!).

Having run at Cosmeston a few times for the locally famous Relay races - I just knew this was going to be a good event.

I chose event #3 for a reason - ticking off my Wilson Index #3 (it’s a parkrun challenge) and sensibly leaving the core team settle in for the first 2 weeks.


The sky cleared as I made my journey down the A4232 and through Wenvoe... even breaking into sunshine as I parked the car.  Parking a-plenty - good toilet facilities and only a small walk to the start of this new parkrun.



The crowds gathered prior to the first timers' brief delivered by RD Lyn, calling the crowds to step closer into his office.... and we all got a first taste of the mud that awaited us on the sodden grass. The route was meticulously explained raising a ripple of laughter when Mr RD explained “You fork off to the right on the first lap” and “Fork off to the left on the second lap.”  I thought it was funny, anyway!



So the route is very simple - a short climb up that hill and onto the main 'Mile Road' that runs right through the park. Firstly a small lap of the lake - then a larger extended lap of the lake before returning to the start (which turns into the finish, obviously).
Road shoes are perfectly fine but be prepared to get muddy - a few local lakes to navigate but an absolutely amazing course!  Mud, trail, water grass, tarmac - everything you could ever want from a parkrun - with a few small climbs making it a pleasantly testing route.


This week 180 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 134 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 28 different clubs took part. Tourists included runners from Singapore, Newport, Bristol and (of course) Pontypridd.  Congratulations to first finisher Sam Humphrey on setting a new course record in an impressive, muddy time of 16:46 and to Debbie Cumming on her 300the parkrun.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers: Kay NELLINS • Christopher NELLINS • Lisa CLEARY • Sue ROBSON • Lyn EVANS • Mike DAVIES • Louise HUNT • James MCNABB • Oliver MCNABB • Rhys MCNABB • Jennifer GRIFFITHS • Terry MCCARTHY • Hannah MCCARTHY • Simon WILLIAMSON • Peter TROTT • Lauren EVANS • Jane EVANS • Nigel ADAMS • Debbie WILLIAMS • Karl JOHNSON • Hilary JAMES • Helen MCCARTHY • Bethan APGLYN • Karen ADAMS • Arabella CALDER • Emily KENNEDY

The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cosmeston Lakes parkrun Results Page.

So in conclusion - amazing. Great route - lovely scenery - different types of terrain - amazing volunteers. All the ingredients for a perfect parkrun experience. We are so lucky in South East Wales to have some lovely parkruns, but this might, just might be the jewel in the crown.

Finally, may I wish you all, parkrunners and volunteers, a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. New Year’s Day double anyone???

Happy parkrunning.

Karl Johnson - A2301276




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