Coventry parkrun cancellations – 2019

There will be no Coventry parkrun on

  • 6 July - Godiva Festival 2019
  • 24 August - Car club event in the park
  • 21 September - Event in park

5k Cancellation Graphic (Apricot)


Coventry parkrun 4 May 2019 : Cancelled

Coventry parkrun will be cancelled on 4 May 2019.

This is due to other events setting up and taking place in the park over the weekend.

Lots of other parkruns available nearby if you'd like to partake in some parkrun tourism.

Happy running and hopefully see you 11 May.


Local races you may want to try – 2019

If parkrun has whetted your appetite for running, then here's a list of local runs to Coventry parkrun that you may wish to try. It's a rough guide, but if you think there are any missing then let us know at:

Resolution Run Coventry 2019 - Sunday 3 March 2019

Coventy Half Marathon - Sunday 24 March 2019

Warwickshire 5km Colour Fun Run for Macmillan Cancer Support - Sunday 7 April 2019

MFRC Tractor 10k - Monday 22 April 2019

Coventry Sprint Triathlon - 19 May 2019

Coventry & Warwickshire Pretty Muddy 5k 2019 - 29 June 2019

Coventry & Warwickshire 10k 2019 - 30 June 2019

Northbrook 10k - Sunday 14 July 2019

Kenilworth Half Marathon - 1 September 2019


Finish Funnel

We’ll be trying a few things over the next few weeks to help ensure that the finish funnel doesn’t fill up at Coventry parkrun. This will mainly be things that we’ve done before that we’re putting back in place to help with the increase in numbers.

There are a few things that you can do to help:
- Please listen to the instructions given to you by the Funnel Managers.
- Please enter the funnel and cross the finish line. Don’t enter the funnel from the side.
- When you cross the finish line please don’t stop – keep walking/running/crawling up the funnel.
- Keep up with the person in front and stay in the order that you finished. Try not to let gaps develop in the funnel.
- If you enter the funnel please take a Finish Token. Please don’t jump out of the queue before being taking a Finish Token. If you don’t want your time recorded, then just hand it in to the Barcode Scanners (or another volunteer).
- Be ready to receive your Finish Token – have your hand out ready. This should take priority over stopping your watch or phone!
- Once you have your Finish Token and have left the funnel please go to one of the Barcode Scanners to get your barcode and your Finish Token scanned – look for the signs. We have multiple scanners in operation, feel free to go to any scanner.
- Please keep the entrance and exit to the finish funnel clear.

Thank you


Coventry parkrun ongoing from Saturday 3 November

There will be a new start/finish for Coventry parkrun ongoing from this Saturday – 3 November.

Coventry parkrun will start and finish on the wide tree-lined avenue from the perimeter path heading towards the visitor centre.

This will not affect your Coventry parkrun experience.

The course will monitored for a couple of weeks whilst we settle in and make sure that everything is working ok.

There will be an area for small items such as clothing and water bottles. This won’t be manned and all items will be left at your own risk. Please don’t leave any items at the Visitor Centre as these will be removed.

The new start/finish area is close to a number of memorial benches and memorial trees. Please ensure that you don’t leave items on these. There is also plenty of green gym equipment nearby should you wish to stretch before/after parkrun.

The website and course description will be updated as soon as we’re able.




Coventry parkrun – 2 June 2018

There will be an early course inspection (as usual) tomorrow - 2 June 2018

We've been told that by that time the route, with a slight detour, will be usable. We'll be checking early to confirm this and will let you know if we're on tomorrow morning.

If we are on, do attend the briefing.


Coventry parkrun celebrates the 70th Birthday of the NHS – NHS70

The NHS is celebrating 70 years this year. They have teamed up with parkrun to encourage people to come and celebrate with a special nationwide parkrun NHS birthday celebration on 9 June 2018.

Coventry parkrun will be holding a special NHS themed event and would love as many people as possible, particularly NHS workers, to join us at the War Memorial Park.

There will be cake* and as ever fancy dress is encouraged, so dig out your doctors/nurse/paramedic/patient outfits!

(*healthier alternatives also available)

Running isn't a requirement, we have plenty of walkers each week who complete the 5k.

If you feel you aren't able to complete the course then you could join in by volunteering.

parkrun is entirely run by volunteers and is free for all to participate in. Just register for free at and print your barcode and bring it with you.

Your official invite can be dowloaded here:

Please feel free to share this with friends and colleagues there's a poster here too if you'd like to print one off:



The parkrun Code

The parkrun Code has been given a lick of paint.

The parkrun Code image

Some additional reminders:

  • If you’re new to parkrun or Coventry parkrun, please arrive in time to attend the new runner briefing at 8.50
  • Please attend the main briefing at the monument. You can’t hear it from the start line and we’d rather not have to come and repeat the briefing for those that don’t attend.
  • Please listen to the Run Director (or at least not talk through the briefing)
  • There are signs with estimated finish times at the start area. Please follow these. It will help everyone to get away safely and will decrease the need for people to overtake (particularly at the start)
  • Keep left at all time unless you’re on the way to the finish line (and finishing)
  • The paths are narrow in places so please don’t run more than 2 abreast
  • Be aware of other runners and walkers. Please give them room to enjoy the park and pathways
  • If you are passing people, please only do so when it’s safe and leave room for people behind you when you move back to the left hand side of the pathways
  • We do not have priority in the park. Under no circumstances should anyone shout at other park users or other parkrunners to get out of the way
  • Under no circumstances should you push anyone

These are, hopefully, common sense but if you’re unable to follow any of these then do get in touch with us at or speak to one of our volunteers.

This will all help everyone to continue to enjoy the friendly, community event that Coventry parkrun is.


Coventry parkrun cancellations – 2018

There will be no Coventry parkrun on:
19 May The Biggest Weekend: Coventry; key paths unusable (setup)
26 May The Biggest Weekend: Coventry; key paths unusable
1 September Godiva Festival 2018


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