Cranleigh parkrun – 254 – Inspirational…

The word of the day is inspirational.

Last Saturday Ella Jarvis completed her first parkrun with us at Cranleigh and I am sure many of you have read and were touched by her comments on the parkrun Facebook page.

If I may I will reiterate Ella's words "Thank you for providing such a supportive and friendly first parkrun (or walk in my case). Having spent two years on crutches this is a great opportunity for me to regain my fitness and who knows, we'll prove the doctors wrong and I will again one day run again. I will certainly be back again (sorry back up marshals).

My thoughts and feelings instantanously bought tears to my eyes when I read this, showing that what just a few words can have a momentous impression on one.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ella on the first timers brief and all of us hope Ella will return to progress her walking and in time a jog to a run.

One of our regulars Shane Lucas has a visual impairment and is supported by a guide runner. With good fortune before the end of the year Shane will have achieved 50 parkruns and is in example to us all in what can be achieved and not let a handicap hold you back.

It is truly wonderful that after months of chemotherapy for breast cancer that Alison McKenzie has found a new lease of life and enjoying parkrun again.

I know from my own personal situation that my passion to run kept my life on track when I was competing at a high level in the 1980s but incurred severe cruciate ligament damage to the right knee.

It was the same again some years later when suffering from depression resulting from the loss of my wife,

There will be not many of us, in fact I would say none at all, that will go through life not to experience mental, physical and emotional difficulties to overcome.

Parkrun with the community spirit it brings has inspired many to enhance one’s recovery and enjoy an improved lifestyle.

One of our centurion regulars, Jamie Rushworth will soon be having surgery on a troubling ankle and we all send our thoughts the operation will be successful. The recovery will be a prolonged number of months but I know Jamie will be inspired to return stronger than ever by the likes of Ella, Alison and Shane.

No matter what the weather is it is always great to take part in Saturday's parkrun, whether you're participating or volunteering.

This was our 254th event saw the sun shining with hardly a cloud in the sky making perfect conditions for a summer parkrun.

I believe I speak for the majority of parkrunners that ideally we would prefer it cooler but take heart that in Baghdad yesterday the temperature was 49 degrees Celsius and on the reverse side in the Falkland Islands is was 4 degrees and snowing.

There was an excellent turnout with walkers, joggers and runners making up today's pride of 136 participants of with 12 were doing their first ever parkrun. There were a number of local tourists and I think the furthest travelled was Norwich. We hope you enjoyed your parkrun with us and will return.

The first lion home was Oliver Gosden in his customary position and for the lionesses super fit Lynne Harris led the way. The majority of us enjoying a more leisurely pace.

I would like to praise everybody's achievement, especially if you managed a personal best or just enjoyed today's run.

Likewise, to give a shout out to some random parkrunners I've decided to choose my favourite number 4.

I would like to recognise 10 random people that completed today's parkrun in so many minutes with the number 4 in their seconds time.

In no particular order, well done to Katherine Helm, Amy Creak, Mark Tabor, Isabel Sayers, Scarlett Timmins, Ed Bond, Charlie Ross, Chris Tuthill, Hannah Miller and finally our tail runner of the day Harry Charlton.

There were some notable milestones to mention today and congratulations to young Gethin Lansdowne on his 50th and mother Jenny doing her 100th. A true family occasion and a memory to treasure.

It was also a day to remember for evergreen Lynne Harris completing her 200th parkrun today of which 155 have been here at Cranleigh.

The full results and a complete event history can be found on the Cranleigh parkrun results page.

Our iconic helpers today as always were magnificent and our gratitude is relayed to Caroline Todman, Polly Jacobs, Harry Charlton, Chris and Kate Mason, Joe Law, John Green, Jason Hurndall, Peter Crummett, Andy Harris, Ian Helm, Mackie Ringrose and Nick Reed.

We are often on the low side with regard to volunteers so if you are able to help in the coming weeks it really would be appreciated.

It does help the hard-working rota co-ordinator immensely, ensuring the parkrun can go ahead.

I am sure you know the e mail address but just in case it is or leave a message on Facebook.

Cranleigh parkrun 9 o'clock on Saturdays

Junior parkrun for children aged 4 to 14 on Sundays same time.

If you can spare some time on Sunday morning to help with the juniors please mail