Cranleigh parkrun report – 256

Running regularly cuts your risk of cardiovascular disease by 45%.

Running a parkrun you will have probably covered 7000 steps.

Running may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Running a 5 mile jog the average person will burn 500 calories.

Running dressed in red you are more likely to win than athletes wearing any other colour. Honestly, that is true.

Running shoes sold worldwide each year top over one billion.

Running with music can assist your performance by 15%. This is only if you are a particular kind of runner. If you tend to focus inward while running music will probably not help you much, but if you look for stimulus from your environment , pump the tunes to get over the finishing line more quickly.

Running often defines a person. It is a euphonic feeling that one looks forward to.

Running you might like to know that in the feet there are 26 bones,33 joints,112 ligaments and a network of nerves, tendons and blood vessels have to work together when we run. It is quite scary when you think about that, perhaps it is a very good idea not to .

Running is a symphony of precision and technique, psychological warfare and mesmerising muscle memory, where the line between victory can be minute. I do not think I am competitive enough or to slow to worry about that.

Running is competing against yourself and being with people with the same domain interest.

There are certainly some interesting things to think about and the majority of us are just fortunate enough to put one foot in front of the other and enjoy.

However, if you see me dressed in the coming parkrun dressed all in red with head phones on and achieving personal best times you know some research works !

Early morning rain said good bye for our 256th run and hope you all agree and embraced.

It was not quite so hot as the last few weeks have been for the participants that had gathered in Knowle park.

Likewise to the volunteers braving whatever the weather brings out there to encourage and support the parkrunners to complete the course.

As you find with most parkruns there us a tremendous buzz prior to the run getting under way.

As time started to get closer to 9 o'clock a good turn out of parkrunners had congregated at the corner of the football pitch as our run Director, Chris Finill gave us an update of news with the usual "rules of parkrun".

After the briefing another parkrun was set to begin and in total there was 91 of us who made our way around the course.

A very warm welcome to the first timers to Cranleigh, if you were visiting or it was your first parkrun ever, I hope you enjoyed and will be back soon.

The first timers beginning their parkrun journey were Tim Lewes, Rob Lane, Lucie Korousova and Phil Jacobs.

This makes the complete jigsaw for the Jacobs family with wife Zoe and daughters Polly and Alex regular runners and helpers at Cranleigh.

The tourists came as far north as Newcastle, west as Ireland and Norwich in the east.

Congratulations to Catherine George in achieving her 100 parkrun milestone of which 99 have been here at Cranleigh.

Perhaps next week Catherine, we will have another 100 to celebrate !

Another milestone goes to Dan Wood in achieving his 50 and whilst not an official milestone well done to Fiona Lear in making 200 parkruns.

A pat on the back to all of you that achieved personal bests today

There were some notable performances today helped by the good running conditions and will leave at your leisure to peruse the run information on the Cranleigh results page.

There were two "unknown" participants and each week unknown always turns up !

It is very quick and easy to register so please do and you will be well on your way to receiving your totally free milestone t-shirts.

There is also an important safety reason for registering as you are able to list any medical conditions you have and you can put down a contact number in case of emergency. The run Director will have access to this information should anything happen to you as sadly it very occasionally does.

I was pleased to see Ella Jarvis return for her second parkrun and continue her recovery process.

Finally, whether you are a runner, jogger, walker or volunteer well done to each of you and look forward to seeing you in the park next week.

I am sure there will be some cake for you.

Thank you to all our volunteers today as always setting the benchmark so high for all your help and support.

The event was made possible by Chris Finill, Kate and Chris Mason, Abi Truelove, Harry Jupp, Mackie Ringrose, Ray Grue Diane Robertson, Ella Jarvis, Jenny Lansdowne,Jyoti Lopes, David Andrews, Nick Sirs John Green, Alison McKenzie Alex, Zoe and Polly Jacobs.

If you count myself as well that nearly makes 20 volunteers to make parkrun happen.

If you would like to do some volunteering with us Cranleigh parkrun has roles for you. Please do not worry all roles are very straight forward, whether that be on the course marshal or if you like to be close to the finish line we have a number of time keeping positions.

If you wish you can give thought to doing a run report or warm down after your run by helping with close down, there are many jobs to be done for parkrun to happen.

It is always nice to have new names on the roster, so if you have not helped before or for a long time then you will be very welcome and feel a sense of achievement in doing so..

When you have helped on 25 occasions you will be entitled to claim your free purple volunteer parkrun t shirt, which is just as rewarding as a milestone run accomplishment.

Just an e mail to or a message, on our facebook page is all that is needed in assisting the work of our rota co-ordinator.

So in short it is ok to start and finish, it is ok to start and not finish, it is ok to never start but just to volunteer.

Whatever you do make sure it is the right thing for you and Cranleigh park run and do whatever puts that smile on your face to keep enjoying the parkrun experience.

Cranleigh parkrun on Saturdays at 9 o'clock

Junior parkrun on Sunday at the same time, all are welcome