Game, set and match to parkrun! Cranleigh’s 259…

Wimbledon might seem a distant past now but I could not resist a few tennis puns and there are many park runners who deserve strawberries and cream this week.

After a warm Saturday last week we had a more than gusty morning today but pleased to say, as always, it remained dry for parkrun.

There might have been low pressure over the UK but high pressure was building as we approached 9 o'clock.

We were all set for a perfect parkrun (but then isn't every Saturday) and we were all pleased to welcome back Andy Harris as our Run Director.

It was Cranleigh's event number 259 and after the race briefing 108 participants were all ready for the parkrun to begin.

Who were our fastest servers ?

Who were the milestone aces?

Who was in or out of form ?

Who was going to return with a personal best ?

Will the covers have to go on ?

Who was going to run out of deuce going up the Tim Henman (renamed for this week only, John) hill on the second time ?

Who was going to make a challenge, perhaps to pass and make a break ?

Who were the wild cards who might undercut and smash their way to improve their ranking?

Who were our champions to net a personal best at Cranleigh this week, lets find out how the game went.

Just briefly, first some stats at our parkrun today there were nearly 20 people visiting our parkrun for the first time, seven people doing their first ever parkrun, which hopefully will be the beginning of their parkrun journey.

We had a volley of parkrun tourists from as far as Beijing, perhaps coming specially.

First across the line was Oliver Gosden, the number one seed adding to his grand slam achievements.

However it really was a tie break decision with Christian Page.

The first lady was Abi Trulove again in a tense final with Alice Cranwell.

Anyone for milestones, please make a racquet (sorry, things perhaps can only get better) for their achievement.

There was nobody today but plenty to come in the weeks ahead.

Was there anybody on match point to reach a milestone?

There are a number of our regulars getting close, including Gwyneth Brearley on 47 and Jane Heathcote on 97.

There were no faults or errors as all of us followed through to the finish to be a winner.

Game set and match to parkrun..

15, 30,40 love and match point goes to all our volunteers who we applaud in making parkrun possible and successful, especially in the stormy conditions.

Our appreciation to this week’s helpers who were Andy and Lynne Harris, John Green, Alex and Polly Jacobs, Steve Browning, Ellis and Karen McKenzie, Kate and Chris Mason, Jason Hurndall, Harry Noyes, Harry Jupp, Mark Cranwell Mackie Ringrose and Robert Hedgecock.

If you can help on the Saturdays ahead please say when you are available and what role you would like to take on.

Your parkrun ID number also helps especially if you have not helped before and it really is fun to do.

It really makes a difference in keeping the rota ticking over and helps the hard-working co-ordinator.

Please e-mail if you help out to or leave a message on facebook,

The full results and past history can all be viewed on the Cranleigh results page.

Cranleigh parkrun on Saturdays at 9 o'clock with Junior parkrun on Sundays same time.