Cranleigh Parkrun 260

Cranleigh parkrun is the saviour of the run-iverse

Parkrun has helped every one of us join a wonderful community

Every parkrun is a miracle we can all appreciate and never take for granted

Cranleigh parkrun is in line for a healthy future and one to be proud of.

Knowle Park has thought and stood up for every one of us.

It is due for a change to the better I am sure

It does not matter how fast, every man, woman or child really is.

It was a plan which we all encouraged

We knew it is nothing about a run in a park

But a run that cannot fail.

Everyone who has a heart and inspiration may find parkrun a golden grail.

Parkrun free for ever.

We all know parkrun is not a race and what ever benchmark you set yourself it is your own personal achievement.

It is always good to see a number of our regulars improving or getting back to their normal times after perhaps injury, illness, family or have just begun their parkrun journey.

I will just mention five names that spring to mind and I hope that they will not mind me doing so, Ray Glue, Phil Jacobs, Martin Bamford, Alison McKenzie and Debbie Sampson.

That is parkrun for you, the answer to almost everything, at least in terms of health and well being.

There were some local tourists and further a field we had visitors from Bristol.

Also four people doing their first ever parkrun and we all hope you will return in the future to Cranleigh parkrun.

There were one milestones today and congratulations to young Imogen De Vos in achieving her 10th parkrun and to Emma in baking a cake for all of us to enjoy.

I am aware that Mark Tabor will be doing his 200th parkrun next parkday.

Mark has done all his parkruns at Cranleigh and I am sure when Mark started park running over four years ago could not have visualised that.

Well done to all 127 that participated in today's parkrun and perhaps even secured a personal best..

The full results and a complete run history can be found on the Cranleigh results page.

The event was made possible by our wonderful volunteers and everybody is extremely grateful to them.

Thank you to Run Director Caroline Todman and the team of Chris and Kate Mason, Ian Lambert, Georgie McLaren, Ella Jarvis, Connie Turner, John Green, Peter Crummett, Steve Browning, Vicky Claydon, Dan and Rebecca Wood, Mary Jones, Harry Jupp, Ray Glue, Elsa Hadfield and David Andrews.

If you have never helped or it is a while since you have then please give thought to help fill in any of the roster roles.

If there are not enough helpers then the event is unable to go ahead.

The e mail address is or leave a message on facebook.

Have a good week ahead and to be back next parkday.