Canleigh parkrun #262 and quiz #1

The last parkrun in the month of August was blessed with a grand day with a fresher feel than of late.

I think the majority of us were more at home in some what cooler conditions rather than record temperatures experienced over the Bank Holiday week-end and at the start of the week.

However the heat was rising with high expectation for today's event and was well supported with 131 parkrunners.

We welcomed some local tourists but also visitors from as far as Hornchursh in Essex and 7 new timers.

Thank you all for coming and that you were pleased with your run and return again.

I must just say something very briefly which bought a smile to my face last Sunday when waiting for the start of a 10km race.

The lady close by me said to her friend "without us slower runners it would not make the faster ones look good"

It is true in a way that what was said has a great deal of significance.

This is the wonderful thing about parkrun it is your own personal challenge to do 5km at the pace that suits you.

I would firstly like to congratulate, in no particular order the last four participants that completed todays event.

They were Gwyneth Brearley, Julia Finill, Heather Rainer and Kevin Sampson

Thank you to our tail walkers, Bridget and Geraldine.

The number 1 finishing token was credited to young Leon Wheeler in a super quick time and likewise Susan Wightman leading the ladies home.

25, 50 and a 100 and more to come, let us have a look.

We were all delighted to see regular Jane Heathcott completed her 100th parkrun today and applause all round.

Jane has done all of her runs here at Cranleigh which makes it extra special and has also given back to our parkrun by volunteering 38 times.

Likewise, more to celebrate with Hannah Rodgers achieving her 50th parkrun with 47 of those being here at Cranleigh and Hannah has helped out on many roles on her way to this milestone.

Thank you from all of us ladies for the lovely celebratory cake.

I would also like to mention Steve Browning who modestly has now surpassed over 25 volunteer roles and getting ever closer to claiming another t-shirt on reaching his 100th parkrun

Gwyneth Brearley and Bridget Slater completed their 49th parkruns today and hopefully they will be here next parkday to celebrate the red 50th milestone.

Our appreciation to our volunteers today for their hard work, support and encouragement.

Thank you to Run Director, Ian Helm for ensuring the event was a success and the team of Chris and Kate Mason, Robert Hedgecock, Harry Jupp, Stephen Deasley, John Green, Diane Robertson, Ella Jarvis, Bridget Slater, Ellis and Karen McKenzie, Geraldine Williams, Stephen Haynes, Fiona Hughes, Peter Crummett; and particularly Polly Jacobs for doing a wonderful job as volunteer co-ordinator over the past weeks.

This year it is noticeable that our numbers have increased and with this in mind it means more volunteers are required for the parkrun to happen.

Please have a look at the roster for the coming Saturdays and if you are able to help then please e mail or leave a message on the facebook page.

All roles are very straight forward and if you are a regular parkrunner and have not helped before or for a while then enjoy the good feel factor by volunteering.

I thought it would be an idea to finish off the report with a parkrun quiz.

It will make a change from pop master and if you listen to radio 2 during the week at 10.30 you will know what I mean.

There is only one rule and that one is not allowed to surf the net or similar devices to find the answers.

There are 10 questions each is worth 3 points making a total of 30 to achieve.

The answers are at the bottom of the report.

Anybody achieving 30 points qualifies for Champions league.

If you would like to have a go then quickly get a pen and paper and let's begin. Good luck

Question 1 Parkrun as we know it now had a different name when it begun.

A- Was it Bushy park fun run

B- Was it Bushy park time trial

C- Was it Run round the park 5k

Question 2 What year did parkrun begin ?

A-Was it 2002

B-Was it 2005

C-Was it 2004

Question 3 Bushey park was the first parkrun but what was the second ?

A- Was it Richmond park

B-Was it Hampstead Heath

C-Was it Wimbledon Common

Question 4 Second only to the UK which country has the most number of parkruns ?

A-Is it South Africa

B-Is it Australia

C-Is it Poland

Question 5 The founder of parkrun Paul Sinton-Hewitt; was he born in ?

A-Was it Zimbabwe

B-Was it England

C-Was it Ireland

Question 6 How many milestone t shirts as a guide figure are claimed each week?

A- Is it 1500

B-Is it 2000

C-Is it 2500

Question 7 What parkrun in the UK is judged to be the toughest ?

A- Is it Woolacombe Dunes

B- Is it Bevendean Downs

C-Is it Mole valley

Question 8 What parkrun in the UK is judged to be the quickest ?

A- Is it Victoria Docks

B- Is it Hove

C-Is it Horsham

Question 9 In 2010 who was a sponsor to Parkrun?

A-Was it Flora

B-Was it Gillette

C-Was it Lucozade

Question 10 Paul Freyne has run in many parkrun locations

A-Is it over 250

B-Is it over 350

C-Is it over 450

The answers are as follows

Question 1-B

Question 2-C

Question 3-C

Question 4-B

Question 5-A

Question 6-C

Question 7-A

Question 8-A

Question 9-C

Question 10-C

Well, how did you get on ?

Score 0 to 12--need for improvement

Score 15 to 21--well done, keep going

Score 24 to 30--excellent, take a well deserved rest.

Did anybody achieve the magic 30 ?

If so put your name to fame on facebook