Cranleigh – The 263rd report!

113 people crossed the finish line on Cranleigh’s 263rd Parkrun, including tourists from as far as Woking, Rushmoor and Guildford.

Firstly, a huge thank you goes to our volunteers, many of whom fulfilled more than one role: David Andrews (x2), Martyn Greaves (x3), Ellis McKenzie, Karen McKenzie (x2), Chris Finill (x2), Julia Finill (x2), Jason Hurndall, Peter Crummett, Alex Greenall, Sam Cornwell, Verity Tongs, Jon Robinson, Louise Bryant, Lucas Robinson, Raymond Grue, John Green, Mackie Ringrose, Harry Jupp (x2), Adam Weatherley and Jamie Rushworth.

If you would like to put yourself forwards to volunteer in the future please send an email to Julia (, who is our volunteer co-ordinator for September.

It was a delight to welcome 12 first timers at Cranleigh Parkrun today – for two people it was their first ever Parkrun; we do hope to see you again. Today we can also celebrate an amazing 25 PBs that were achieved, as well as two milestones. Well done to Bridget Slater and Victoria Arnold (you kept that one quiet!) for joining the 50 club!

Last week I too completed my 50th Parkrun and this gave me the opportunity to reflect on what Parkrun means to me. I started coming to Cranleigh Parkrun regularly about a year ago when encouraged to do so by my Mum. I soon became hooked and this is a testament to the friendly, inclusive and supportive environment Cranleigh Parkrun has to offer. It is always so lovely to see people cheering others on and without this support I have achieved PBs in the past that I never thought I would be able to reach. For me, Parkrun is about achieving personal goals and it was fantastic today to see Alison McKenzie and Ella Jarvis achieving their personal goals since returning after illness/injury.

Saturdays really wouldn’t be the same without Parkrun!