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Inaugural run report

Crathes Castle parkrun #1, February 9, 2019
Once upon a time....
In a land not so far away....
A phenomenal 238 parkrunners crossed the Finish Line at the inaugural Crathes Castle parkrun!
Now that's the way to make a debut on the parkrun stage!
Old man winter slipped snowy conditions into the mix on February 2nd resulting in the original launch date cancellation.  So, it was gratifying to see Mother Nature intervene on February 9th.  With not a flurry of snow nor ice in sight, the running paths were run-ready for 111 men & 127 women to parkrun their way into history.   In the mix, an impressive 28 Clubs were represented with StonehavenDeeside & Metro leading the way with...
Congratulations to Stonehaven Running Club's Ronald Gauld who crossed the Finish Line first in 17:48.  Peter Henry who hails from the Deeside Runners crossed the line second in 18:08 whilst Mark Mosgrove took the third spot in 18:11.
In the women's category, Metro Aberdeen Running Club's Alison Matthews crossed the line first in 21:17.  Next in was Alex Shaw showing how junior women blaze a trail in an impressive 22:46.  Claire MacAskill crossed third in 23:29.
Kudos to all for conquering this challenge course with such speed & setting the bar high.
To check out all the results, cybersprint over to:
For those that love running the numbers, parkrun tracks an abundance of statistics.  For instance, Ronald & Alison have claimed the first spot in the First Finishers' table.
Check out:
This Dynamic Duo also have their names up in lights in the Event History table:
Ronald Gauld continued his royal domination at the Crathes Castle parkrun by topping the charts in the Age Graded League with an impressive 76.69%.   To see how everyone else made the grade, check out:
Fabulous to see that an amazing 23 adventurous juniors took on Crathes Castle parkrun.
Congratulations to these speed-stars finishing first in the following junior categories:
JW10:  Eden Thomson  34:30
JW11-14:  Rosie Meyer 27:59
JW15-17:  Alex Shaw 22:46
JM10:  Ed Richmond 31:20
JM11-14:  Harry Meakins 27:51
JM15-17:  Alistair Ware 31:11
If you don't have your barcode with you at each parkrun, you won't receive a time & your name will show in the results as "Unknown".  The parkrun mantra is "No barcode, no time, no exception".   Bring your barcode each week so we can celebrate your parkrunning achievement by putting your name up in lights in our results.   Don't have a barcode yet?  Check on our home page for how to register:
Since this was the inaugural event, "PB" designations are not assigned.  But... in parkrunners' magical imaginations, many consider their first visit to a course as their PB for that course.  Proceeding on that premise, some have set the bar low, some have set the bar high.  Will you be looking to better your time on your next visit to Crathes Castle parkrun?  Time will tell...
An inaugural parkrun is an excellent opportunity to get your name into the Crathes Castle parkrun record books for the Age Category Records.  Check out whose names are up in lights at:
As future parkruns unfold at Crathes Castle, the initial records will be broken & new speed-stars will emerge through the various categories.
Who will be the future Kings & Queens of the Castle???
As of February 9, 2019, here's the scoop:
Number of events:  1
Number of first finishers: 2
Average number of runners per week: 238.0
Average run time:  31:52
Female Record Holder:  Alison Matthews - 21:17- Event 1 (09/02/19)
Male Record Holder:  Ronald Gauld - 17:48 - Event 1 (09/02/19)
Age Grade Record Holder:  Ronald Gauld - 76.69% - 17:48 - Event 1 (09/02/19)
Number of runners:  226
Number of clubs:  27
Average number of runs per runner:  1.1
Total hours run:  0 Years, 5 Days, 6 Hours, 25 Minutes, 22 Seconds
Number of runs:  238
Number of PBs:  0
Biggest attendance:  238
Total distance run:  1190 km
An alternate course was used due to logging works on what will be the regular route.  The alternate course was a challenging one for many including yours truly.  For those with mountain goat genes, it  was probably a dream.  But for those vertically challenged, it was quite the undertaking.  It all started out promising with a gentle start followed by a long downhill section.  It wasn't until parkrunners whipped by in the opposite direction on the same path that it dawned on the naive that what goes down, must come back up again.  Sure enough, a hairpin turn whipped us back to reality and a long climb back up ensued.  After that climb it was all a bit of a blur to this flat-lander.  The downs were always countered with the ups & the legs were watching the clock wondering why the Finish Line was so elusive.  Where in the heck was it?  Was it after this climb, or that climb or....maybe after the next climb?  Finally, at the top of one of the hills was the castle.  And the Finish Line.  Here's betting the sight of Crathes Castle never looked more magical.
Personally, I loved the challenge of the Crathes Castle parkrun.  I'll be back for more of this magic!
Speaking of magic...
Run Director Philip Ware was at the helm of the dedicated volunteer team who worked their magic at the debut of Crathes Castle parkrun.  A standing ovation to this team for all their work on the day & over the months leading up:
Anna ROSS  •  Ben WARE  •  Catherine MUIRHEAD  •  Dave MUIRHEAD  •  Fiona MOSGROVE  •  Gillian ROSS  •  Jane-Ann SPENCER  •  John MASON  •  Joshua WARE  •  Julie WARE  •  Laura MUIRHEAD  •  Lesley CHEYNE  •  Lewis MUIRHEAD  •  Philip WARE  •  Emma FARDON
All parkruns depend on volunteers to fill the roster each week.  To jump into the volunteer pool at Crathes Caste parkrun check out:
It was lovely to spy so many familiar faces & names at Crathes Castle parkrun.  From the Ware family to the Muirheads, to a full contingent of familiar folks from my home parkrun at Aberdeen, the ambiance they created was warm, & friendly.  As an added bonus, it was delightful to make the acquaintance of Event Director Fiona, & to re-connect with Emma from Camperdown.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the milestone T-shirts proudly on show.  Impressive to see so many sporting their 250 milestone T-shirts!  And how about Davie Black parkrunning his way to his 467th parkrun.... no doubt counting down to his 500 milestone T-shirt!  How inspirational is that!   The excitement of the day spilled over at the post-parkrun cafe chat.  All was abuzz with parkrun banter & you could feel the...
There were glowing reports with nothing but praise for a well organized event from tip-to-tail.   Event Director Fiona Mosgrove, you must be on Cloud 9 reflecting on what you & your team have achieved.  Thank-you all for bringing the magic of parkrun to Crathes Castle.
Happy parkrunning,
Cynthia Fry
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