A biblical parkrun

Well, now that I have dried out and removed bits of tree from my hair and more importantly can retrieve notes from my phone (apparently Samsung phones can be used in water but beware using them in rain as that seems to make them waterlogged!) I can write the run report. On Saturday I was RD so arrived early enough to agree putting up tape to mark out the finish funnel might be a bit of a risk as the gale that was due to descend on us was just starting. NOTHING however had prepared me for the torrential downpour that started just after we set off. In eight years of coming along to parkrun I have never experienced weather like we had on Saturday. More importantly, people who regularly come to parkrun regardless of weather (in my earlier days a hint of rain was enough to make me snuggle down under the duvet) said they had never experienced anything like it either.

Anyway, neither the rugby nor the weather deterred 248 of you lacing up your trainers and setting off on our two and a half lap course so huge respect to all of you. Particular respect goes to Dorothy Gwillim, Zoe Jones, Neve Doro, Kirk Reynolds, Leon Mitcheson, Michael Foo, Joel Mulimba and Tim King who chose last Saturday to do their first ever parkrun. Welcome to the cult! I met Kirk just before we set off, bright eyed, bushy tailed and really excited about his first parkrun. I smiled inwardly thinking he wouldn't be like that at the end but he would have a sense of chanievemtn. How wrong I was: Kirk bounded over the finish line with a huge grin on his face saying how much he'd loved it! Well done Kirk and looking froward to seeing you again soon. I'm going to make a punt and say Joel Mulimba might be Azkia and Caeden's dad as they usually run with mum Ashlee and she wasn't there on Saturday. She chose a great day to miss parkrun! Tim King was another newbie, having never done a parkrun before it was particularly good to see tim as I'd met him I the night before in the pub and was wondering if he would actually turn up! Finally, Dickie Halliday is listed as a first timer but I happen to know Dickie did his first parkrun on 5th October and because of a technical glitch got listed as an unknown runner so welcome back Dickie. :)

Now to unknown runners. Jake Simmonds and Ronnie Kadibu were our first finishers, both running without their barcodes so they don't get an official time. So I am going to note Adrian Lobb as first finisher! He came in after Jake and Ronnie and was still under 19 minutes: that really is obscenely fast and hardly worth getting out of bed for in my opinion. We had another 36 runners listed as unknown and apologies to those of you who did get scanned but somehow didn't end up on the list. We tried really hard with the scanning but by the end of the morning had one working scanner. I must say a massive thanks to the volunteers particularly Unity, Thomas and Efa who are all doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards and who stood in that horrible weather helping scan and generally being wonderful. As ever, we can only put on parkrun with the help of volunteers so do put your name down sometime either by posting on our facebook page, emailing the office and sending us an IM. One unknown parkrunner was Michael Mcintyre who came along, offered to volunteer and agreed to tailwalk, in his jeans, in a storm and then, at the end said he didn't have his barcode. What a star!

Some people ran their fastest ever parkrun on Saturday. I was really pleased to see George Stephenson ran his fastest ever with an incredible time of 20:17 although he was a little disappointed as he's aiming for sub 20! Jack Davidson ran his 250th parkrun on Saturday, it was his 75th in our lovely park. Well done Jack.

Being the first Saturday of the month we had pacers from Crystal Palace Fun Runners so a huge thanks to them for trying to run at a steady pace in such conditions. Lin Skinner should have been pacing but she really wanted to watch the rugby so did the route at 08:00 in 20:04! Well done Lin.

Next week's RD is Bob Bell so do step up to volunteer. Bon has apparently sorted much better weather for next week!

See you all soon.
Michele #loveparkrun

Crystal Palace parkrun
Event number 459
2nd November 2019
This week 248 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 36 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 25 volunteers:

Susannah SIMPSON • Carol HAYES • Tom WILSON • George WILLIAMS • Barry GRAHAM • Michele GOLDEN • Richard HARRISON • Chris DYKE • Sidney Ansell MCINTOSH • Jessica RANSOM • Chris BALMER • Unity KINGSTON • Mylene ELLIOTT • Suzi DALEY • Clare DAVIS • Sue CORCORAN • Michael MCINTYRE • Lyndsey MORLEY • Fred HAYES • Chiara PETRONE • Claudia RIOS • Murat AGUS • Pat GRIFFIN • Efa PARRY • Thomas BRIGGS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Crystal Palace parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Justina HESLOP who recorded a time of 17:23 on 14th January 2012 (event number 77).
The male record is held by Nicholas TORRY who recorded a time of 15:26 on 1st July 2017 (event number 344).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lucas SOPER who recorded 98.02% (20:10) on 5th October 2019 (event number 455).

Crystal Palace parkrun started on 29th May 2010. Since then 11,522 participants have completed 82,244 parkruns covering a total distance of 411,220 km, including 13,509 new Personal Bests. A total of 631 individuals have volunteered 5,480 times.