Not a parkrun report

I had a dream last night. I had arrived at the park at 10:00 and was heading to the area where we usually do the scanning. I knew parkrun was indefinitely postponed during the Covid 19 pandemic so you can only imagine my horror when I saw Tom had gone ahead and set up a finish funnel for the 120 of you who had done parkrun anyway! He was busily scanning all the finishers. I clearly need to get out more if this is an example of an anxiety dream, just at a time when I can't get out!

I missed what turned out to be our last (for the time being) parkrun last week as I had gone to another part of the country (you'll understand my reticence at mentioning where) to see my niece. We had planned to do her local parkrun but I forgot my sports bra so had to walk instead. It was a really interesting route, not least because there were quite a few police in attendance. Apparently, a local dog walker resented the fact the parkrunners crossed a small road in the park and had taken it upon himself to start driving at runners in an attempt to dissuade them from participating in this ridiculous running activity. Anyway, suffice to say they are changing the route in the park and so while they work out the new route they were cancelling anyway. And we thought we had dog walkers who are unenthusiastic about parkrun!

If I was writing the run report I would have said it was a beautiful day for running. No one needed me to tell them that. The park was heaving! I saw lots of people I would normally see at parkrun and we all called a cheery hello to each other and continued on our way! The Mulimba Family were out in force and Caeden keeping with both his parents for once and Azkia sporting his 50 T Shirt. Chris Balmer was cycling round the park, Claire Parkinson was speed walking and I had a lovely bit of socially distanced running with Susannah Simpson. Oh that's what we normally do! And I saw loads of parkrun regulars, along with lots of families and cyclists. It really was a beautiful day for being in our park.

I saw Lin Skinner who said she would text me the program she was doing in the park. She was doing a 12,8,4 run.......on her own. So, if you're interested in trying sme proper training here goes:
15 mins warm up
12 mins tempo
10 mins easy
8 mins tempo
6 mins easy
4 mins fast
15 mins cool down.

For a point of reference when Susannah and I were running towards the exit of the park Lin sped past us in what I think may have been her cool down pace!

So, these are odd times. I think I'll miss my weekly parkrun fix, as much for the social side of things as the running, well just for the social side of things! I realised this morning how many people I know by sight who all make my Saturday morning a fun and happy time. I'm going to try and keep running, as much for my mental health as anything else. And sometimes I will write a run report, because I can. When this is all over we will be back to meeting in the park and complaining about how fast Jake is.

So take care, try and stay well and see you on the other side........or at a safe distance in the park.

Michele #loveparkrun

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