Not parkrun 15th Feb – 21st Feb

What a difference A week can make

Last week was snow and ice and this week finished with sun and shorts weather hopefully this will continue and will encourage more of you to get out for walks and runs.

We had 43 people log 133 not parkruns 412 miles between everyone. Finishing 5th in the Kent league with Kent logging 2205 not parkruns 6835 miles between everyone


It is getting quite hard to spot who is over 50 not parkruns now so do please message in

Well done to this weeks PB's

5 (not)parkruns this week  |  47 (not)parkruns total
56.28% age grade
New PB!
7 (not)parkruns this week  |  71 (not)parkruns total
54.57% age grade
New PB!
6 (not)parkruns this week  |  63 (not)parkruns total
47.45% age grade
New PB!
7 (not)parkruns this week  |  34 (not)parkruns total
49.83% age grade
New PB!
1 (not)parkrun this week  |  9 (not)parkruns total
41.98% age grade
New PB!

Full results can be found here

keep your selfies coming we love to see you out doing your not parkuns and keep logging them you can do one maximum a day and you can do a long run and make a note of you 5k time and log well


also Renee set up a group on facebook for people to share photos / stories and have a natter feel free to join

Invite a friend

Why don't you see if you can get a friend on board walking/jogging a 5k it can be a walk to the shop and walk home to make it up to 5k it all counts and it would be fantastic to see some more new starters. See the bottom of the run report for details on how to register and log not parkruns

so how do you get involved ? well follow these steps and get those not parkruns logged

1 - walk/run a 5k when ever or where ever you like this can be any route you choose not just on parkrun courses and this could be part of a longer run/walk so if your doing a 10k run/walk make a note of you 5k time and log that.

2 - log into your parkrun profile

3 - click on not parkrun

4 - enter as follows so eg 31:16 would be input as 00:31:16 press submit and your go into the results

5 - you can log a not parkrun once a day

6 - get out and get active and join your community of not parkrunners and you can see your progress

7 - have fun

8 - remember a 60 min 5k is the same distance as a 21 min 5k

9 - invite your family and friends to take part

10 - what are you waiting for