Takeover Events 2017

We’re pleased to announce another summer season of ‘parkrun takeovers’ by a variety of different groups, over the coming months.


Sat 29 April 2017  Quakers Running Club 
Sat 20 May 2017  Darlington Harriers 
Sat 27 May 2017  Catterick parkrun
(new event team) 
Sat 10 June 2017  Catterick parkrun
(new event team) 
Sat 24 June 2017  Richmond & Zetland Harriers 
Sat 8 July 2017  These Girls Can Run 
Sat 22 July 2017  Juniors (Under 18) 
Sat 5 August 2017  New Volunteers 

On each of these dates, all volunteer roles will be filled by representatives of each group. On the final takeover event, on Saturday 5th August 2017, we invite parkrunners who have never volunteered before to give it a try!

Please contact darlingtonsouthparkhelpers@parkrun.com with any questions


Christmas Day and New Year’s Day parkruns

In addition to the usual parkruns, which will fall on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve this year, your Darlington South Park parkrun Core Team are willing to host a Christmas Day and New Year's Day run.

As many of you will know, these are the only days outside of the usual time that parkrun permits us to host additional runs.

We anticipate that the Christmas Day run will be held at the usual time of 9am, however we are liaising with Sedgefield parkrun over their plans for New Year's Day, to see if we can provide the opportunity for a 'parkrun doubler'.

Sedgefield parkrun also host a Junior parkrun, and as New Year's Day is a Sunday this would normally be given precedence, so we are just waiting for confirmation of Sedgefield plans before confirming a time.

In order for these additional events to take place, we will need teams of volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering on either of our Christmas Day or New Year's Day parkruns, please let us know at darlingtonsouthparkoffice@parkrun.com


Double Century at Darlington

parkrun #200

This Saturday, 1st October 2016, will be the TWO HUNDREDTH parkrun at Darlington South Park!

Since the first parkrun in Darlington (back in December 2012) 5,497 people have taken part, covering a combined distance of over 212,000km! The total time spent running is a massive 2 years, 70 days, 7 hrs, 54 mins & 4 secs - with an average finish time of 27:09

Our biggest attendance in the 199 parkruns so far was 341 - will we beat that this weekend, for our double century?! Come along and help us celebrate - fancy dress optional!


Darlington 10K – Volunteers Needed!

As many will be aware, the Darlington 10K will be taking place at 10.30am on Sunday, 9th August 2015. If you're not running in the race, perhaps you might consider helping out?

Phil Haymer, Events Officer at Darlington Borough Council, is looking for volunteers who may be able to help out on the water station, or as marshals at key junction points.

Phil has kindly offered to come down to parkrun ahead of the race to talk to those who might be interested in being involved. If you would be interested in helping at the Darlington 10K, please do let us know at the usual e-mail address, and we'll liaise with Phil accordingly.


‘QUAKER TAKEOVER’ – Saturday, 11th April 2015

Occasionally, a local Running Club may takeover a parkrun event for a week, with members of that Club undertaking all the volunteer roles.

This provides an excellent opportunity for Running Clubs to show their appreciation of parkrun, give something back to the local running community, and demonstrate to non-Club runners that Running Clubs are both welcoming and inclusive places for runners of all abilities.

Quakers Running Club has developed a reputation as one of the friendliest Running Clubs in the North East, with their distinctive Black and White Vests regularly seen at races across the region.

The Club have offered to 'takeover' our parkrun event on Saturday, 11th April 2015, and have kindly provided Club Members to cover all the volunteer roles on this date - the Volunteer Roster for this date is now full.

This is the first time a Club has offered to 'takeover' our event, and it should be a truly special occasion. Why not join in the fun, and don the 'Black and White' on this date...


EGGS-cellent! It’s our Easter parkrun… Saturday, 4th April 2015

Saturday, 4th April 2015, will see our traditional Easter run at Darlington South Park parkrun.

As in previous years, we would like to encourage runners to wear Bunny ears, dress as Easter chicks or don an Easter bonnet!

It should be EGGS-cellent! ;)


‘JUNIOR TAKEOVER’ at Darlington South Park parkrun – Saturday, 15th November 2014

As mentioned on a previous News Bulletin, we are hoping to try something quite special soon. We have had to amend the date slightly, but we hope to have a 'JUNIOR TAKEOVER' on Saturday, 15th November 2014.

What do we mean by 'Junior Takeover'?

Well, it's quite self-explanatory really. We would like those regular Junior parkrunners to takeover all the volunteer roles for the week, and provide them with the opportunity to run their local parkrun! That's right, a Junior 'Run Director', Junior 'Time Keepers', Junior 'Barcode Scanners', Junior 'Marshals', etc.

Obviously, there will be members of the Core Team on hand beforehand, and during, the event to provide any assistance and training, and we would hope some parents may be willing to help out too (but remember, the kids are in charge!).

If you're a Junior parkrunner and are interested in being involved, please check with your parent or guardian first to ensure that they will be able to attend with you, and ask them to contact us at darlingtonsouthparkhelpers@parkrun.com, to express your interest. If you are interested in a particular role, please do let us know, though we are unable to guarantee that you would be allocated that role at this point.

Juniors - it's over to you!


Darlington South Park parkrun: Christmas Day 2013 and New Year’s Day 2014

As you all know, parkruns take place up and down the country every Saturday morning at 9am. The only two days that we are permitted to hold parkruns outside of this arrangement are on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Over the festive season, Darlington South Park parkrun have decided to hold runs on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Our Christmas Day parkrun will commence at 9.00am, and you may only participate in one parkrun on Christmas Day.

Our New Year's Day run will commence at 10.30am. As starting times of local events may differ, you may complete two parkruns on New Year's Day (for instance, you may complete a 9am parkrun, and then participate in a 10.30am parkrun).

At this moment in time there will be NO toilet or cafe facilities open at the South Park, however we will keep you updated if this changes.

Hope to see you there!


Darlington South Park parkrun: 1st Anniversary parkrun – Saturday, 21st December 2013

Darlington South Park parkrun started on Saturday, 15th December 2012, and to date 1,353 different runners, including participants from 88 athletics clubs, have completed 6,142 runs covering a total distance of 30,710 km, and there have been 1,881 new Personal Bests. A pretty fantastic first year, huh...?

We will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary on Saturday, 21st December 2013, and we would like to encourage as many parkrunners come along to the South Park to celebrate with us. Ahead of the run we will be announcing the names of those runners who finished first in the Annual Points Competition, and there may be some other surprises along the way...

It would be great to see you there!

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