Daventry parkrun is cancelled on 24 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Daventry Parkrun – Event Number 283, 14th March 2020

The best thing about travel tourism is coming home.

So, after a three weeks hiatus, 205 people – including representatives of 16 clubs, walked, jogged and ran the only slightly soggy and mildly muddy course. For 11 people it was their first time round Daventry parkrun, for nine of them their first ever parkrun! With an impressive 23 people logging new Personal Bests – well done to all.

Coincidentally 23 is the exact number of volunteers who made the event possible. This weeks’ high viz heroes were: Debbie AZAM, Ryan BAXTER, Kate BOND, Daniel CLARKE, Joe CRUMPTON, Mike CRUMPTON, Christopher EDGE, Teresa HALL, Declan HAMILTON, David LORD, Deborah MONROE, Derek MONROE, Angela MOORE, Keith MOREMAN, Chris MULLANEY, Kim MULLANEY, Leigh REEVE, Eddie RINGROSE, Debbie SACH, Stella-Maria THOMAS, Dominic TRANTER, Erin TRANTER, Rebecca WHEAVER.

And Declan Hamillton completed his 25th volunteer session so he's due a purple 25 t-shirt! Thanks for your dedication, Declan!

A mere 17:47 after the off, Daniel CLARKE led the field home. The first lady home was Zoe KEMP clocking 21.18. This week there were milestones for Jayne KILSBY who joined the 100 club, Timothy Birks who hit 50 but kept it very quiet, and Erin Tranter completing her 10th parkrun and making her daddy proud.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:19 on 5th August 2017 (event number 148).

The female record is held by Emma BOND who recorded a time of 18:07 on 21st July 2018 (event number 197).

The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 97.63% (23:11) on 29th December 2018 (event number 221).

Daventry parkrun started on 8th November 2014. Since then 7,728 participants have completed 60,468 parkruns covering a total distance of 302,340 km, including 9,946 new Personal Bests. A total of 719 individuals have volunteered 6,590 times.


Daventry Parkrun – Event Number 282, 15th February 2020

With the competing challenges of a course change owing to the Country Park maintenance works in progress and the inclement weather, it required a detailed course inspection to determine if the parkrun could go ahead. With thanks to Daniel CLARKE for carrying out the final pre-course check and to Karen BALLOCH and Chris EDGE for assisting with setting up the revised route, it got the go ahead. It was impressive to see 229 people in good spirits run, jog and walk the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 8 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.

Having completed his warm up during the pre-course check, Daniel CLARKE was the first male home in 18.36. The first female home was Tammy NURSE in an impressive 21.38. David ADAMS joined the 50 Club and James BALLOCH completed his 200th parkrun – well done to all.

The final word has to go the 27 volunteers whose contribution can only be described as outstanding. They demonstrated all the best qualities of team work and they should feel extremely proud of the support they gave to the event which was much commented on by the runners. The high viz heroes were: Christopher EDGE • Karen BALLOCH • Sandra BEAR • Catherine RUMSEY • Rebecca WHEAVER • Angela MOORE • Mike SMALLWOOD • Andrea QUINN • Janice WILSON • David TARBUCK • Daniel CLARKE • David WILLIAMS • Will STEVENSON • Carolyn PEEL • Declan HAMILTON • Colin BALLINGER • Tom ELLIOTT • Lizette HUMMEL • Stephen GARRETT • Maureen SMITH • Claudia HUMMEL • Kate BOND • Leigh REEVE • Erin TRANTER • Debbie SACH • Stan LATHAM • Eddie RINGROSE
Congratulations to Erin TRANTER for completing her 25th volunteer stint.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:19 on 5th August 2017 (event number 148).

The female record is held by Emma BOND who recorded a time of 18:07 on 21st July 2018 (event number 197).

The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 97.63% (23:11) on 29th December 2018 (event number 221).

Daventry parkrun started on 8th November 2014. Since then 7,718 participants have completed 60,263 parkruns covering a total distance of 301,315 km, including 9,923 new Personal Bests. A total of 719 individuals have volunteered 6,567 times.


International Women’s Day parkrun – March 7th 2020

Research shows us that, across the world, women are less likely than men to take part in parkrun. This is despite the fact that females make up 54% of registrations. They are less likely than men to take part in parkrun and, even if they come along once, to are also less likely to continue participating. With that in mind we will celebrate International Women's Day at Daventry parkrun on March 7th, giving us a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to participate in parkrun events all over the world.

This does not mean men will not be welcome. Of course they will be able to participate in parkrun on this day; everyone is always welcome to participate at parkrun! And in case you were wondering, International Men's Day is in November, on the 19th to be precise.

We will have special "This Girl Can" selfie frames and flags on the day and would encourage as many women as possible to come along and join in. Bring your mother, your sister, your niece, your daughter, your grandmother, your best female friend especially if they've talked about doing parkrun but have been nervous about it! This is the perfect opportunity to convert them and maybe gain a new running buddy! So come along, dress in pink or purple (if you want) and get involved.


How parkrun Works – FAQs

Dear everyone!

It's the start of a new year and with this in mind, and with so many new people joining us on a Saturday morning, we thought we'd put together some information about our event - why we ask you to do what we do, give you a bit of terminology and let you see how everything works.


Firstly, everyone is a volunteer; we try to be as professional as we can be, but do bear this in mind if the results are late, or there are no photos on the Facebook page (we may not have a volunteer photographer this week). Having said that, we volunteer because we love it - it's fun, engaging and you can learn new skills in a warm and welcoming environment. It's not a closed shop and anyone is welcome to join in, whenever they want to.

So, let's look at a few parkrun day rules and explain why they are there!

So that run brief? I heard it last week so don't need to hear it again right? Nope, that couldn't be further from the truth! Yes, there will be some recap on the rules we have to have in place, but there may be amendments to the course, things to be aware of, as well as some announcements of running milestones. Also, just because it isn't your first time, it doesn't mean that there aren't new people there so they won't have heard it before. All we ask is for 2-3 minutes of silence before you run. Please keep quiet during the run brief.

Don't forget your barcode (or #DFYB)! This is the golden rule. Without a barcode you can't get an official time. You can still take part of course, but please take a finish token and simply give it us back. See also "Ok, so you won't take it off my photo, but you can write it down, yeah?"

What is a funnel ducker? This is someone who enters the finish funnel then jumps out without taking a token. This causes issues for the team when processing results as the following explains.

Why should I take a finish token? When you cross the line into the finish funnel, our timekeepers click the stopwatch or taps the app. Every time someone crosses the line, they click or tap. These "clicks" or "taps" are recorded and we upload them to a results processing system called webFMS. The data is very simple. It tells us that the 99th runner over the line crossed in 25:00, the 100th runner crossed in 25:10 and so on.

At the end of the funnel you are passed a finish token. These are in numerical order and what we aim to do is ensure that runner 99 gets token 99. When we scan you and your position token, and upload that to webFMS, the system looks at all of the information and basically says, runner 99 is John Smith and the 99th runner clicked was 25:00 so therefore John Smith's time is 25:00. Simples, eh?

BUT things can go astray! If runner 99 were to be a funnel ducker, then there is a chance that runner 100 actually gets token 99 - meaning the computer gives Joan Smith 25:00 when she actually got 25:10. Now this doesn't sound much but if a few people do this, as more and more people enter the funnel (and a few duck out) the results get more and more mixed up. Still with us?

The same would happen if you refused a token. The person behind would get your time and so on. So we're not being funny when we say that you must take a token; it's simply how the results are processed.

What if I don't have a barcode and I'm not fussed about a time? Ideally you would still enter the funnel, collect a token and then pop it in one of our buckets by the barcode scanners. We don't think this is too much to ask. But, if you are using parkrun as part of a long run and want to keep going, or if this sounds too much like hard work, then please don't enter the finish funnel. We would prefer it if you did so we can get an accurate number of participants, but if you aren't prepared to wait a few moments in the funnel for a token, please don't enter it.

I'm in the funnel but why do I need to stay in order? I've crossed the line so it's OK, yes? Well no actually! On the same basis as what we said about the stopwatch clicks, you will get a more accurate time if you stay in the finish position you were in when you crossed the finish line. Taking a token in the correct order means you'll get your actual time rather than your funnel neighbour's time.

When does the stopwatch start? Timing starts when the Run Director yells "Go!". Some of you start your watch as you cross the start, and depending on where you start, this could be a few seconds after the Run Director has started the run, but your official time is from the first click on the stopwatch.

Why can't my time be from when I cross the start line? Resources, simply. We are a free timed run and don't have chip timing as most races do.

These tokens are nice and would look good on a keyring; can I keep them? Sadly not. The finish tokens are always required back at the end of the run. If you have your barcode with you, the scanner will retain your position token so we can use it again next week. If you've forgotten your barcode, please simply pass the position token to a barcode scanner. Please don't take them home. If you accidentally do this, and you find it in your pocket later, please let us know! We're always relieved to get them back; just email us with the number!

Oh no! I ran a great run today and didn't get scanned until 15 mins after I finished. Does that mean my time will be 15 mins more? No, this isn't the case. Whilst it is always a good idea to get scanned straight after the run, a delay in scanning doesn't add minutes to your finishing time. Remember the tokens we discussed above? The system knows that if you crossed the line in position 200 and collected the appropriate finish token, your time will match the 200th click on the watch.

I've taken a photo of my barcode on my phone. You can scan that, right? Actually we can't, sorry. Our scanners cannot read off screens and a photo of a barcode will be locked away with a PIN so if something were to happen to you, we couldn't access your "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) number. We only accept paper, tag or wrist bracelet barcodes.

Ok, so you won't take it off my photo, but you can write it down, yeah? Again sadly no. The rules for this are firm and clear and when you access your barcode from your profile screen, it clearly states that photographs are not permitted. If the volunteers were to do this, there is huge potential for them to be manually adding lots of results from people who didn't abide by the rules. The same applies if you have forgotten your barcode. We will not add you to the results.

Sounds a bit mean! It's not really. Let's put this into context. Our volunteers between them have to remember to bring a laptop, stopwatches, scanners, hi-viz, lanyards, folders, signs and many other pieces of kit to ensure parkrun happens safely each week. Then it is packed away, results are processed, tokens are sorted, run reports done, social media updated and hi-viz vests washed. All we ask you to bring is your barcode. Does that sound OK?

Ok, you've got me. But what happens if my barcode gets smudged or the scanners can't read it? Now, that's a different story. As you have brought a barcode and for some reason it can't be scanned, then we will write it down for you and add you manually. This is the only occasion where we do this and another reason why we don't write down for people who've forgotten or have it on their phones. We utterly LOVE parkrun and volunteering, but we do like to do other things on a Saturday after the run has finished!

Can I start anywhere I like? Theoretically, yes, of course. However, we have a fairly narrow and tight first 500 metres or so, and some pretty fast regulars. If you can run 5k in 20 minutes or less, please feel free to start at or near the front of the pack. If not, we'd really rather you didn't, simply because we don't want you to be trampled under foot by accident!

Can I run with my dogs? Yes, as long as you only run with one dog, and you keep that dog on a short leash at all times on and around the course.

Can I run with my chidren? You may indeed provided your child is old enough to be a registered parkrunner (4 years is the minimum). Juniors (up to 14 years of age) must be able to complete the course themselves to have their barcode scanned. Being carried or pushed around in a buggy or pushchair doesn’t count. All under 11 year olds must be within arm's reach of you or another designated adult (18 years old at least) of your choice at our event. This is an insurance requirement and local event teams have the authority to remove the results of juniors who persistently flout this non-negotiable rule.

Running whilst carrying a child of any age (whether in a front or back baby carrier/harness, in your arms, on your shoulders or piggyback) is not permitted, as it poses a safety risk. Walking whilst carrying a baby or child is permitted as long as their safety and welfare is not compromised.

If you feel 5k is too much, then junior parkrun (which happens on Sunday mornings) is designed specifically for children aged between 4 and 14, and your junior parkrunners can run unaccompanied there.

Can I run with a pushchair or buggy? Yes, buggies are allowed though be aware that there are two fairly tight gates to negotiate as well as a lot of mud in the winter months. Please take care of other participants around you. If possible start from the back of the field and try to keep to one side of the main body of participants. We should also make clear that only those people who complete the course under their own steam will get a finish position so your buggy passenger will not receive a time! Those who are too young to run will have to wait until they are old enough to run it.

That covers quite a lot and hopefully some things are a bit clearer now. Perhaps you already knew this, but it's quite likely that there is something in there that was news to you. We usually do the results straight after we've packed everything away, up at the Leisure Lakes Bikes cafe and you are always welcome to watch and learn. And of course, if there is anything that you are unsure about, please ASK! We're a friendly bunch and want you to come back again and again. Plus your barcode is your passport to parkruns right across the globe. No need to re-register! Whether you're travelling to Brighton or Brisbane, your own parkrun barcode is accepted there!

See you soon!

Your parkrun Core Team


Daventry Parkrun – Event Number 277, 11th January 2020

Run report courtesy of Chris Czora. Thanks Chris!

Yet another bumper attendance at Daventry parkrun, as 373 people were up bright and early for a tour of Daventry Country Park. Although conditions were fairly warm and dry out on the course, a stiff breeze made things a little chilly before and after the event, with the exposed pathway at the top of the course also experiencing some sharp crosswinds!

Full gratitude must be given to all the marshals and officials for standing out in such conditions, and for your encouragement en-route.

By Daventry’s winter standards the course was fairly dry, although there was plenty of standing water and a few heavy mud patches to be encountered on the course.

Congratulations to the latest members of the 50 Club, with Chelsey BYLES and Paul Thomas WILLIAMSON both getting their milestone on Saturday. Meanwhile Mike SMALLWOOD crossed the line for his century, congratulations to Mike as he joins the 100 Club!

A huge thank you goes to Margaret URWIN who becomes a member of the v25 club, with her 25th volunteering role. Thanks to Matt Letts too who also joins the v25 club (though we can't see that here because he's still registered at Northampton)!

The first runner home was Matthew GLENN, the Rugby Triathlon Club member completed the course in 17:32, just three seconds ahead of newcomer Vincent RIVIERE who adds Daventry to a very impressive roster of completed parkruns! Vincent also gained the highest age percentage score of 78.20%.

The first female runner was twelfth placed Zoe KEMP of Human Energy AC with 20:51, whilst second female Louise ANDREWS and third Becky PHAGURA were almost tied on time, Louise’s 23:11 just one second ahead of Becky.

We welcomed 42 First Timers to Daventry parkrun, of whom 21 completed their first ever parkrun. Thanks to all who came along and well done to everyone who completed their first parkrun, hope you enjoyed it and fancy coming back for more... most do!

Despite conditions being a little tricky in places, 37 people managed a PB. This was made up of a real cross section of runners throughout the field, so very well done to all who got their PB!

Saturday’s parkrun took on special meaning as runners arrived at Daventry in the memory of Kate Vanloo. An enthusiastic triathlete and former participant of Daventry parkrun both as a runner and a volunteer, Kate’s memory was remembered four years after her passing, with a considerable number of Rugby Triathlon Club members coming along to take part in her memory.

Saturday continued the trend of some great attendances at parkrun, not just here but elsewhere. Having taken part at parkrun events here in Daventry over Christmas and New Year, along with my local parkrun at Shrewsbury, it was a real eye-opener how many were taking part.

The inclusiveness of parkrun is a real attraction to newcomers like myself. It really can be what you want it to be. Christmas is often a time where many people put physical activity on the back-burner, yet I wonder as parkrun gets more popular, if it means people are starting to include keeping fit as part of their holiday fun? I certainly enjoyed starting Christmas Day with some parkrun!

Hope to be back at Daventry parkrun soon, I’m away next week in Wales so fancy a bit of touristing, either the (excellent & very muddy) Erddig parkrun or having a jaunt to Pwllheli for a run on a beach! I used to work up there quite a lot and miss it... parkrun seems an ideal excuse to visit!

All the best



This week 373 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 42 were first timers and 37 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 26 volunteers: Stella-Maria THOMAS • Margaret URWIN • Ian SMEDLEY • Kate SHARMAN • Samantha HARDING • Nadine GRAY • Lindsey WOOD • Jade LETTS • Carol HOLMES • David TARBUCK • Daniel DAY • Paul BARKER • Daniel CLARKE • Declan HAMILTON • Matthew LETTS • Colin BALLINGER • Amy BADKIN • Tom ELLIOTT • Andrew HALL • Julia MUMFORD • Claudia HUMMEL • Kate BOND • Erin TRANTER • Stan LATHAM • Chris CZORA • Eddie RINGROSE

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Daventry parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Ian KIMPTON who recorded a time of 15:19 on 5th August 2017 (event number 148).

The female record is held by Emma BOND who recorded a time of 18:07 on 21st July 2018 (event number 197).

The Age Grade course record is held by Angela COPSON who recorded 97.63% (23:11) on 29th December 2018 (event number 221).

Daventry parkrun started on 8th November 2014. Since then 7,550 participants have completed 58,764 parkruns covering a total distance of 293,820 km, including 9,742 new Personal Bests. A total of 715 individuals have volunteered 6,433 times.

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