Delamere parkrun event 353, March 14th 2020

This week's report is written by Helsby RC.

Helsby RC decided at the back end of 2019 that we wanted to give a little back to the local community and decided on starting our own C25K group, which over 9 weeks gets people off the couch and able to run a 5K. We had decided as well, that it would be great to get them to do their graduation run at our local parkrun in Delamere. We also thought about giving the Delamere parkrun volunteers a break for a week, and Helsby RC would provide nearly all of the marshals, and also throw in some pacers to get runners over the line in sub 20 mins, 22, 25, 30, 35 & 40 mins.

To see a group of people come from walking and running 90 secs to running 5K all by themselves and all the nights we gave up our time in the driving wind and rain, and to hear how they have really enjoyed it, so much so a big group of them have now joined the running club, makes it all worth it.

On the day it was a cold, chilly morning but no rain for once, the parkrun race director pointed us all into our positions, and I think the event went really well with just over 300 turning up on the day, the week before parkrun was then cancelled due to Corona Virus. Even this hasn't put off the group from training though, and I know they are still going out by themselves to run 5k a day, and will hopefully be joining us for our improvers group once things get back to normal again

Thanks Delamere parkrun for having us, we all really enjoyed it and I've seen quite a few positive comments on social media and strava about our pacers, hopefully helping a few people to parkrun PBs on the day, and hopefully we shall be invited back when we look to do another C25K in the summer if all goes well.

Chris Fitzpatrick