01/12/2019 Event -93

Run Report
01/12/2019 Event -93
Run Director Kieran Coyle

Thanks to this week's volunteers
Anne HUTTON • Deirdre BATESON • Deirdre WILLIAMS • Fj BAYLIS • Julie CASSIDY • Karen FARRY • Kieran COYLE • Milo COYLE • Neil CALLAN • Niamh MULGREW • Paul FARRY • Sean MOLLOY • Shane GALLAGHER • Zac BAYLIS.

Please let us know if we have missed you today if you have volunteered and not listed, please please let us know; we had some great offers just before we started today and apologise if I didn’t get your name down on the list.

It’s all quiet for about 25minutes before our event starts then all of a sudden everyone is jumping out of cars, people and prams running to the start line and volunteers throwing on bibs and guys asking about roles. Shane and I were talking about it this morning, it is very funny to watch the parkrun magic of people just appearing on the scene.

We had 62 juniors take part today and we had Ryan WILSON, Clodagh CASSIDYON, Jake RODDY, Sophie LUFFMAN, Ethan O'HAGAN, Jake ROBINSON, Jim MCKEON, Amelia SHAND, all achieving personal best times today; well-done guys.

Sean Molloy had the pleasure in presenting milestone marathon wristbands to Emily Rose KELLY all the way from Lifford and Charlie LINDSAY-SPENCE; they are now working towards an ultra-marathon milestone wristband. Remember to print out your certificate and take it into school; just go into your parkrun profile page and print out here is the link https://www.parkrun.com/signin/.

We had a few unknowns today, they haven’t registered yet so here is the link to get registered https://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/.

Anyone thinking about coming please check out our website, its has all the info you need https://www.parkrun.org.uk/derrycity-juniors/
No Barcode = No Results #DFYB

We have only one rule and it is Don't forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode. You can even request a weekly set reminder to bring a barcode. So don’t forget your barcode folks; no excuse you can even buy permanent barcodes here https://parkrun-barcode.com/

December 22nd is the date for our Christmas jumper event. We are asking everyone to wear a Christmas themed jumper on the last Sunday before the big man’s visit and could the adults bring a small donation of mince pies/biscuits for afterwards for tea/coffee in the café.

It would be nice to see everyone getting together for a cuppa and remember you get a 10% discount when you show your barcode to the café.

See below poll about holding a Christmas Day or News Years Day event for the kids. Please note our regular volunteers are not likely to be around for these events because they are looking for a well earned Christmas break. So if voting you may need to help out to run it.
The Team

Christmas Day Event

New Years Day Event

Derry City junior parkrun Run Report 58 - 17/03/2019
Run Director
Kieran Coyle
Thanks to this week's volunteers


Derry City junior parkrun Event 54 – 17/02/2019

Derry City junior parkrun Event 54 - 17/02/2019
Run Director – Kieran Coyle
Thanks to this week's volunteers
Cristina ICHIMESCU • Deirdre BATESON • Eoghan REYNOLDS • Glenda MELLON • James MULLAN • Kieran COYLE • Moya REYNOLDS • Oisin REYNOLDS • Rebecca MULLAN • Sean MOLLOY • Shane GALLAGHER

Today we presented Olivia JAMISON with her Half-marathon milestone wristband; well done from all of the team.

The team are so pleased with everyone bringing their barcodes today! This is the reason why our results get to you so fast! We had 42 walkers/runners this morning and we had only 1 Unknown- number 17. Remember your barcode next week, please.

Today we introduced our new High-5 


cancelled due to the ongoing weather conditions

Derry City junior parkrun for the 3rd of February is being cancelled there are parts of the course unsafeCancelled-Stamp-or-Chop-on-Pap-main for us to hold an event.

Kieran Coyle.
Event Director


Run Report – 27 January 2019 – Event No 53 – Run Director Anne Hutton

Derry City Junior Parkrun
Run Report – 27 January 2019 – Event No 53 – Run Director Anne Hutton
This week Derry City Junior parkrun had 44 very enthusiastic junior runners taking part, despite some inclement wintery weather. The event also celebrated the achievement of a Marathon Wrist band by regular participant Beth Sarkissian and a Half Marathon wristband by Jamie Barrett . Well done to Beth and Jamie. It was my pleasure to be the one presenting you with your wristbands. Please click here to see our current milestone results of wristbands: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/results/juniorclubs/… 
Today, we also had a unique event, in which young runner, Lana O'Connor, opted to begin her fifth birthday celebrations by running in parkrun, and bringing all her birthday party guests along with her. Happy birthday Lana! What a wonderful way to begin your birthday celebrations. We were honoured to know that you love your parkrun so much, you just couldn't miss it today. We hope the rest of your day was just as enjoyable!
Today, we also had five first time ever participants – Dan Fitzgibbon, Ann Doherty, Eve Walsh, Sarah Doherty and Eve Coyl . We hope you all enjoyed your time at Derry City Junior parkrun, and will come back again soon.
Three runners achieved PB times this week – well done to Killian Devine, Sadhbh Callan and Rosie Bogle. I’m sure your mammies and daddies are so proud of your progress. Don’t forget to tell them to spread the word about this great event for children. Have a look at this link which shows the latest results :- http://www.parkrun.org.uk/derrycity-juniors/…/latestresults/
As you all know, the parkrun can’t happen without volunteers. Please join me in offering a big thank you to all our volunteers this week:- Aisling ARMSTRONG, Nicole BLACKBURN, Kieran COYLE, Sean DOHERTY, Paul FARRY, Karen FARRY, Anne HUTTON, Robert KING, Sean MOLLOY, Rebecca MULLAN, James MULLAN, Oisin REYNOLDS and Eoghan REYNOLDS. All of this week’s volunteers would be happy to reassure you that none of the volunteer roles are difficult, and support is given until volunteers become confident with their tasks. This is a friendly, sociable event, and all it costs is time. It is a good idea to register yourself with parkrun because then you will get official recognition of all your volunteering efforts. This is easy to do on the parkrun website – just click on the registration link and complete all the relevant details. Thank you in advance for volunteering in the future.
We did well with our finish tokens this week – none were missing at the end of the run, so thank you all for returning your tokens safely to the scanning volunteers. We did have 7 unknown runners though, so if you have registered with parkrun and have a barcode, please remember to bring it with you to every run. This makes sure that all your runs are recorded and credited to you and you can achieve your milestone wristbands sooner. 
It was my pleasure to volunteer once again in the role of Run Director this week. My sincerest thanks to all the volunteers who help to make the role easier and to our young athletes who participate with enthusiasm and good humour.
So once again, thank you to all who volunteer, to all who run, and to all who support the runners. We are all one big team, and without us all, good things like parkrun would not happen, and the world would be a poorer place. If you would like to volunteer in the future, please have a look at the volunteer future roster by clicking on :- http://www.parkrun.org.uk/derrycity-juniors/futureroster/ 
Thank you from the Parkrun Junior Team

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