Results from our 100th event are now available. An incredible 86 of you took part on what was a cold, wet morning. We were delighted to be able to present so many milestone wristbands. Congratulations to Susannah Edwards, Adam Walsh, Honour Thompson, Nathan Mcauley, Jake Roddy, and Rory McConnell who all completed the half marathon distance this morning. Amelia Shand completed the full marathon distance today- great running Amelia!

We were delighted to welcome Cora Nelis, Holly McGarrigle, Lucy Curtis and Noah Doherty to Derry city juniors for the first time. We hope you all enjoyed your run, and that it is the first of many.

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Deirdre BATESON, Fj BAYLIS, Zac BAYLIS, Neil CALLAN, Kieran COYLE, Ruth EDWARDS, Karen FARRY, Philip MCAVOY, Conal MEENAN, Sean MOLLOY, Rachel MOONEY, James MULLAN, Rebecca MULLAN, Grace NORRIS, Lizanne NORRIS, Deirdre WILLIAMS

We are now have our post event refreshments at Cafe in the park with a great selection of food options.