Event Report 3- 21th January 2018

Fifty Fifty…

It was touch and go if event 3 was going to going to happen at all and on Saturday night I headed over to check it out. It was fifty/fifty if it was going to go ahead as it was forecast for rain at 5am so we were all hoping the rain would sort out the icy conditions.

We all awoke to find it raining so I made my way over to see the route. Sammy and I walked it and it and thankfully it was fine.

There is so much that goes on behind  the scenes and if it wasn’t  for the volunteers giving up their Sunday mornings and free time during the week you wouldn’t  have a Derry City junior parkrun so please, always thank them if you can. This week, our thank yous are to:

Darren BOYLE, Kieran COYLE, Anne HUTTON, Andrew KINCAID, Claire LIGHTOWLERS, Sammy MC ANANEY, Sandra MCDERMOTT, Sean MOLLOY, Stacey MONTGOMERY and Emmet O DOHERTY who made this event happen.

Sandra took on the role of volunteer co-ordinator and everyone within the team just thinks she is doing brilliant.

It is a mad rush sorting everyone out and I was even a bit tongue tied doing the runners briefing and warm up. I had to rush home and pick up my kids for the start time of 9:30am

The team only relax when the results are sent to HQ to publish. This information is then sent to you by email/text. We get an email/text first thanking us. We love to see this because then we know the job is done properly. Please help us grow this event by helping us out and volunteering.

Now for the boring bit…..sorry but just a few house-keeping issues to resolve.

  • Could all walkers, wheelchair users and runners please make their way straight to the Start line, please don’t hang around the entrance to the mezzanine as it causes congestion when the volunteers are trying to get organised. This area is only for volunteer briefing and for Sandra to assign roles/tasks. Please don’t come into this space for health and safety reasons (it’s tiny). If you are cold please sit inside in the heat and warmth.
  • Aim to be at the start line for 9:20am please, the event starts at 9:30am.
  • At the start line could we have the older, taller kids at the front please.  We are going to do something different this Sunday during the warm up so please encourage the younger ones to go to the back please to avoid being overwhelmed by the bigger ones trying to get past.
  • We are going to address the kids and talk to them from the back of the start line. We will see how this works out for us; remember we are still finding our feet.

The weather didn’t  put off 59 brave junior parkrunners this week. Well done folks!

Well done to our First Timers:


Ronan CANAVAN was the 1st boy across the line in a time of  8:36 followed by 2nd Conor MC DERMOTT  8:41, 3rd Charlie BELL 08:47. All boys taking top 3 places.

Carly CHESTNUTT was 1st girl across the line in 9:11 followed by 2nd Ava COLGAN3rd was Lucy HEALY in a time of  09:22, well done guys.

This course record is held by Paul DOWNEY-7:41

We had 29 PBs which is just brilliant considering we are only coming up to our 4th Event.

The weather is going to mild this Sunday so we are expecting big numbers again. Please make your way to the start line.

It is free, all we ask is that you register herehttp://www.parkrun.org.uk/register/ and print out barcode.

We CAN’T accept barcodes from phone so please PRINT OUT barcode and bring along.

See you all Sunday

Kieran Coyle

Event Director



Blown away… 101 times.

Derry City junior parkrun volunteers and myself were blown away by the turnout on Sunday. 101 kids running/walking at our 2nd event.

We couldn’t believe the buzz around the start line and once again our volunteers did brilliant; without them we wouldn’t have a Derry City junior parkrun.

They were fabulous and were:


If you consider how fast our event happens and how fast it is over, they are actually out performing themselves and it also demonstrates that are volunteer roles are straight forward.

Everyone gets scared of using the stopwatches/token scanners. I never understand why because if you can use a mobile phone you can operate a stopwatch.  It is pressing a button, it is the same for the scanner. It is a flashlight that can scan tokens. Please step forward and help us run this FREE weekly fun event for the kids; you will be surprised how much you will enjoy the experience.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Packie GALLAGHER, Joseph DOHERTY and Ross McGill who jumped in at the last minute to help us out.

I will be walking round again on Sunday calling out for volunteers; be warned, if you make eye contact with me you’re going to get ‘marshalised’. (just joking or am I…..)

Sandra Mc Dermott is taking on the role of ‘Volunteering Coordinator’ and will be updating the roster weekly for you. She will be on hand every Sunday to appoint roles that need to be filled on the day.

Sammy MC ANANEY will be your Run Director for Event 3, thanks Sammy.

You can check out our future roster here http://www.parkrun.org.uk/derrycity-juniors/futureroster/

If you don’t want to be a main role, we need people to setup/take down course, sort tokens and help put away equipment. We have a role for everyone and will not say no to any help.

It was a great morning event and well done to Paul DOWNEY setting a time of 07:41 category JM11-14.  Special mention to Charlie Bell who had a 84.92 % age grading. Please click on link to explain age grading  https://support.parkrun.com/hc/en-us/articles/200565263-What-is-age-grading-

Our 1st Female was Harriet REID in time 9:24  for category JW11-14. The older kids were mostly at the top of results which is understandable. The core of what junior parkrun is, is seeing the 4 years upwards taking part. For them the challenge is bigger and more  rewarding and they are the future of our event.

If they keep coming and gaining their half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon wristbands, they will setting new course records. So heart-warming seeing them put so much effort into coming across the finishing line and long may it continue.

When you’re looking at results take the time to check out the other results for example Age Graded League Rank 1 – 1000.

Our Average run time: 00:14:09 and we are all looking forward to our next event. We will keep an eye on the weather but we have Plan B routes if weather is going to put a spanner in the works.

Come join us if you haven’t yet. You are out the door on Sunday morning getting active together as a family.


Kieran Coyle

Event Director



Derry City junior parkrun 1st run report.

Derry City junior parkrun run report.

Well it finally happened, Derry had its 1st Derry City junior parkrun event and to be honest we were all worried if it was going to happen at all due to the extreme cold weather and frost.

We had 35 brave souls that came out of their warm houses to tackle the park’s course and they didn’t disappoint us at all.

They all came through the finish line smiling and also announcing that they will be back next week.

I must take this opportunity to thank our wonderful volunteers who made this event happen: Emmet BOYLE, Darren BOYLE, Bridgeen BYRNE, Meghan COYLE, Kieran COYLE, Andy DEAL, Anne HUTTON, Andrew KINCAID, Sammy MC ANANEY, Sandra MCDERMOTT and Justin WALKER

All volunteer roles are straight forward and training is done 10 minutes before the event, so please feel to help us run this very rewarding free weekly event.

A few things to remember for this coming Sunday:All children under 11 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

  • Every child must be registered and bring along their PRINTED barcode (a screenshot on your phone is NOT permitted). These are scanned at the finish line.
  • It is a free, fun event every Sunday at 9:30 starting at Foyle Arena and goes through part of St Columb's Park.
  • When registering your child, feel free to register yourself. We are always looking for volunteers and marshals.


Our 1st ever male/female juniors crossing the line were Conor MC DERMOTT & Meabh MALLETT COYLE.  They have made history.

Thanks to all the kids that braved the cold conditions, see you Sunday 9:30am Foyle Arena. Remember there are wristbands to collect. The first is the half marathon and I am looking to give these out for the first time on our 11th event.

Kieran Coyle

Event Director.


Derry City junior parkrun is a FREE

Derry City junior parkrun is a FREE 2km event for junior runners of all standards, which starts every Sunday at 9:30am at Foyle Arena, 2 Limavady Road, Derry BT47 6JY. See our website http://www.parkrun.org.uk/derrycity-juniors/

The 2k timed run can be whatever you want it to be, whether for fun or as part of a training plan.

1st event is the 7th January 2018 at 9:30am Sunday.

It offers an opportunity for all the family to get involved and come together on a regular basis to enjoy this beautiful park. We want to encourage people to jog or run together irrespective of their ability – this event is truly open to all and best of all it really is FREE!

Taking part is easy – just register in advance before your first ever parkrun. Your individual barcode can then be used for this weekly 2k run, or on any of the weekly 5k parkruns around the country.

The junior parkrun is a great way to get involved and introduce yourselves to a sport without any of the normal outside pressures. A great way to improve health, confidence and to enjoy a great location. It can also be part of getting fit for sport for your school or to train for a specific target such as the Mini-Marathon trials, or for a full 5k parkrun distance. In short, you are welcome to come along and have fun.
Facebook is now live:https://www.facebook.com/DerryCityJuniorparkrun/
Kieran Coyle
Event Director


Derry City junior parkrun is a 2k runs for children aged between 4 and 14.

Derry City junior parkrun is a 2k runs for children aged between 4 and 14.

They are open to all, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

If you are not a junior please attend a weekly Saturday parkrun event instead.
(junior parkrun is on Sunday's)

Registered parkrunners do not need to register separately for the junior events. However, if you are not already registered with parkrun you can do so here.


Kieran Coyle

Event Director

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