Desborough Greenspace Junior parkrun – Event 1



I was honoured to be invited to do Desborough Greenspace Junior parkrun’s first ever write up . We woke up super early and came down to the leisure centre park speedily because our mum was marshalling . As I entered the park I spotted lots of marshals already there , stood in groups of 5 or more . Since we were pretty much the only kids there we went and played on the skate ramps whilst we were waiting .

Soon the park started to fill up as it was almost time to start the run . I spotted my friends , who were also slightly nervous about doing this course for the first time . After the leader , Matt , gave us some helpful information we all walked towards the start line and at this point I was feeling mixed emotions , both scared and excited at the same time .

As the go signal went , a sea of children came hurtling towards Marshall 1 ( a.k.a. my mum ) . The look of fear on her face was amusing , well for me anyway . FUTURE PARK RUNNERS BEWARE : The grass is slippy and I took a tumble .

By the time we reached the first hill both of my friends had stitches but surprisingly I didn’t . After I reached the top of the hill , I had spotted two eggs for the egg hunt : one was attached to a branch by a purple ribbon and another on top of a stick which a marshal with a paper duck hat was holding

On the way back down the hill you are then faced with yet another hill which can feel tough at this point in the race . But do not worry as it is immediately followed by another downhill which leads to the finish line !! I sprinted along as the end was getting closer and the race was nearly done , so I thought I could push myself a little harder .

Then the race was done and I got my barcode scanned . I came number 50 out of 96 children and my time was 13 minutes and 28 seconds which is 3 minutes slower than my Harborough parkrun personal best but this course is a lot harder !!! As it was Easter , we all got to help ourselves to sweets and cakes at the finish line .

Finally a great big thank you to all the marshals for such a wonderful , bright and encouraging parkrun on Easter day !!! .

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