Duke of Edinburgh report

Today, I volunteered at park run as finish token support, this is now my 2nd week of volunteering at park run. I have offered to volunteer at park run as part of my bronze DofE. In this role, I had another Marshall with me as this role is for two people. I handed the other Marshall a handful of tokens which then had to be passed to the children in order to be scanned with their personal barcode. I enjoyed this role, as it was nice to be near the other Marshalls and congratulating the children as they finished. This was my first time doing this role, yet it was quite easy to get in the swing of things. I believe that this role, is quite a good one as you can get to know the other Marshalls plus encouraging the children for the last little stretch of the run. I would like to do this role again as I enjoyed encouraging the kids. It was lovely to see the children’s smiles as they were approaching the finish line, I think that is the most rewarding part of participating in this role.