14th July parkrun poem

Some 13 weeks ago the fun all began,

Around the greenspace not many folk ran

Then someone had this bright idea,

‘The children will love it, they have no fear’.


The marshall’s all turned up,

The scanners came too,

The run director confidently,

Told us all what to do,


And then in came the children,

Barcodes clutched in their hands,

The hi-viz heroes waited,

Sure it would all go to plan.


3,2,1, parkrun, and then they were off,

Some ran off quickly some soon tried to stop,

But they all kept on going they ran and they ran,

And the first run was over, as quick as it began.


And now it’s tradition, 

Well for us anyway

Sunday means parkrun, 

Then we get on with our day.


The number of runners has gone up and down,

But they all finish smiling, there’s never a frown.

The times just get quicker as everyone tries their best,

And more and more people pick up a yellow vest.


So long may it continue,

New runners all going strong,

The course, well that will never change,

It’s always just a quick 2 k long.


So big thanks to all that support the Greenspace parkrun,

The core team, the parents, the heroes who come,

But thank you, the children, your smiles as you run,

Your triumphs and pb’s all add to the fun.