Run Report – Event #29 – 3 November – by Liz Almond

A shout out to last weeks Halloween park run. Thank-you everyone who dressed up for some spooktacular fun from iron man to skeletons and day of the dead to vampires. After Market Harborough was cancelled we got a record number to the first timers briefing along with a few brand new to park run. We hope you'll come visit us again.

I took up running again in April 2018 first just going round the block then i got brave and went further afield. Some of you might have seen me, i'm always the one in the crazy leggings. One day i set off for the Grange which i thought was just another concrete jungle. Just by accident i discovered the green space, this amazing patch of land with exercise equipment, pathways, a woods plus plenty of wildlife like deer,rabbits and squirrels. A great place for everyone.

As soon as i saw this space i knew it would make an awesome course for a junior park run. Everytime i ran there i could imagine the kids running round it. A year later and the Desborough Green Space Park Run was up and running. I had to volunteer, it was a dream come true and now each Sunday we have a great group of kids running, walking, skipping and some trying to race their mums and dads round our course.

They walk, skip, run round our 2km course with our fantastic volunteers who give their time to keep the children safe each week. Dinosaur tail walkers bring up the rear and high 5s all round from marshals along the course. Doesn't matter what the weather we volunteers are there for the children. If you see a foam fingered volunteer get yourself a power up, you never know you might get a PB!

Huge thanks to this weeks volunteers :
Sharon Hewitt, Helen Bray, Giselle Smith, Liz Almond, Anna Bredenkamp, Gary Davies, Gabby Hanson Assan, Bethyn Bridgeman, Yvonne Davies, Matthew Peleszok, Gordon Harvey, Harry Thompson, Richard Vater, Mike Almond, Eyeisis Jones, Amanda Wilson, Katy Purvis, Simon Hooker, Ian Speirs,Ross Brown, Meera Assan, Bill Robinson, Victoria Ambery, Nicola Robinson, Andrew Spencer, Richard Lindsley, Hugh Ambery, Alison Ambery, Toby Orr, Natalie Taylor Moore, Catherine Jeffs, Keith Brown, Billi Robinson, Ava Cullen, Eleanor Cullen.

Shout out to Gordon and Liz who have now volunteered 25 times.

Park run 29 saw 56 children run the course with PBs for Aston Chapman, Euan Templeman, William Burtenshaw, Katlyn Piercy, Poppy Drage and Shelby Chown.

Harlee and Keris Hooker got their marathon wristbands today. Annabelle and Kaitlynn also got wristbands today.

Thank-you to Tillie Brown for helping us dinosaurs get to the finish line and to Eden Hodgkins for gathering up all the marshals and bringing them to the finish.

Park Runner of the Month goes to Noah Orr,many congratulations.

The school trophy for best school attendance went to Rushton Primary,very well done.

First timers today were Harry Platts, Edward Platts, Linden Chapman, Annabelle Platts, Matilda Guyett, Chloe Welburn, Fleur Welburn and Eden hodgkins.

Harlee Hooker first boy to the finish line and Charli Robinson first girl today.

Slight drizzle at the start and as usual muddy conditions didn't deter our runners.

I'm honoured to tail walk,marshal,do the first timers briefing and occasionally do the park run report.I've roped in hubby too,he does what ever needs doing.Who needs a lie in on a Sunday anyway!

Bring on our 30th park run.

As a volunteer once said to me and i say to the kids,remember if you don't smile you have go round again!