Christmas parkrun

A very Merry Christmas to you all on our first Christmas park run.

Twas the park run before Christmas when no one was stirring well except maybe Helen and Oonagh checking out the course pre run!

Children arrived fancy dress was encouraged. What a jolly festive atmosphere with Santa and elves a plenty. Loved those Christmas jumpers too.

Games, prizes and loads of fun awaited our children. Us volunteers joining in the fun holding up pictures for the children to remember as they ran by.

A pre run briefing, a lively warm up in our fancy dress then the off. There's always more left in the tank for a play on playground equipment after despite the cold and wet.

The odd puddle, slippery high 5 hill or bit of mud doesn't discourage our lot.

The green space is a 2km run with woods, wildlife, exercise equipment and somewhere to help everyone of every age to get fit and get outdoors.

Thank-you to our friendly, supportive and encouraging team of festive volunteers. A quality street chocolate helped: Liz ALMOND, Mike ALMOND, Victoria AMBERY, Meera ASSAN, Charlotte BACON, Gary BACON, Helen BRAY, Helen BRIDGEMAN, Bethyn BRIDGEMAN, Deborah CAFFULL, Andrew CHILCRAFT, Imogen DEE, Jane ELLIOTT, Hannah FENWICK, Sheila GILDER, Gabby HANSON ASSAN, Gordon HARVEY, Simon HOOKER, Catherine JEFFS, Eyeisis JONES, Oonagh LEWIS, Toby ORR, Matthew PELESZOK, Karen STONE, Neil STONE, Amanda WILSON, Ann YORK.

No mulled wine but a well deserved Costa awaited us instead at our first volunteers social .

31 children at park run #36. 2 first timers today. 1st girl home today was Keris Hooker. 1st boy today was first timer Edward Joyce.

Come on kids spread the word and lets see loads more come to our double award winning park run in 2020.

A very Happy New Year to you all in 2020.
Here's to hundreds more PBs, wristbands, first timers, volunteers and milestones to come!