Desborough Green Space junior parkrun #43

First of all, thank you to all the keen runners and volunteers who attended todays park run! It was a lovely morning and the conditions perfect for running in. We had an amazing 68 children come and run the Desborough greenspace course today, and although it was slippy at some points all the children made it round safely.

Today we had many volunteers from Rushden who are looking to do their own junior park run event there, it is great to see the spirit of parkrun spread to nearby towns.

Thank you to our supportive team of volunteers! Abbie Coleman, Amanda Wilson, Andrew Sisley, Anna Brewster, Catherine Jeffs, Cathy Ye, Chris Kights-Branch, Christine Aley, Dan Doleman, Debbie Morris, Duncan Worthy, Emma Goodwin, Eve Ralph, Gillian Brightwell, Gordon Harvey, Harry Thompson, Helen Bridgeman, Imogen Dee, Jane Elliott , Karen Precious, Lesley Cleverley, Liz Almond, Louise Kemp, Louise Sisley, Mark Hatfield, Matthew Peleszok, Mike Almond, Pete Cleverley, Pheobe Birney, Ruby Orr, Sean Whiteley, Sharon Hewitt, Toby Orr, William Amberly.

Today was event number 43! First boy home today was Zachary Scott and first girl today was Aisha Redhead.

It was great to see lots of PBs today by Oliver Smith, Aisha Redhead, Matthew Kemp, Hai Hawkins, Isobelle Burtenshaw, Jessica Kemp, Erin Halliwell, Sophie Crisp, Effie Limb, and Ella Bennett

It was also brilliant to see so many first timers at our parkrun as well, these included, Zachary Odell, Finley Cleverley, George Btant, Evan Henderson, Eva Whitestone, Zoe Froom, Riley Cleverley, Kaiden Bruce, Spencer Odell, Saul Moyers, Hannah Harte, Sophie Harte, Jake Harte, Frederick Smith, Ruby Carter, Miller Scott, Owen Hatfield, Josef Fordham, Isabelle Mason, Erin Peleszok and Theo Goodwin.

We can’t wait to see you all again next week!