Run Report #24 – 29 September – by Liz Almond

Today is National Get Outside Day and World Heart Day!

There's nothing better on a Sunday morning than junior parkrun, it's great fun even in the pouring rain. The children all doing their hearts some good.

Rainy weather on the first weekend of autumn didn't put them off, all eager to have some fun and run 2k!

Volunteers got to their places some marshalling around the course, some by the start and finish lines, timekeeping, bar code scanning etc.

Parents can be happy knowing their children are well taken care of and best of all they don't have to run with their children if they don't want to. A sigh of relief from some.

The Run Director Oonagh hands out wrist bands for those who are celebrating milestones. Then the RD gives a talk to everyone, letting them know course conditions and how to stay safe plus our volunteer marshals love giving the kids lots of high 5s along the course.

3 children with wrist bands today one reaching their ultra and 2 for half marathon distance. Many congratulations Sebastian on your ultra wristband, Thomas and Sophie on your half marathon wristbands.

Then it's the warm up and the children go crazy, you would not think they have any energy left to run but somehow they do.

And we all head to the start line. Tail walkers or should I say tail runners are ready with their dinosaur tails. Don't worry, our dinosaurs don't eat children, only chocolate!

321 and we're off and let me tell you those children are FAST, so fast in fact the first one to cross the line came in 8.49 minutes. Even the child at the back comes in at 20.18 minutes. No child is ever last. Our dinosaurs bring everyone to the finish line.

Well done Harry first boy to cross the finish line and Charlie first girl to cross the finish line. 1 first timer today Lucien Smith and 2 PBs (personal bests) by William and Elissia.

While a squirrel ran into the bushes to keep dry 27 children splashed in puddles, zoomed down high five hill and kept smiling to the end.

Dads often run with their kids, helping them along. Remember dads it is a fun run. The delight on their child's face as they beat dad to the finish. Parents don't cross the finish line. If you enjoy it, come join the grown up version where you can cross the finish line.

We're all done and dusted by 9.30am, volunteers clearing up and children ringing the bell after getting a PB. It always amazes me they still have enough energy to play afterwards.

Well done volunteers and every child for taking park in our 24th parkrun. We're always wanting volunteers so feel free to put your name down on the roster each week - saves standing around waiting for your child to finish.

Huge thank-you to our volunteers today for braving the rain: Liz ALMOND, Mike ALMOND, Victoria AMBERY, Harry AMBERY, Martha AMBERY, William AMBERY, Meera ASSAN, Rachel BELSON, Nicola BISHOP, Helen BRAY, Anna BREDENKAMP, Ava CULLEN, Rosie CULLEN, Hannah FENWICK, Sheila GILDER, Gabby HANSON ASSAN, Gordon HARVEY, Malcolm HEADLAND, Catherine HEADLAND, Sharon JONES, Oonagh LEWIS, Robin MCINTYRE, Leanne NIVEN, Jo PARISH, Matthew PELESZOK, Katy PURVIS, Bill ROBINSON, Cavan SULLIVAN, Natalie TAYLOR-MOORE, Victoria TAYLOR-SMITH, Harry THOMPSON.

I think Desborough is a pretty special course and we hope children keep coming back time and time again. If you do, you could get a wristband and a certificate!

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